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  1. Anyone going to the PCGA Gun Show at the Mills?
  2. Where to buy- Magpul rail covers
  3. Holsters
  4. Camping
  5. Any good real-estate/inheritance attorneys in PGH area?
  6. Range etiquette
  7. Auto Detailers around Pittsburgh
  8. Steel target shooting range
  9. Introduction and single stack 9 question
  10. South Hills shops?
  11. Where to find a Colt LE6920 with "restricted" markings?
  12. Hi all quick question
  13. LTCF Allegheny County - DUI + Secondary forms of ID
  14. Is the Wexford SGL range open?
  15. Anybody been to Wilkinsburg lately?
  16. New Member and Moving to Pittsburgh
  17. walmart in west mifflin bringing back firearms
  18. Tea Party Express, Boyce Park, Thurs evening. Who's in??
  19. Hello! New to Pitts!
  20. any suggestions on a traffic-case related lawyer in the pittsburgh area?
  21. anybody being denied ltcf for character
  22. Night Sight Installation, Pittsburgh
  23. Have any of you shopped here?
  24. Local Ranges
  25. Allegheny County LTCF: employer contact
  26. Odd request, need some replicas and fakes for a seminar
  27. Rosedale Sportsmans Association
  28. (please remove)
  29. Western PA Meet and Greet at Smoky Bones in Robinson 5pm
  30. New gun/reloading supply shop
  31. New gun/reloading supply shop
  32. Allegheny County LTCF: E-mail Submission?
  33. Moving to the Burgh.
  34. (2) Discount Kennywood Tickets for Sunday
  35. Carrick Sportsman Club
  36. new member from pittsburgh
  37. SS&FC Gun Bash
  38. .380 mag pouches?
