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  1. PoliceOne: 8 tips on contacts with 'open carry' citizens
  2. Strong tool for open carriers (and others as well)
  3. Political OC March in Philly to Protest PPD abuses Mark for example
  4. Great afternoon OC'ing..
  5. Hilltown Walmart OC'r
  6. Panera Bread, OC, and police
  7. Why Open Carry?
  8. First Negative encounter today
  9. Remember when we discussed the cost of activism?
  10. OC'er From Kentucky
  11. No Florida OC...
  12. "It's for my safety", negative encounter today.
  13. good encounter in Wind Gap
  14. Walmart OC'er Spotted!!
  15. :P good OC encounter at T-ville chinese place
  16. semi negative encounter walmart
  17. The good, the not so bad, and the not so bad again
  18. Constitutional Open Carry - Think about it!
  19. Open carry at the NRA show
  20. Red Robin
  21. Philly OC Rally Car Pool Thread: Harrisburg/Hanover/York/Lancaster/Reading
  22. OC and recording
  23. Crazy Bob's Drive-in Theatre
  24. NRA instructor against oc
  25. An exciting day
  26. Wife supports CC but not OC any advice?
  27. Please delete my account
  28. OC in Walmart
  29. OC in fashion
  30. Outdoor HD show "The Best Defense" on Open Carry
  31. OC'er in Lewistown today, anyone on here?
  32. Positive OC Encounter at Verizon Wireless - Monroeville
  33. Encounter at Kmart
  34. Gentleman's Carry at Cabela's
  35. Positive Encounter (I think) in State College
  36. First time OC!
  37. Two encounters in two days!
  38. Official Philly OC Rally Activity Thread
  39. Positive Encounter with PSP Trooper
  40. Philly Rally Success - Philadelphia Inquirer Article
  41. 2nd time open carrying...
  42. Non LEO Encounter with Whitehall PD
  43. Typical Day, Then First 'Real' Encounter
  44. any one see this in philly
  45. Hit piece on OC in Phila Daily News
  46. Going to start OCing more
  47. Holster Decision...Galco or Blackhawk?
  48. The Case for Open Carry
  49. OC in Monroeville
  50. Monkey see, monkey do.
  51. Renewing my LTCF
  52. O.C. & C.C. Tanger outlets Washington, PA
  53. OCers are Sexy
  54. Fox News story about Philadelphia
  55. Leesport Redner's Market not Carry Friendly
  56. Send a message to our legislators: stop Philadelphia from violating our rights
  57. Wife had a encounter because of me.
  58. Psyops - The Mom
  59. Failed Attempt at Educating at Hamburg Wal-Mart
  60. Funny OC Encounter
  61. Question of HOA vs Home owner
  62. R. Seth Williams makes "oathbreakers" list
  63. Monroe County OC question
  64. It's good to be home
  65. Guns Don't Belong in Public Places
  66. Here's how the Philadelphia Ploice Department should be doing things
  67. MVA while OC, had to tell LEO to STFU
  68. First OC, see my first CC post first
  69. Two encounters in this past week.
  70. Viper's Court Date
  71. OC report - I got nothing
  72. Nothing of interest - encounter with Allentown PD
  73. Carrying at Carlisle?
  74. oc @ York Street Rod Show
  75. Got to educate some sheep today...wasn't even OC
  76. Motor Vehicle Vs. Motorcycle - Accident Scene - OC
  77. I think this will work... (Uncle who is from NJ Open Carrying in PA)
  78. Good OC encounter at home depot today
  79. Five years old, and no fear of a MWAG
  80. Open carry in Mansfield
  81. OHIO Gun Shop Open Carry Encounter
  82. Its been roughly 3 weeks of OC
  83. OC all over Scranton/Dickson City area today.
  84. Family OC day
  85. The Light Went on in his Head
  86. kicked out of campground no signs and not refunded
  87. Peddlers Village
  88. Thoughts on this holster? Don Hume H745-SH
  89. Municipal Building
  90. Uneventful Open Carry
  91. 600 Miles of uneventful OC
  92. York Revolution Stadium
  93. Serpa CQC for 1911?
  94. Rifle Open Carry Stories
  95. Open Carry and Schools
  96. I'm glad that I live in an open carry state.
  97. New to...Well...Everything
  98. Hello all, quick qestion...
  99. Dorney Park Allentown area
  100. OOC at Wayne Jazz fest - LEO interaction
  101. Cabelas Hamburg PA OC OK OR NOT
  102. Two good encounters on my first day of real OC
  103. Interesting WV OC & LE Encounter
  104. Kind of humorous chance to educate.
  105. AMC Theatres
  106. Are you a detective?
  107. Your Opinions on this OC/LE Encounter? (video)
  108. Turkey Hill OC
  109. Good encounter at my doctor
  110. Reed in Blue Bell not OC friendly
  111. How many OC a fullsize 1911 daily
  112. sort of Neg encounter Kempton Fair
  113. OC in McDonald's Sinking Spring
  114. Open carry soon to be legal in State Parks
  115. walmart willow grove
  116. contrasting reactions to my OC`ing..
