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    Default Vehicle Based Defense

    Vehicle Based Defense / 1 Day
    Carrying a concealed weapon is a noble decision that presents a certain series of challenges. These challenges are particularly evident in using a concealed firearm in or around vehicles. This course is set up to enhance a shooters skill and ability to employ a firearm from within a vehicle. Content will include equipment selection, defensive mindset, seated concealed draw, weapon manipulation in a vehicle, combat marksmanship, concealed reloads, use of cover, legal considerations, counter car jacking tactics, and vehicle ballistics.

    Prerequisite: Completion of a D.A.T. Level II Defensive Handgun course or comparable training as approved by D.A.T. Staff

    Recommended: Defensive Handgun (not required but helpful)

    Cost $275.00

    Minimum enrollment: 8 students
    Maximum enrollment: 10 students

    ****Student Responsibility****

    250 rounds


    Working Modern handgun,
    Magazines with Magazine pouch
    Duty or quality Carry holster (Paddle or attached to belt) OR Concealed carry rig (Ankle, SOB, ITP, Shoulder, Purse, Fanny pack only. NO Brief type i.e. Thunderwear).
    Concealing Garment
    Pants with belt
    Sturdy footwear
    Hat with a brim
    Weather appropriate gear
    Eye and Ear Protection

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    Default Re: Vehicle Based Defense

    Are there still openings in this class?? Boss man gave me an unexpected weekend off!
    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Amen. **PROUD III**

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