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  1. Why OC; Where Did Conceal Carry Come From?
  2. Excellent OC encounter this afternoon
  3. Silly OC Video
  4. OC Encounters
  5. Excellent Upper Merion PD encounter
  6. OC in Clarks Summit
  7. 2 of 5 Open Carriers Arrested in Madison Wisconson - Sept 23rd 2010
  8. A small victory
  9. An armed society is a polite society
  10. Finally! Glock gets bedroom eyes
  11. Applefest?
  12. OC with Curmudgeon downtown York City - Oh my, the horror!
  13. OC over Central/SE PA
  14. Blissfully Unaware
  15. It's Official - OC Season is Over ;)
  16. good leather OWB holster with forward cant?
  17. OC issue, pants question.....
  18. Back to Back OC Events, One With Stroud Township Cop
  19. Newbie Questions
  20. Really proud of my mom
  21. Positive OC encounter at the Harrisburg Costco gas pumps
  22. almost a felon, saved by the sign!!
  23. Another Upper Merion Encounter...mixed encounter
  24. OC - "I OC'd- people were looking at me and talking about me"
  25. OC at Jakes flea market
  26. An OC non-encounter, and a kind older gentleman
  27. Positive OC encounter with EPD
  28. Craigslist tweakers...
  29. OCed at the Vets
  30. Philly needs a woop'in
  31. A gun raffle is no place for a gun!
  32. Full Day of OC
  33. My OC caused him to need change of underwear
  34. Taught The Indiana Walmart Something
  35. New belt for my OC needs.
  36. Is five bucks too much for a GREAT OC encounter?
  37. Fire Mission FL Open Carry Poll
  38. "guy with the gun"
  39. Open Carry At The Polls Fall 2010
  40. Open Carry Day at Cabela's
  41. I’m a Lifetime NRA member and you disgust me
  42. My OC Might have deterred a crime
  43. Finally had my first "Why" interaction
  44. OC'd at the parade and didn't get beat or harassed by cops?!?
  45. Does anyone make OC T-shirts?
  46. Could OC in Florida???
  47. Where's your gun?
  48. How is open carry legal? (Just a noob)
  49. OC Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner
  50. OC Non-Encounter - wonder if they're starting to figure it out
  51. Wired Coffee Shop in Bethlehem very OC friendly
  52. Halloween Open Carry
  53. Question
  54. Funny OC Experience at Lowes in Latrobe
  55. Police officer denied right to vote after refusing to surrender weapon...
  56. Sorta OC in Chambersburg
  57. OC in state parks
  58. The right to ‘bare’ arms ????
  59. I'm still laughing over this one.
  60. Funny OC experience at Home Depot
  61. OC with Charlie Dent
  62. OC'er Spotted - Monreoville Miracle Mile Shooping Center Taco Hell - Nov 6, 2010
  63. Grandmas Got a Gun!
  64. A few positive CC/OC incidents
  65. Another bland OC story... but what the heck.
  66. PA wine and spirits
  67. Harrased by PPD. Vehicle and 1x Round of Ammunition confiscated.
  68. Saw an OC'er today.
  69. 1st OC Today
  70. Question on open carry
  71. Harrisburg 2010-11-15
  72. What is wrong with men?
  73. Saw My First OCer Yesterday
  74. OC in Connecticut, Legal Analysis?
  75. Open Carry Problems Golden Corral Monroeville
  76. is it ok to open carry in franklin mills mall?
  77. First time oc'ing
  78. OC and Ross Park Mall (Thank you!!)
  79. Philly cop wrong,then REFUSES to give name!
  80. City pays out cash
  81. My first LEO encounter, Walmart parking lot.
  82. LEO: Sir why are you armed
  83. my 1st OC
  84. What do you do that requires you to carry?
  85. Looking For Leather 1911 Holster
  86. Updated Directive 137 - one page, take this with you to Philly
  87. Hey, your firearm is cocked!
  88. Arizona man arrested in Florida for nothing
  89. Black Friday OC
  90. Open Carry 18 years old?
  91. just shoot me...
  92. Something just did not feel right.
  93. OC... The Police, The Public, And You...
  94. OC at 18, handgun at 21?
  95. Posted on RealPolice.net - I am not too surprised by the response
  96. First OC
  97. Good OC at the Vet's office
  98. Slightly Negative(?) OC encounter.
  99. I may have just been converted...
  100. Who just had the cops called on them in WalMart?
  101. Just saw a MWAG at Littlestown Shell!!!;)
  102. Great encounter in Genuardis
  103. NH: Open carry topless protest (guns, breasts, Keene)
  104. OC at HillTown Walmart - interesting interaction standing in line
  105. OC and Ownership at 18
  106. Rare OCer sighting in York
  107. How exposed does a gun have to be to be 'open'?
  108. food discounts/free coffee? often?
  109. Where do you dislike OCing?
  110. Question about vehicles
  111. Open carry once denied LTCF??
  112. This may sound like a silly question (Can I Open Carry In...)
  113. Peanuts gets it
  114. Barber Shop etiquette
  115. Finally saw a fellow OCer in Amity
  116. Philthydelphia's "City of the First Class" status; isn't this, itself....
  117. "If you're gonna cause a public hysteria in there..." (encounter at the market)
  118. Open Carry Flyer
  119. the skunky person vs the OCer
  120. Does this count as my first bad LEO OC encounter?
  121. Wisconsin cops cough up bucks for illegal arrests
  122. OCing at Dave & Busters
  123. "But...isn't that 'brandishing?'"
