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    I just picked up a HK45c on Saturday. I like this pistol... I had a USPc in .40 and while it was ok I didn't like the over travel on the safety. They fixed this on the HK45 and there is a very positive stop prior to the decock which should eliminate the trigger hang I experienced with the USPc.
    And unexpected upside was that the 45 fit in the IWB holster I had for the USP and hung on to. The mags fit into the Blackhawk mag pouchs for my 40s as well, not sure how but they work. Biggest down side I see so far is that I have to pick up a new rail mounted light now as the larger trigger guard makes the rail size essentially a sub-compact. The sights are ok but I think I'll be swapping them out for a set of true night sights we'll see.
    Next weekend to the range and we'll see how she runs.
    Now... I just need to decide whether to keep my German P220 and 1911...

    Sorry, I skipped the gun porn... Here's a couple shots and some comparison photos
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