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  1. State Game Land 157-Anyone here hunt it?
  2. Pa pigeon shoot's
  3. Does the sound off a raincoat scare deer?
  4. 11 Year Old - Starting Deer Hunting - Questions
  5. 243
  6. Contender Handgun .410 Slugs for Deer ?'s
  8. Where to hunt in WMU 2A or 2B
  9. What's open?
  10. Who says u cant call coyotes in over 10mph wind??
  11. Night Hunting
  12. Doe Hunting
  13. Question on SGL
  14. LTCF needed for Handgun hunting?
  15. turkey hunter question?
  16. Looking for Doves in Chesco/Delco/Montco
  17. Who will shoot the first deer in 2010?
  18. almost that time....
  19. How do I get started?
  20. How far do u travel...
  21. Shade Mountain/Snyder Co.
  22. Mechanical broadhead legallity
  23. sportsmen in need moosic,lackawanna,pa guides/partners needed
  24. opening day
  25. 2010-2011 Hunting Season (pic)
  26. Independent Study Test
  27. Windshear Gear Sale at Cabelas
  28. PGC/DCNR Land deals
  29. permission to hunt in wmu5c
  30. Muskrat?
  31. Curs or Hound dogs?
  32. Coyote hunting questions
  33. scouting report
  34. 1952 hunting regs.
  35. Deer Lure Question
  36. handgun while hunting in texas
  37. Canned Venison recipes?
  38. need some advice on best deer bullet for 7mm Mag
  39. grouse hunting in eastern PA.?
  40. .410 for squirrels ?
  41. Discovery Hog Bomb
  42. Forestry Road Closures and what else?
  43. Mounts
  44. Glock 20 10mm Wild Hog Kill
  45. Buying a Hunting license in Pittsburgh
  46. Need bowhunters!
  47. Differences in Hunting vs Target Shooting
  48. Goose Hunting in Lancaster
  49. Coyotes
  50. butcher shops
  51. First buck of the 2010-2011 will be shot by????
  52. Paperwork retained?
  53. Hunting versus killing
  54. 1st Time Deer Hunting Rifle for a woman
  55. Hunting with your Judge?
  56. Scrapes already...
  57. Newbie Interested in Small Game
  58. Finally someone stands up to the PGC.
  59. 12 year old - Youth or Adult Shotgun?
  60. Small Game Hunting - Rifle or Shotgun?
  61. Did you hunt near Punxsutawney? Did you know my grandfather?
  62. Crow is messing with me
  63. Does anyone here Hunt with a Winchester model 94 ?
  64. Butcher yourself or butcher shop what do you do?
  65. Mismanagement of PA Deer Herd
  66. SGL 127?
  67. Carry gear w/ tree stand?
  68. Legality of Rage 3 blade / Tekken 2 heads?
  69. BE aware and be prepared!
  70. Hunting Dog. Any good Labrador Breeders?
  71. Youth hunts: brag about the kids.
  72. Hate hunting with people who are "Good Shots?"
  73. Trail Cameras
  74. Newbie Hunter pics
  75. How to find Public Domain Land
  76. A few Trail Cam Pics
  77. Saw a huge buck yesterday...
  78. Small Game Question
  79. Muddy Run Reservoir Hunting
  80. Can anyone recommend a good Turkey spot
  81. carrying a radio
  82. Two nice Game wardens
  83. Weiser State Forest Hunting?
  84. PGC Opinion?
  85. Anyone go out for in-line this A. M.?
  86. Connected on this Bruiser 10 Point
  87. Predator hunting question
  88. Who can help me become a better hunter?
  89. Muzzleloader and BOW hunting at the same time ?
  90. Muzzleloader and BOW hunting at the same time ?
  91. Carry while Bowhunting? If not, this may change your mind.
  92. What type of Excalibur crossbow should I get?
  93. My First Hunt...
  94. i know i am going to get flamed for this question
  95. My Sons first Hunt
  96. Just need to vent
  97. Rifle Season?
  98. Ever hear of this company?
  99. Pheasants attack my car
  100. Youth Hunt
  101. So who got birds?!
  102. Fox Hunting or Trapping in PA
  103. People blocking game land access gates
  104. Elk Country Visitor Center
  105. Shot one Monday not passing on the small ones anymore.
  106. Take a deer in archery and rifle seasions?
  107. Valley Forge Organized Deer Shoot
  108. todays hunt
  109. going squirrel hunting in a few hours can i use a single six revolver?
