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  1. Shipping Answers (to questions that are often asked)
  4. TIP: Adding Your Location May Help Sell Your Item
  5. [Want To Sell] $70 - MEC SizeMaster Shotshell reloader, model # SM77, with shells and reloading book
  6. [Want To Sell/Trade] Reloading items, mags, tripod
  7. [Want To Sell] Black Talon 9mm 147gr 5 boxes of 20 reduced
  8. [Want To Sell] Ti-RANT 45 Piston M16 x 1LH (NEPA)
  9. [Want To Sell] Reloading: Raytech 2500 Twin Vibratory Tumbler for brass
  10. [Want To Sell] NAA BBA Western Style Belt Buckle $40
  11. [Want To Sell] Magpul Stuff
  12. [Want To Sell] 6 30rd saiga 7.62x39 magazines $70
  13. [Want To Trade] Anyone want to trade?
  14. [Want To Sell] Magpul PMAG GEn 3 with Window & dust cap AR15 / M4
  15. [Want To Sell] Bayonets and snub nose holster
  16. [Want To Sell] 20" Rifle Length Upper $280
  17. [Want To Sell] Mossberg Shockwave Kit
  18. [Want To Sell] Sig P220 Mags, AR-15 Upper & Redfield Sight
  19. [Want To Sell] Ammo Cans – 40mm size, nice shape, $12.50 each, 5 for $55 (Bangor, PA)
  20. [Want To Sell] WTS: Ammo Cans, 50 Cal size , Nice shape - As low as $7 each for 10+ (Bangor, PA)
  21. [Want To Sell/Trade] CMMG Magazines $60.00 for all. (lowered price) AGAIN!
  22. [Want To Sell/Trade] Remington 760 10 round mags brand new 270 win
  23. [Want To Sell] NIB GDI CMC5-OSM Optical Sight Mount - Aimpoint/Vortex $180- LAST ONE LEFT!!!
  24. [Want To Buy] Want to Buy STEEL CASED AMMO 223Rem 556NATO wolf tula
  25. [Want To Sell] .22 ammo new price
  26. [Want To Sell] S&W N-frame grip
  27. [Want To Sell] HK P7 M13 mags
  28. [Want To Sell] Mossberg 500 flex system ar style stock
  29. [Want To Buy] Glock 19 Gen3 Slide & Barrel
  30. [Want To Sell] Once fired brass
  31. [Want To Sell] Faxon Gunner barrel 14.5 w/ low profile gas block
  32. [Want To Sell] 5 lb accurate 1680 for 300blk $22lb
  33. [Want To Sell] PSA freedom 16" complete upper $200
  34. [Want To Sell] SUBSONIC 308 ammo - Lancaster / Lebanon Pa
  35. [Want To Sell/Trade] WTS/Trade: 1600 rounds .17HMR (Hornady/CCI)
  36. [Want To Sell/Trade] WTS/Trade: 2000 rounds Federal .22LR (x1000 31 grain CP-HP + x1000 40gr solid)
  37. [Want To Sell] AR15 Handguards VLTOR, Geissele, Midwest Industries etc..
