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    Default Is a PICS check required if you have a LTCF?

    I searched before posting this and I couldn't find a previous thread, so please for give me if this has been discussed before.

    I noticed on form 4473 block 23 that no NICS (PICS) check is required if the buyer has a valid permit from the state etc.

    The instructions for this block reference this (see part (d)):

    So, what is the deal? Are PA residents with a valid LTCF exempt from a NICS/PICS check? I must be missing something here. Perhaps PA's LTCF is not on the approved list or there is a PA law that won't allow this.

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    Default Re: Is a PICS check required if you have a LTCF?

    Yes. In Pennsylvania, you must go through a PICS check every time you purchase a gun from a FFL, even if you have your LTCF.

    IIRC, in some states, if you have your LTC(or whatever the respective state calls it), you do not have to undergo background checks.
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    Default Re: Is a PICS check required if you have a LTCF?

    South Dakota was one of those states where you could skip the check if you had a permit. (I was stationed there 1990-1994) - Main reason I got my permit was for the cash and carry capability for pistol sales due to SD having a waiting period. If I remember correctly, Dealer called issuing county's sheriffs office and verified you had a valid Concealed Permit, then you were good to go. I liked it!
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