  117. OC at local convience store
  118. My wife did some OC education.
  119. No Open Carry in FL
  120. Arnold's Family Fun Center at Oaks - OC friendly (first encounter)
  121. Negative Encounter
  122. Positive Encounter
  123. Teacher and open carry
  124. Cops Called On Me At Wal*Mart In Parkesburg (Chester County)
  125. Neg encounter in Wellsboro
  126. Open Carry Luncheon in Wheeling, WV 23 July 2011
  127. Positive Encounter in Philly Pharmacy
  128. DOUBLE Positive encounter at the bowling alley
  129. Silent but positive OC encounter
  130. Asked to leave: Al's Cafe-Bethel Park
  131. The Young and the Old: Another Interesting Couple of Encounters
  132. cc/oc in a police station
  133. Good OC Conversation
  134. MY first day of OC
  135. My first time oc
  136. Some more OC tonight.
  137. How OCers Feel All the Time?
  138. Completely Neutral OC Experience
  139. good OC at camp in gettysburg
  140. Funny encounter
  141. First time OCing....
  142. How is your July 4 OC Day So Far?
  143. State Trooper - "I don't care about that"
  144. Asked to leave Barber
  145. Laundromat Owner Did Not Know Carrying Firearms Was Legal
  146. If you OC, do you still carry a BUG?
  147. First OC Encounter - Could have been worse
  148. Police Encounter
  149. My First Day OC In Public
  150. dumb question
  151. Okay, who was OC'ing in WB yesterday?
  152. Armed Citizens confront checkpoint
  153. Concealed Carry and Disclosure
  154. Experience at the Kutztown Folk Festival?
  155. Awesome LE encounter in Vermont!
  156. Reluctant Education
  157. Drunken OC Encounter
  158. An open letter to an OCer
  159. separate gun belt
  160. Open Carry , MO
  161. First time encounter Toys R Us Exton
  162. Quick interesting little story
  163. Police Confront Man for Open Carrying Firearm Legally
  164. FedEX Office in Robinson GTG.
  165. AK47 Open Carry: Stopped by the Cops
  166. Saw my first OC'er today - Newberry Point Walmart
  167. LAST UPDATE?: State College-Texas Roadhouse-IS NOW OC/CC FRIENDLY!!!
  168. OCer in Berts restaurant palmerton..
  169. Who were you in Petsmart today, East Lancaster?
  170. Sounds Like Scranton Still Doesn't Get It
  171. Indiana/Westmoreland/Allegheny County OCing
  172. "Awkward" OC Encounter...
  173. Asked to leave Hobos - Quakertown
  174. Nell's Surefine in Hanover
  175. Question on California carry
  176. Video about LEO encounter while OCing, positive but..
  177. I'm thinking of OC
  178. That Pet Place not OC Friendly(UPDATE) OC FRIENDLY
  179. Open Carry in Hanover
  180. Saw First OC ever at Dewey Carnival (Hellertown)
  181. first OC. no babies were killed/blood in the streets
  182. Funny OC Day
  183. Slightly Negative Encounter
  184. First OC @ Dependable Drive In
  185. OC negative turned into a positive with a cordial discussion.
  186. Well color me speechless - almost
  187. You Posted on Facebook About the PPD Harassing you for Open Carry
  188. Another bad OC encounter with the Philly PD (NOT ME THIS TIME)
  189. Open carry in church
  190. My First OC
  191. Any good encounters coming out of Philadelphia?
  192. Local open carry
  193. Exton OC/CC
  194. Odd Wal-mart OC encounter
  195. I OC'd at district court, and cop carried in the courtroom!?
  196. Wayne Open Carry
  197. Have You Been Harassed By The Philadelphia Police for the Practice of Open Carry?
  198. open carry in township bldgs
  199. OC in Montgomery County
  200. Good Encounters in King of Prussia
  201. A Conversation with Lt. Lisa King - Head of the Philadelphia Gun Permits Unit
  202. OCer spotted in Gettysburg
  203. OC at Hanover Dutch festival
  204. OC Encounter with PSP today...
  205. OC Encounter with Hatboro PD at Hatboro Car-show 7/30/11
  206. Western pa OC without a hitch, and OC in ohio last friday
  207. Thoughts on OC instead of blatantly obvious CC
  208. He was only guessing
  209. My Open Carry day in Pittsburgh/Cranberry
  210. Fearless Walmart Employee Does It Again!!!
  211. Radnor Police - OC Encounter - Poor LEO judgement
  212. I don't feel safe
  213. Best type of OC holster
  214. First OC Encounter
  215. So, who was OCing in Royersford/Limerick at Genuardi's on 4 AUG?
  216. Montgomery County Courthouse OC incident
  217. Overheard while OC'ing, made me almost LOL
  218. I might switch banks to Wells Fargo now. Thoughts?
  219. unnecessary display could result in LTCF revoked
  220. PPD Encounter
  221. Mouthy encounter yesterday
  222. My first OC encounter
  223. Nothing happened! haha
  224. Good reaction from motorcycle guy while I was going into 5 Guys today
  225. Just Turned 18 Today..
  226. oc at the laundramat
  227. OC First Timer
  228. Cabela's employee said I had to check my gun.
  229. OC'd and no incidents, but 1 educated
  230. Getting a feel for it.
  231. What a shopping trip
  232. Carded for slingshot while OC'ing
  233. Road rage over motorcycle OC???
  234. OC Updates
  235. OC carry on main line.
  236. 5 encounters today and not a negative one :)
  237. "Is that a REAL gun?I" - Encounter at the store yesterday
  238. Anyone OC at Old Time Days in Dover
  239. Positive OC Encounter at Walgreen's @ 63 + Susquehanna
  240. OC Convo w/ Barber
  241. Giant Eagle...
  242. Positive experience at Robinson wal mart.
  243. more editorial dingdongs at YDR
  244. What a sat. night.....
  245. Terrorizing the Wawa customers..lol
  246. Been awhile for an OC report.
  247. My first encounter
  248. New YDR letter is on website
  249. An open carry tidbit from Com. v. McNear (1975)
  250. Corbett declares state of emergency