  38. [Want To Sell/Trade] Troy battle axe stock - $35
  39. [Want To Sell] 2 Unopened Cans of 7.62x54R
  40. [Want To Sell/Trade] Taylor targets base and 6" ar500 target
  41. [Want To Sell] 1 crate with 2 unopened SPAM cans of 7.62x54R + can opener
  42. [Want To Buy/Trade] Looking for bulk 45acp ammo
  43. [Want To Sell] AR Muzzle Brakes & Foregrip
  44. [Want To Sell/Trade] Burris AR-536
  45. [Want To Sell/Trade] Milsurp server case
  46. [Want To Sell] Perfecta Brass cased .380 95 grain 50rds/$10
  47. [Want To Sell] Withdraw Estate Sale of Ammo and Reloading Supplies
  48. [Want To Sell] Hornady progressive press
  49. [Want To Sell] USGI issue M14 magazine w/ M1961 mag pouch
  50. [Want To Sell] 22" 6.5 Creedmoor Premium Series Barrel (w/ Complete Upper Option) ***PRICE DROP***
  51. [Want To Sell/Trade] Reloading dies, bullets, powder, primers
  52. [Want To Sell] Tactical Gear
  53. [Want To Sell] Ammunition: 10mm, 30-30
  54. [Want To Sell] Lobo Gunleather 1911 Commander Holster
  55. [Want To Sell] 6 gun cabinet, no key, $150 Gettysburg
  56. [Want To Sell] 1000 rounds .45 Fmj 230gr. $300 Gettysburg
  57. [Want To Sell] Blazer Brass 9mm 115gr. 350 rounds $75 Gettysburg
  58. [Want To Sell] 1000 rounds Ulyanovsk 7.62x39 122 grain $225 Gettysburg
  59. [Want To Sell] 640 rounds Spam Can Tula? Russian 7.62x39 $150 Gettysburg
  60. [Want To Sell] Aimpoint CompM2
  61. [Want To Sell] KAC BUIS (SWPA)
  62. [Want To Sell] LH S&W Bodyguard w/o laser IWB Holster
  63. [Want To Sell/Trade] Reloading dies--.45acp..38/357..30/06
  64. [Want To Sell/Trade] 1911 Mag for P220 Mag
  65. [Want To Sell/Trade] Sig Tango6 1-6 FFP MOA 5.56/7.62 reticle AWESOME! Trade!
  66. [Want To Trade] Norinco 84 40rnd 5.56 mag for AR180 Mag
  67. [Want To Trade] Glock Mag Base Plates
  68. [Want To Sell] 308 Federal match ammo and brass REDUCED
  69. [Want To Sell] RCBS Die Sets.Carbide 40S&W, 223 Rem. Small Base PRICE LOWERED !
  70. [Want To Sell/Trade] FN 5.7 LEAD FREE FRANGIBLE LE ammo
  71. [Want To Sell] Nice 600-750yard range finder CHEAP!!!!!!!
  72. [Want To Sell] RCBS Rockchuker IV and Powder measure / Lyman case Trimmer
  73. [Want To Sell] Sig Kilo2200MR 2mile range finder NEW CHEAP
  74. [Want To Sell] Pistol scope Nikon force xr 2.5-8 power $200
  75. [Want To Sell] Luth AR precision adjustable stock for AR15 $100 new in box
  76. [Want To Sell] 45acp ammo!! Pittsburgh/washington area
  77. [Want To Sell] WTS: 9mm Ball Ammo, 32 Auto Ball Ammo
  78. [Want To Sell/Trade] FS/FT - Troy Fixed Sights
  79. [Want To Sell] FS - Warne Tikka Rail and Harris Bipod Adapter
  80. [Want To Sell] Federal AE223BK 55grn .223 - 1000 rd cases $275 each
  81. [Want To Sell] Odds and Ends clean out H&k goodies
  82. [Want To Sell] Rifle transit case (Large)
  83. [Want To Sell] Reloading equipment
  84. [Want To Buy] WANTED: Wilson Combat officer 1911 magazines
  85. [Want To Sell] WTS FTF only: boxes of 5.45x39mm ammo
  86. [Want To Sell/Trade] Truglo tri color 20mm red dot with riser sell or trade for?
  87. [Want To Sell] Bushnell 3-9x40 with rings RELIABLE SHARP scope for practically nothing!