  39. New member from yinz town
  40. Public Shotgun Range?
  41. First time gun purchase
  42. SCAR 16s lower engraving
  43. Sporting Clays near Pittsburgh
  44. New member, semi new to area
  45. Springfield XDS in Pittsburgh
  46. Live From Monroe Gunshow
  47. Pmsc
  48. ACT 235 Help
  49. New gun store in westview
  50. Gun shops to visit?
  51. AK47s and AR15s at Verona Gun Safe
  52. Clubs in South Hills?
  53. 302'd
  54. Picking up your LTCF for the first time?
  55. Any Reloaders in Pittsburgh...
  56. Locations to use Slide Fire Stock?
  57. Are you a Prepper?
  58. Pittsburgh Bullet Casters - Are you out there?
  59. Penn Hills #3 & #7 V.F.D. Gun Bash April 6th
  60. Help from members in my area - South Hills, Pittsburgh
  61. New resident, longtime shooter
  62. Looking to soon buy a house with some land close to the city
  63. shooting a 50 cal
  64. New member from Homestead area
  65. Logan's Ferry Sportsman's Club
  66. Question?
  67. My Dad's knife was stolen...please help.
  68. LTCF question
  69. Concealed Carry Permit Questions
  70. Newbie looking for shop, range, classes
  71. Best club to join
  72. Gun safety seminar scheduled in Monroeville
  73. delete
  74. Looking for a club to join in my area
  75. New member from the area
  76. Costa town hall meeting 2/23 at Chatham...
  77. David Lawrence Convention Center Weapons Policy
  78. Appraisal Pittsburgh North
  79. Going to pick LTCF - Pittsburgh
  80. Hello
  81. Looking to join PMSC
  82. Iron City Armory
  83. New to forum
  84. Clairton Sportsman's 3-gun
  85. Mt. Lebanon fundraiser at rifle range raises $2,000 to battle cancer
  86. When to get involved????
  87. Outlook on Stock
  88. AK Build Around Pittsburgh?
  89. Police respond to shots fired in Boyce Park
  90. Jack Wagner, Mayoral Canidate - Anti-gun
  91. any place too dump dirt legally
  92. Bushmaster ORC @ Dunham's Mcintyre Square $1050 as of 4/24 7:45PM
  93. PMSC sponsor 5/1
  94. Utah CCW
  95. Seeking Gunsmith that works with Saiga 12's
  96. Looking for a Walther P22 with laser
  97. American Legion or other club members
  98. Allegheny County Sheriff Reserves
  99. Where do yinz get your reloading supplies???
  100. Just need to zero and test fire
  101. Veterinarians? Totally off-topic..
  102. Clairton Sportsman's Club
  103. Man Spotted With Gun Near Robinson Twp. Apartment Complex
  104. Sponsor for PMSC membership
  105. Primer Availability?
  106. WTK: Local Shops with HS-6 Powder for 9mm
  107. interested in pmsc
  108. Pittsburgh boat launches.
  109. PMSC IDPA Competition next Sunday
  110. So I am still waiting on a yellow card....
  111. New to guns, looking for advice
  112. Game Lands - Hunting License
  113. FFL Question
  114. Anyone know gun stores in Alleghany County that sell WASR 10/63's?
  115. Need PMSC Sponsor.
  117. Any get work from Chelsea Firearms Company LLC
  118. Anyone use Big Buck Sport Shop for Duracoat
  119. Trap shooting schedules around Pittsburgh
  120. first trip to the SGL in Wexford
  121. FREE BEER!!!!!
  122. Munhall Borough Potential Pre-emption Violation
  123. Dormont-Mt. Lebanon Sportsman Club
  124. Ross Township
  125. Market Research Participants Needed
  126. Courses
  127. Reloading supplies around Pittsburgh
  128. Looking for a club, South Hills
  129. PMSC membership?
  130. Coraopolis District Sportsmens Association
  131. Millvale Sportsman club raising dues!
  132. Looking for an indoor pistol range
  133. McDonald Sportsman's Club
  134. Looking place to pin weld a muzzle device
  135. Oliva cigar event feb 13th
  136. ammo thread for Allegheny
  137. Utah non-resident permit class
  138. MASH Hooks - Local Pittsburgh Source
  139. thought this should be seen
  140. Question for Members of Clairton Sportsmens Club
  141. Non-resident LTCF - Allegheny County
  142. Fathers day brunch.
  143. Allegheny County CCW - WOW!
  144. Wexford SGL Range
  145. Looking for ranges to shoot, near Squirrel Hill
  146. Windshield chip epoxy-resin repair in Pittsburgh area?
  147. 104.7 Talk Radio Gone!
  148. Moving to Pittsburgh Area
  149. PMSC Entrance
  150. Questions about PMSC
  151. PMSC Meeting Wednesday
  152. ltcf expired today
  153. TSA screeners find loaded handgun in man's carry-on at Pittsburgh Int'l Airport
  154. Cmp practice shoots still at PMSC ?
  155. Any shops in the PGH area with a good selection of used/second-hand audio?
  156. Looking for a good auto machine shop
  157. Tarentum district sportsmen's club
  158. any clubs with an indoor range around Creighton/Cheswick?
  159. PMSC rules question.
  160. Banksville boilermakers union to offer free training to those who surrender guns
  161. Gun was turned into the police, how can I get it back?
  162. Allegheny LTCF Renewal Notes
  163. local store to put on night sights
  164. Clairton Sportsman Club vs. Carrick Sportsman Club
  165. Metal detectors being installed at PNC Park (and Consol Energy Center)
  166. Looking for a range with rentals
  167. Act 235 Shooting Range Test
  168. Paranoid? Allegheny area .. have been told NOT to open carry...
  169. Range/club north of Pittsburgh? ACRC?
  170. Anyone riding today? 5/14
  171. Reloaders in the South Hills?
  172. UPMC Presbyterian in Oakland now Posted as a Gun Free Zone
  173. Shipping long guns in-state via USPS
  174. Bonefish Grill South Hills: Gun Owners Not Welcome
  175. Federal .308 175 grain Gold Match
  176. Moving to Pittsburgh looking at Plum or Monroeville
  177. Cinemark North Hills NOT Posted
  178. Allegheny Gun Works ?
  179. what really did happen at Greater Piit shooting range?
  180. Library Sportsman
  181. Sportsmen's Bash, Ohio Twp. VFC, Saturday April 9th 2016
  182. Sporting Clays or Five Stand
  183. Quick/easy to join clubs?
  184. River access to the lower Yough
  185. Deer Removal
  186. Where can I explore on a Enduro bike in the region?
  187. Benedum center cc?
  188. PMSC Initiation Question
  189. Need advice for taking my wife shooting for the first *successful* time?
  190. open carry walk in pittsburgh pa?
  191. Man who brought air gun onto Magee hospital grounds faces misdemeanor charge
  192. BLM Rally and Protest - Pittsburgh Downtown -July 21st 4:30 PM
  193. New to Pittsburgh, a place to shoot handgun and/or zero a rifle?
  194. Shotgun choke threading?
  195. Looking For Cardboard IDPA Targets
  196. North Side Sportsman Association
  197. Anywhere In South Hills to shoot Semi Auto (rapidly if I want)?
  198. Allegheny Arms and Gun Works
  199. Permit Application References
  200. New to Shooting Range, Questions about State Game Lands 203
  201. Joining PMSC
  202. North hills LTCF satellite event today
  203. David L Lawrence security
  204. Anyone local to Pittsburgh to pin and weld a suppressor to a barrel?
  205. Skeet at Library Sportsmans
  206. Shooting buddy: Library Sportsman's Club
  207. State Senator Wayne Fontana wants to ban the AR 15. Blow up his phone lines
  208. Recently moved to Pittsburgh, looking for a sponsor for gun club
  209. Any ranges west or north of PGH without a membership cap?
  210. Gun clubs open to new members?
  211. INPAX Academy (Range & Training Center) Grand Opening 8-25-18
  212. SGL 203 re-opening Sept 28
  213. Three Range Day
  214. 10/22 soght work
  215. Man accused of firing BB gun in crowd outside 'Fiddler on the Roof' performance
  216. FFL Pittsburgh North Hills Area Preferred
  217. Best Pittsburgh neighboring county for non-resident LTCF
  218. Safety/Shooting Intstruction
  219. 2019 LTCF satellite event dates
  220. PMCS membership
  221. Any ranges that allow full auto in SW PA?