  124. Positive OC Encounter with (GASP!!) PHL Int'l Airport Security
  125. "You could have stopped that guy."
  126. "It's the Gun Guy's Pizza"
  127. The Folly of Exposed Carry
  128. Got a sense of humor?
  129. Open carry without a LTCF
  130. Do you carry ID when OCing?
  131. OC Fun
  132. Florida Open Carry Bill
  133. PA OC - always the case?
  134. New to PA, should I "open carry"?
  135. What holster do you recomend?
  136. OC in Philadelphia research
  137. Fox News Open Carry video
  138. What type of ammo do you OC?
  139. I had a friggin' DREAM about OCing!
  140. What audio/video equipment do you carry?
  141. "This is the safest Wawa in Montgomery County!"
  142. Do you tell the officer(s) that you are recording?
  143. OC On best defence TV
  144. good encounter?
  145. Pistol Leash/Lanyards for OC?
  146. My opinion about an OC exp. i saw
  147. I talked to the police.
  148. My first real OC day...
  149. Barry Obama couldnt stop my OCing
  150. 50* in February = t-shirt weather = OC weather
  151. OC in Florida will run blood in the streets
  152. Arrested by the Philadelphia Police for Open Carry
  153. Corrupting Todays Youth...
  154. Allegheny Co 911 Response to Open Carry Question
  155. open carry in Prospect Park
  156. Constructive criticism wanted: OC @ Panera Bread
  157. Starting to OC
  158. New Mexico - OC'er in restaurant has to fight gun grab by DEA impersonator
  159. OC in State College area?
  160. Virgin Carrier with first LEO positive encounter
  161. Open carrying with kids
  162. Now im not a scientician
  163. probably covered already
  164. What kind of recorder do you carry?
  165. OC on railroad tracks/railroad beds?
  166. gotta love "police"...
  167. first time open carrying
  168. Best retention level for open carry?
  169. Open carried for the first time today
  170. OC at Texas Roadhouse
  171. Positive OC Encounter
  172. OK - do we have the written Walmart Policy on carrying?
  173. Asked To Conceal At A Gun Bash
  174. First Open Carry & First Post!
  175. 2 curious questons
  176. Open carry, no carry, and carrying on...
  177. My First OC
  178. Legality Of Open Carry
  179. OC on Sport Bike Today...
  180. transport of firearm in vehicle- for fishing
  181. OC'ed all day...she didn't notice
  182. Bad experience 3rd time Ocing...
  183. People these days...
  184. good open carry
  185. OC on Carson...
  186. Another good Giant enounter
  187. Rest stop interaction.
  188. Westboro Church Plans Protest Of Funeral For Pa. Children
  189. A question? Why do you OC?
  190. It happend again.. This time charged with CC
  191. How often do you get noticed?
  192. EXCELLENT OC encounter at 7-Eleven
  193. Lockers at Stroudsburg MDJ's
  194. Negative Encounter @ Sheetz
  195. OC & MWAG calls
  196. man in a suit vs jeans
  197. OC encounter with LEO while on my motorcycle
  198. Open carry in a bank?
  199. OC Tshirt
  200. Confused about this holster (see pic)
  201. OC meet and greet?
  202. Philadelphia Police violate rights of open carrier at gunpoint (Audio)
  203. Question about putting your holster on...
  204. My first police run-in of this OC season.... At denny's :-)
  205. Non res OC/CC Phili?
  206. Walmart... Of course... lol
  207. Ran into some High School friend while OC...
  208. IWB OC?
  209. Saw an OCer at Outback in York tonight
  210. Thoughts on getting jumped by do-gooder..
  211. "It is peeking out there"
  212. First!
  213. Open Carry at the National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh
  214. Opinion Column on Philly Open Carry Incident
  215. OC without one in the chamber
  216. Would you call 911 over an OC rifle at night?
  217. Is it right to judge someone who is carrying by what they wear?
  218. OC while MC
  219. 30th and Market train station
  220. WOW, Open Carry??
  221. First real OC in public
  222. Lock Haven PD are good eggs
  223. Olive Garden Corp. Policy
  224. OC'd in Sheetz in Altoona today
  225. Didn't even think I was going to open carry...
  226. First Time OC !!
  227. First OC of the season today
  228. Viper's OC log
  229. Letter to BJ's Wholesalers
  230. Carrying at the Honesdale Library?
  231. Lancaster city PD/manhien twp pd. any run ins?
  232. [FUNDRAISER] Holding Philadelphia Responsible
  233. OC'd today, first post on here.
  234. Dudeeeeeee
  235. Lots of oc misinformation out there
  236. If you OC, watch out for this sweetheart...
  237. What I did wrong last weekend.
  238. first time OC to a new Doctor
  239. OCers make fox news?!
  240. Help Finding Open Carry Story
  241. Found this 2008 story about an OH OCer's experience.
  242. Must Watch Video from Law Professor - Never talk to Police
  243. Interesting OC at Congressman Meehan Townhall in Radnor today
  244. Thank you, everyone
  245. Excellent OC experience at New Britain District Court
  246. Parksburg Walmart Thursday Night
  247. OC Boat in Delaware River??
  248. My first time OC
  249. I can't believe I just said that to my grandmother
  250. Shooting Monsters