  88. [Want To Sell] CHRONOGRAPH: Magnetospeed Sporter Pittsburgh area will ship
  89. [Want To Sell/Trade] Romanian Drum
  90. [Want To Sell/Trade] Update, more parts added:AR, Glock, parts, ect(Vickers, BCM, Surefire, Magpul,ect)
  91. [Want To Sell/Trade] WTS/WTT Eotech xps2 holo sight with g33 magnifier PRICE DROP
  92. [Want To Sell] Sig Sauer P229 G-10 Black and Grey Grips
  93. [Want To Buy] 30 Rd Glock 9mm Mags
  94. [Want To Sell/Trade] Vietnam era M6 bayonet with scabard
  95. [Want To Trade] Brass For Trade
  96. [Want To Sell] FS - Lyman Gold Bead Front Sight and Williams Aperture Rear Sight
  97. [Want To Sell] Carcano 6.5 ammo
  98. [Want To Sell] Crossfire Elite EDC 2"- 5" UNIV. IWB Hybrid Holster - kydex shell w/ nylon back $20
  100. [Want To Sell] IMI/SAMSON 7.62x51 - FTF PA 19606
  101. [Want To Sell] 1k Rounds of 223 Wolf Gold - $260, 1k Rounds of Lake City 556 green tip - $280
  102. [Want To Sell] CrossBreed Supertuck Walther PPS
  103. [Want To Sell] Leopold VXR Patrol 3x9 Scope
  104. [Want To Sell] Choate Machine & Tool MAC 10 Semi Auto Pistol/Carbine Folding Stock Kit
  105. [Want To Sell] Daniel Defense Iron Sights
  106. [Want To Sell] Beretta PX4 compact mag
  107. [Want To Sell] M16 M7 Bayonets
  108. [Want To Buy/Trade] 1911 .45 complete lower parts kit
  109. [Want To Sell] Surefire X300 Ultra - B
  111. [Want To Buy/Trade] Glock 17 gen 3 slide
  112. [Want To Sell/Trade] various ammo
  113. [Want To Buy] Wtb pre-WWII german ammo
  114. [Want To Sell] Butler Creek Mini 14 Folding Stock Blue Steel - Like New
  115. [Want To Sell] Stag Arms stripped upper and lower and parts for a AR build
  116. [Want To Buy] Cheaper sling mount bi pod around berks county
  117. [Want To Sell] 5000 Rnd Case of Remington .22LR - $350
  118. [Want To Sell] U.S. Optics ER-25
  119. [Want To Buy] 3" 1911 IWB Holster
  120. [Want To Sell] Reloading Equipment
  121. [Want To Buy] Ruger single six 22 mag cylinder.
  122. [Want To Sell] Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm magazines
  123. [Want To Buy] 1911 slide
  124. [Want To Sell] Stag 3G Factory Upper and Eotech
  125. [Want To Sell/Trade] Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 WWII Era Japanese Machine Gun Camera
  126. [Want To Sell/Trade] AR Slidefire
  127. [Want To Sell] German surplus 8mm
  128. [Want To Sell] Reloading stuff: Swaging die, neck turning tools, .45acp die, brass 38, 45 308 30-06
  129. [Want To Sell] LEO / Armed Security Rig for Glock 17/22/31
  130. [Want To Sell] Gun Safe / Closet / Junk Drawer CLEANOUT - Updated 1/27
  132. [Want To Sell] WWII USN Knifes
  133. [Want To Sell/Trade] Acog ta33
  134. [Want To Sell] Promag AK drum, 6 Tapco AK mags...selling as a lot
  135. [Want To Sell] 400 rounds 7.62x51 Ammo $250
  137. [Want To Sell] AR Accessories
  138. [Want To Sell] 19 M1 Garand en bloc clips
  139. [CLOSED] Burris MTac 1-4 with Ballistic reticle ... Like new!
  140. [Want To Buy] Want to BUY- Tango Down Bipod
  141. [Want To Sell] 22LR remington bucket o bullets $50 Delco
  142. [Want To Sell] 1200rds of .45acp Blazer Brass SOLD
  143. [Want To Buy] 2 ea 17 round Glock 17 magazines.
  144. [Want To Buy] Glock 43 Appendix Holster
  145. [Want To Sell] SECURITY / POLICE RIG $ 150
  146. [Want To Sell] 5.56 brass 32 pounds 1 x fired $100.00 shipped photos inside
  147. [Want To Sell/Trade] 12 Gun Rotary Rifle Rack (Lower Bucks) 60$ MAKE OFFER
  148. [Want To Sell] CHEAP! 30-06 Ammo!
