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    Default Colt Detective special...just wondering?

    HI guys, Just wondering if $450 is a good price for a Colt Det. spcl., in good shape , just some holstwr wear on the right side, tight as a drum seem to be fired very little but carried a lot, original grips but no box or paperwork, made in 1973, so Is $450 too much?

    THanks, Nyman

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    Default Re: Colt Detective special...just wondering?

    Can you haggle? I'd be a buyer at $350

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    Default Re: Colt Detective special...just wondering?

    From the condition you describe, it sounds like it's in the 90 - 94% range. I'd say $375 - $400 would be a fair price for a "shooter" Dick special without the box and papers.

    Bye for a while, guard the fort. - My Dad

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    Default Re: Colt Detective special...just wondering?

    I bought a nice Colt Cobra for 450.00 last month. It came with original wooden grips, rubber grips, and a speedloader. Also made in 1973. The price sounds alright to me.

    They don't make them anymore so I think the prices will only go up.

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