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    Default Single or Double hook AK G2 kit in a Romak 99? Differences between the two?

    Just curious as to the differences between single and double hook kits. Are the two interchangable into any AK? Does one have advantages over the other?

    If not trying to go 922r compliant is it worth the time and $30 to upgrade to a G2 trigger? And thus have to go 922r compliant? If your AK is not suffering from trigger slap that is.

    A local GS has both kits in stock and I really like supporting the small town shop vs online. I have found very little info on the G2 kit in a single stack Romak 99 AK variant.

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Single or Double hook AK G2 kit in a Romak 99? Differences between the two?

    Well I just so happen to have a Romak 99.1

    Its a single hook trigger, you can see since there is only one cutout. Most AKM variants in the country are this way*

    Saigas are normally a single hook gun also but I was foolish and thought that somehow a double hook is better so when I converted my 7.62x39 I went with the double hook G2

    As you can see I had to rough out a second "cutout" in front of the trigger hole for the clearance needed. Some guys have done it differently and cut the trigger so the second hook lays flat against the receiver.

    Personally I haven't noticed much of a difference between the single hook G2s and the double hooks. That being said my single hooks are in shotguns and my double hook is in a rifle. The Romak 99.1 has a single hook RSA adjustable trigger and my RPK has a single hook G2.

    I believe that the double hook was originally a soviet thought that the hook might break and therefore having 2=1 and 1=none. Once again I may be off with my memory here but it was something like 10 years without a broken hook and the gun went to a single hook design.

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    Default Re: Single or Double hook AK G2 kit in a Romak 99? Differences between the two?

    You don't HAVE to have a double-hook trigger, but it can't hurt for the safety reasons, if you want to go thru the effort of installing one. Given that few of us have access to NFA AKs, a single-hook is fine.
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    Default Re: Single or Double hook AK G2 kit in a Romak 99? Differences between the two?

    IIRC the double hook was originally on all the AK-47's the Soviet's and Chineese made, it was a Soviet design and they sold the rights to make the AK to China, which is why they were on Chineese AK variants. The hooks are actually the sears.

    It was "said" to be better security if 1 hook broke they still had 1 left, but after 10-15 years without a single hook ever breaking when they redesigned the AK in the late 50's IIRC, they went to a single sear and made it larger and maybe stronger, not 100% on the stronger part though. They also added a rate reducer and switched from milled receivers to stamped at this time, along with some other changes, this design became the AKM.

    China and the Soviet's at this time were no longer on good terms so China never got the AKM design and although they too switched to stamped steel receivers (which were still heavier than the Soviet's stamped ones) they kept the double hook as well as all the original AK47 internals.

    I can see how it would seem to be more security but from all the stuff I saw on the web comparing the 2, it doesn't seem like the 2nd hook is really needed, just my opinion though. Also they've been using the single hook design since the late 50's without any trouble, at least none I have ever heard of.

    This is all from memory so it might not be exact but I believe it to be correct....wouldn't be the first time I was wrong though
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