  110. My favorite thing about hunting so far
  111. Anyone looking for a cheap 30-30 for hunting
  112. What Caliber
  113. Anyone hunt Turkey with a single shot?
  114. Throwing this in here......
  115. P.G.C. Fuds: Get thee gone to FLA...
  116. Predator Hunting
  117. A Beautiful Point, Hand to Wing Combat and a Perfect Retrieve
  118. What scope should I put on my Remington 700 SPS Buckmasters edition 30-06?
  119. What grain bullet should I get?
  120. What is a good scope to put on a Marlin 30-30?
  121. What type of shotgun should I use for hunting?
  122. What are a good pair of hunting binoculars?
  123. What do you take with you when you go hunting?
  124. hunting black bear with 44 mag pistol
  125. Do you use a scope on your 30-30?
  126. Gloves or mittens for hunting?
  127. Deer Hunting with a 44mag. (Ammo and holster advice)
  128. Hunting Partners
  129. Hunting cabin or hunting local? (opening day of buck)
  130. Man and his best friend...
  131. I am seeking some answers
  132. Backyard this morning
  133. Revolver for defense in woods...
  134. Rabbit hunting
  135. How was your season?
  136. handgun hunting
  137. Deer hunting locations close to Montgomery County
  138. 2nd Annual Veteran's Day squirrel hunt
  139. What do you wear when you're hunting?
  140. What type of hunting knife do you have?
  141. What's up with Evansburg?
  142. Wildlife conservation officer fatally shot in Adams County...
  143. Leupold VX-3 opinions
  144. Looking for a place close to Philly to hunt.
  145. Free for all in Michigan
  146. Hunting with my boy.
  147. Handgun AND rifle for hunting
  148. Hunting in Sullivan County?
  149. Hunting Stories
  150. Private Property Hunting
  151. Best SGL for bear.
  152. What rings n nat should I get to mount my scope?
  153. Bobcat on my trail cam
  154. questions about hunting clubs that lease land.
  155. will someone take me hunting?
  156. 879-pound bear bagged in Poconos
  157. Pistol carry on private property?..
  158. Legality of borrowing someones rifle?
  159. Opening day of bear
  160. Beary good day in the woods
  161. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the hunting community. Good luck with the rifle season.
  162. What brand of ammunition do you hunt with?
  163. monroe county turkey spots?
  164. Should I get the Wicked Ridge Invader?
  165. god hates me
  166. The best weekend ever
  167. your "firsts"
  168. Ridiculous animal rights org (huntersrapenature.com)
  169. Yugo SKS for hunting
  170. can i hunt GEESE and DUCKS ON Turkey Day?
  171. federal 308 168g match bthp for hunting deer
  172. Fox Hunt Help
  173. Need help finding a statute to end an argument... hunters PLEASE step up
  174. hunting lease
  175. 5c hunters
  176. January Antlerless
  177. Can each county set it's own hunting rules, and a bunch of other questions.
  178. Good luck...safe hunting tomorrow
  179. Who got one today?
  180. What rifle do you use for deer?
  181. Albino Deer from Sullivan County
  182. Deer spotting laws
  183. Lost or damaged license.
  184. Does anybody wear ScentBlocker clothes?
  185. What is a really good folding saw?
  186. Gut hook sharpening question
  187. Lancaster/Lebanon area Varmint hunting?!?Anybody?
  188. Looking for a citation on a PAGC law/reg/policy
  189. Looking to hunt land in berks 5C/5B
  190. My first buck!
  191. hey want to get into hunting any info would help
  192. Almost got shot today hunting!
  193. Opinion on Hunting Preserves
  194. Jumpy DCNR officer
  195. anyone know a decent place to hunt in lanc/york?
  196. Coyote hunting tips
  197. looking to join near Williamsport/Muncy
  198. Skavatos Deer Processing
  199. Any one hunt off of Meadowbrook Road in Murrysville ?
  200. Lost rifles
  201. Dumb Slob Rifle Hunters
  203. female taxidermists
  204. This is what I call an avid hunter.
  205. Thompson center
  206. Luke Scott - MLB
  207. Finally!!
  208. 2nd to last day and FINALLY....
  209. New-ish Hunter Here...
  210. Solid Black Coyote (Wolf?)
  211. One more reason to carry spare rounds....
  212. Wild Justice?
  213. Public Land in 2B, Not Allegheny County
  214. Crossbow or Compound Bow
  215. First buck with a rifle
  216. Video: Bear Climbs Stand
  217. Whats better ?
  218. What do they get out of this?
  219. Hunting Checklist?
  221. Saurbraten Vom Hirsch mit Rotkohl
  222. Do we have a wild pig problem in Pa?
  223. What is wrong with people?
  224. First time deer hunt ammunition advice PLEASE?
  225. Deer Gun Scope Power
  226. can someone clarify the some wording in the hunters digest for me?
  227. 2011/12 House G&F Chair Named
  228. pheasant hunting?
  229. Court Date Set GC v USP
  230. Shuylkill County Coyote Hunting...2010-2011 Thread
  231. Season confusion
  232. Game Birds
  233. Electronic caller recommendations???
  234. Wants to Start waterfowl hunting
  235. youth hunting rifle
  237. Late season flintlock 2010
  238. Need a good spot for Coyote and Groundhog
  240. Good Trail Camera?
  241. Squirrel Hunting Rifle
  242. .243 for turkey?
  243. Green Valley Coyote Hunt
  244. Boar Hunting - Confirmed Locations
  245. Coonhounds need a new home.
  246. Allegheny County hunting opportunities
  247. Hunters Bag Rare Two-Headed Deer
  248. Hunter found dead in West Vincent Woods
  249. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes...
  250. Racoon hunting