  149. [Want To Sell] HSM 30-06 Ammo
  150. [Want To Sell] 45-70 GOVT Hornady 325 gr Ammunition 1 Box
  151. [Want To Buy] A2 carry handle
  152. [Want To Buy] H&R .38 S&W Cylinder
  153. [Want To Sell] Desantis Holster-Sig P320C $25
  154. [Want To Sell] Mec Tec carbine conversion unit Glock 19
  155. [Want To Sell] WTS PMAG Ranger Plates / Rubber Plastic Loops
  156. [Want To Sell] WTS Pelican 1600 Black Gun Case
  157. [Want To Sell] FS: 870 Stocks, Scopes, AR forearm, Scopes, Knife....all good quality
  158. [Want To Sell] IWI Tavor 30 Round Magazines
  159. [Want To Sell] Beretta 96 S&B
  160. [Want To Sell] US Optics Scope + ADM Mount (Like New-Deep Discount)
  161. [Want To Sell] Bushnell DMR2
  162. [Want To Sell] KP barrel blanks. (3)
  163. [Want To Buy/Trade] PF940C kit
  164. [Want To Sell] Plano 42 inch Waterproof Case
  165. [Want To Sell/Trade] Pending Sale WWII JAP Rokuoh-Sha machine gun camera
  166. [Want To Sell] AK47 Magazines
  167. [Want To Sell] Taylor target,military server case
  168. [Want To Sell] 1000 round case pmc 115gr 9mm ammo $187
  169. [Want To Sell] Ruger Redhawk Holster and ammo pouch by Simplyrugged.com $40
  170. [Want To Sell] frankford arsenal tumbler
  171. [Want To Sell] lee six cavity molds
  172. [Want To Sell] Lawrence holster and belt
  173. [Want To Buy] WTB 7.62x54r
  174. [Want To Sell] 10/22 items, 204 brass, Tasco WCP 10-40x50, Barnett 4x xbow scope, more
  175. [Want To Sell/Trade] WTS / WTT 8 lbs CFE 223
  176. [Want To Sell] .300 Win Mag and 7.62x51 Brass - Once Fired - Good Brass - PRICE DROP
  177. Protect Yourself While Using the Classifieds
  178. [Want To Buy] S&W model 36 factory grips
  179. [Want To Sell] MEC 9000 G 28 gauge Reloader ..... as New in Box.
  181. [Want To Sell] 45-70 hunting ammo (88 rounds)
  182. [Want To Sell] 7.62x51 Lake City blanks on M60 links (100 rounds.)
  183. [Want To Buy] 1 or 2 Sig P220 8 round mags
  184. [Want To Buy] I want to buy surplus AK47 magazines!!!
  185. [Want To Sell] 600 Rounds Federal M855 5.56 Ammo Can
  186. [Want To Sell] Glock 19 Gen 3 Slide with Vortex Viper Optic cut
  187. [Want To Sell] Vortex VMX3 with Primary Arms FTS Mount $100
  188. [Want To Sell] Ak parts
  189. [Want To Sell] Possness & warren shotgun press for sale
  190. [Want To Buy] Ruger Mini 14 30-rd magazines
  191. [Want To Sell] Bump stocks NO PRICE OR TRADE
  192. [Want To Sell] 38 spl and 40 BRASS & NICKEL
  193. [Want To Sell] M14 stock and handguard
  194. [Want To Sell] Various items for sale
  195. [Want To Sell] 500 Rounds Modern Munitions 185 grain 45 ACP Ammo Can
  196. [Want To Sell] Surefire 60 round 5.56 Magazine
  197. [Want To Sell] US Palm AR-15 Defender Soft Armor Plate Carrier With Two Level IIIA Soft Armor Panels
  198. [Want To Sell] 80 rounds .30-06 ammo Mercer County
  199. [Want To Sell] AR Stoner 300blk upper $375
  200. [Want To Sell] Trijicon SRS *price drop*
  201. [Want To Buy] Glock 33 round mags
  202. [Want To Sell/Trade] .45 ACP ammo for sale or trade (Philadelphia)
  203. [Want To Sell] Duty belt and accessories, Larue mounts, and more (York)
  204. [Want To Sell] Buck Decoy
  205. [Want To Buy] G19 slides
  206. [Want To Sell/Trade] ***large lot of gear/parts/mags***
  207. [Want To Sell] Full boxes of Remington & Winchester Primers Available
  208. [Want To Buy] G17 Gen 3 slide
  209. [Want To Sell] Trijicon RMR RM-1 - 3.25 MOA Dot
  210. [Want To Buy] ssar 22 kit either left or right handed
  211. [Want To Sell] Lots of items, TC Encore Barrel, Aimpoint Comp M4, Mags, P320 grips & much more!!!
