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    Default Training class for FL

    What training classes are required for a non resident FL LTCF ? Does the NRA range safety officer class count ?

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    Default Re: Training class for FL

    Welcome to the forum. NRA Range safety officer class does not count for FL Non Resident. Any NRA Safety class that involves some live fire meets the requirements for a FL non resident permit. NRA First Steps or NRA Basic is the ideal choice. I see your in Philadelphia like me. I teach NRA courses that meet FL requirements as do many forum members here. If you need assistance getting the training completed send me a private mesage and I will gladly help you.

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    Default Re: Training class for FL

    Personal Defense Solutions offers a half-day class (usually Saturday morning) for Florida and Virginia at several ranges around the Philly area. They provide all paperwork, photos, fingerprints, and notarizing of the application. I wasn't too impressed with the "training" part, but it got the job done. When you walk out, you have the package ready to drop in the mail with your $117 money order. Looks like the next one is 8/7 at Ready, Aim, Fire in Bristol.

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    Default Re: Training class for FL

    Just as an aside, I was at a gun show in Florida last Saturday, they had a CCW course that was only 2 hours, no live-fire. They said it was good for non-residents.
    See here:
    I didn't take it, I already had a class many years ago which was a 6 hour course and did have live-fire.
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