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    Default Weak side holstering...

    So as of late I've been experimenting with different methods of carry for my S&W 686. Its a big gun so my typical IWB carry is kind of out... About 2 weeks ago I just put the holster, a typical leather thumb break belt holster, on my left side... it sits about where a shoulder holster would sit it, just much lower...

    I find that I can not only cross draw rather well from this position, but drawing from laying/sitting has become a breeze. I'm getting rather comfortable with this method for in-house carrying... I've just never heard of anyone else doing this.

    So, am I just crazy or is this a known thing?
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    Default Re: Weak side holstering...

    I have done this. i do not make a practice of it though, as i prefer a canted holster for crossdraw, and mine can only lean the other way.

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    Default Re: Weak side holstering...

    In your home, residence, property, fine. However, I don't recommend for OC in this manner for a couple reasons:
    1) When you draw, you flag every person whom is not your target and in the height of fear for your life, you might let a round or two go that are not anywhere near the intended target.
    2) Weapon Retention. In this cross draw method, your ability to retain said firearm is reduced as its on your weak side and canted to assist in its removal from you.

    I think Cross draw is not utilited often enough as its a great way to carry but it does have limitations.


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