  212. [Want To Sell] Leupold VX III 4.5-14x40mm matte duplex $360 shipped
  213. [Want To Sell] 1000 ROUND CASE PMC 115 GR 9MM $187
  214. [Want To Sell/Trade] Aero Precision 1" SPR mount, CMT Trijicon RMR AR mount
  215. [Want To Sell] 45 ACP 1k Brass
  216. [Want To Sell] XS 24/7 Big Dots Glock 9MM/40/357/36 $70.00
  217. [Want To Sell] 4 New factory Mini14 mags, 20 round.
  218. For Sale 308 Match Ammo
  219. [Want To Buy] Looking for a black AFG and standard charging handle near Lancaster/Ephrata
  220. [Want To Sell] Two $100 Gift Certificates for Safariland
  222. [Want To Sell] 357 and 38 special
  223. [Want To Sell] 22 Nosler
  224. [Want To Sell] 44 MAG Ammo
  225. [Want To Sell/Trade] Bushmaster 16” barrel & collapsible stock
  226. [Want To Buy] 37mm launcher
  227. [Want To Sell/Trade] Brand new VP9SK leather holster
  228. [Want To Sell] >1300 rounds of 40 cal S&W incl. JHP. Priced to move.
  229. [Want To Sell] WTS: TR20-2: AccuPoint® 3-9x40 Riflescope
  230. [Want To Sell] custom card shoot barrel for remington 870
  231. [Want To Sell] Meprolight Tritum Tru-Dot night sights for Walther PPQ $40
  232. [Want To Sell] PRICE DROP: WickedGrips 1911 Damascus
  233. [Want To Sell] MEC 9000g for 28 ga shotshell reloading ... LIKE NEW
  234. [Want To Sell] Black Rain Uppers
  235. [Want To Sell] KAC M4QD Flash Suppressor w/ shims
  236. [Want To Sell] Five holsters all one price !
  237. [Want To Sell] 300 Black Out Reloading Supplies
  238. [Want To Sell] Nikon M-223 4-16x42 Rifle Scope
  239. [Want To Sell] Nikon M-308 4-16x42 Rifle Scope
  240. [Want To Sell] Trijicon Reflex RX34 w/ARMS Throw lever flattop
  241. [Want To Sell] Trijicon Compact Acog TA44-c
  242. [Want To Sell] American Eagle .45ACP ammo
  243. [Want To Sell] Hyve Monarch Trigger for Smith and Wesson Shield 9/40
  244. [Want To Sell/Trade] Vertx Garment Rifle Large
  245. [Want To Sell] XS Big Dots for Sig P320 $70 bucks
  246. [Want To Sell] 2 Mossberg Plinkster 702 25rd magazines
  247. [Want To Sell/Trade] COMPLETE Dillon 550c 9mm Reloading set up
  248. [Want To Trade] wtt Bulgarian circle 10 black waffle 30rnd 5.56 mag for E2 grip Kit
  249. [Want To Sell] Burris AR-P.E.P.R. Mount
  250. [Want To Sell] .40 PDX Case