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    Question browning cynergy..

    i decided i am going to buy a new browning cynergy but i cant decide whether to get the field or the sporting(not the classic ones). im going to use it mostly for skeet and sporting clays, really the only difference is the sporting comes with ported barrels and different chokes but for an extra $1000 is it really worth it??

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    Default Re: browning cynergy..

    I have a Citori 425 Sporting gun that I use for skeet and sporting clays. I love the gun but as far as I can tell, all the porting does is catch a lot of plastic and make it loud. My opion of porting is shared by many other shooters that have ported guns.
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    Default Re: browning cynergy..

    My opinion is porting on a shotgun isn't particularly effective, but it will make the gun louder. There might be some change, but I can't tell much of a difference. The most important thing for fast follow-up shots and lower felt recoil with a shotgun is proper fit, IMO. And for an additional $1k, porting is definitely NOT worth it.

    If by different chokes you mean the extended type vs. flush chokes on the field model, then that is a personal preference. If you're one of those guys who changes chokes at every station on sporting clays, then they might be worth it. Otherwise, there isn't much difference. Just keep a choke wrench in your shooting vest for the flush chokes, it takes an extra 10 seconds. Quarters will work too if you forget or lose your wrench.

    But, I think the cynergy will do you well for skeet and sporting clays, just don't get the 32" trap barrels. And don't get a featherweight gun, your shoulder will not be happy with you if you do and decide to shoot competitively. 250 shells in a weekend through a featherweight is not fun...

    One last thing...if you haven't already, check out CDNN's catalog for cynergy's. There are usually some in there for around $1500.

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    Default Re: browning cynergy..

    Sporting guns are all the rage right now. The only real difference I see between the Classic sporting and the Classic field is most of the field guns have a shoter LOP on them. {and the price}
    Field guns typically will max out at 28" barrels where the sporters will go to 32".
    I can't seem to shoot my sporting guns any better than my field guns.
    I just bought a Browning White Lightning in 28ga. It breaks skeet targets just fine for me.
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    Default Re: browning cynergy..

    sporting guns typically have longer barrels,longer LOP and porting.Only real differences.Like the other posters said check out CDNN or tanners in jamison Pa.They have cynergy sporting's for around $1500-$1600

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