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Thread: XD Feed Issues

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    Default XD Feed Issues

    Took my XD-40 S-C out to play today. Shooting Speer 165 grain FMJ Practice loads.

    Now it seemed like it would jam up once every magazine. I would shoot 2-3 and the gun would lock in the open position, where I needed to release the slide to keep shooting.

    Also I had a miss fire. The pin struck the primer but no boom.

    My guess and hopes are that it is just the ammo I was shooting that made my XD goofy…

    Any thoughts on your end would be greatly appreciated.

    Now I normally clean my gun about every month and my mags about every 2 months, Also clean it after every shoot.
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    Default Re: XD Feed Issues

    FTF was probally bad ammo.

    Did it malf on the same mag, or different mags?

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    Default Re: XD Feed Issues

    I see your issue. You have an XD. . .


    If the ammo is getting hung up on the feed ramp, try cleaning the ramp with alcohol. This will rid it of any oil.

    In my experience,
    While shooting, the heat can get so great that oil from gun lube, or even your hands/fingers *can* reach their flash points. Thus causing a light deposit of burnt carbon. This desposit can cause FTF issues. . .

    Try another ammo aswell. . . .

    Best of luck!

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    Default Re: XD Feed Issues

    If it was all out of the same box of ammo I'd be highly suspect of the ammo. Doesn't totally explain the gun locking back though. Scrub her out and try some new ammo.
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