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  1. OC @ Peppes Ristorante
  2. Bonnie and Clyde (But good guys!)
  3. Saw my first OC'er at Mount Pocono ShopRite
  4. Please delete this thread, mods.
  5. Encounter while waiting for ammo cabinet keys at Wally World (North Versailles)
  6. First Bad OC Encounter
  7. Guns are the talk of the town
  8. Wallmart in Mansfield
  9. oh noos- Home Depot encounter
  10. Back in the land of freedom!
  11. Uneducated Gun dealer at the Gun show today
  12. Hickory Run State Park ?
  13. My first open carry, kinda
  14. Do YOU Bleed for Preston and Steve?
  15. First True OC - On Purpose at Least - Danville and West Chester
  16. Bad encounter made good...
  17. Open Carry Motorcycle
  18. SO Im in the bathroom at shoprite....
  19. First real OC
  20. Statements from apparent PPD officer on another forum
  21. First OC - uneventful
  22. Open Carry Dinner in Reading?
  23. What's up with OCDO?!?
  24. Didn't Think I would... But today that changed... My OC at Arby's (Does that Count?)
  25. Add another OC'er to the population
  26. had my first inqurie about my glock
  27. My First OC Carry in Ohio
  28. Need help on sources for OC information
  29. OC and the local SPCA
  30. For the guys and gals alike
  31. First Open Carry
  32. OC in Philly - Navy Yard, South Street, Johnny Rocket's
  33. First (kinda) Bad OC incident
  34. "But ALL guns have to be registered - especially in Philly!"
  35. Thunder in the Valley
  36. Got Cop Food yesterday
  37. anyone want to do a southern York county OC meet/great/eat?
  38. Bensalem popo are A++
  39. Borrowed firearm to OC?
  40. Walmart Pottstown
  41. You Can Carry Like That? That's CRAZY
  42. Open carry & Lower Salford LEO
  43. The sight of my OC detured a would-be attacker. The cops were called...
  44. OC @ Pep Boys in West Chester
  45. Non-Encounter - All I got lately
  46. Positive Encounter at Taco Bell
  47. open carry in Gettysburg Park, Legal?
  48. Canadian Encounter
  49. Time Open Carry Pictoral
  50. Open carry in Pottstown 7-2-10
  51. OC at a 7-11 at 12:30 AM
  52. In your observations...
  53. OC'd at FCO today, what a joke
  54. Friendly encounter today
  55. Got some wide-eyed looks.. lol
  56. Another uneventful OC
  57. Blackhawk Serpa...paddle or belt loop, which do you prefer?
  58. Accidental OC with good result.
  59. Does anyone open carry in Morrisville?
  60. Bike trails ok to carry on?
  61. open carry in washington county
  62. My first OC...
  63. Somerset Police hassles young folks OC'ing but it is none of us old folks concern
  64. My First OC
  65. finally popped OC Cherry~
  66. OC in Philly on the 4th
  67. Gotta love tourists
  68. OC to the public library - who'da thunkit?
  69. 3 OC Encounters for the Holiday weekend...
  70. Outstanding OC encounter in a Walmart!
  71. I feel that this is an important point for open carry IMO
  72. Lower Salford Township encounters
  73. Got into a near argument today about OC/CC
  74. Streamlight TLR1 Holster
  75. OC in Philadelphia, Positive Experience!!!
  76. Were you OCing at Starbucks today? Camp Hill...
  77. Are You a LEO?
  78. Good Encounter Today
  79. 2 OC Encounters in VT
  80. Interesting Phone Call from my Apt. Managment Company
  81. OC at car vision in Norristown
  82. Interesting OC situation today
  83. local beer distributor OC
  84. Glock 19 Renention Holster recommendations
  85. OC plug was in local peper.
  86. Educating in the A.M.
  87. Does that come with bullets?
  88. Saturday OC at the DMV--2 encounters
  89. The Latest Ikea Thread: Now with a response!
  90. I THINK I turned a negative into a positive
  91. "Is that a real gun?"
  92. My first OC today!
  93. PSSSSSSSTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! is that real??
  94. Negative encounter tonight...I covered up
  95. Police came into home and searched thru all my firearms.
  96. Recent encounter at Chambersburg Walmart
  97. Visitor OC...
  98. To Counterbalance my Previous Thread
  99. What is this Texas?
  100. Going To OC For The First Time Tomorrow!
  101. Almost comical OC at dollar general....
  102. Open Carry Reconnoiter
  103. Fatheads, Southside, et al
  104. A couple funny(?) things today
  105. Open-Carrying a Gun with an Orange Tip
  106. Alright...Finally Got My First Full Day of OC!
  107. Encounter with 5+ PPD (District 2)
  108. I OCed and I Liked it.../Why OC is Important For Me/What About You?
  109. Non-incident with LEOs in neighboring town.
  110. Do you think open carry will ever be accepted?
  111. A very slight change of policy at Cabela's
  112. American Heritage Credit Union OC ?
  113. Showed my buddy from Illinois how we do it in PA
  114. You're stopped by an officer. You ask "Am I being detained?"
  115. Does anyone OC at the Shrewsbury Walmart?
  116. Open carry employment search?
  117. OC'ing While Doing Yardwork --- Cops Show Up...
  118. Pleasant interaction with Allentown cop
  119. idea for the "can I see ID" request while OC
  120. OC @ Rubys Diner & Maggie Moos
  121. Another uneventful OC with police involved...
  122. OC'd to an "accident"
  123. OC'd in two bars last night.
  124. Why OC and tactical response threads are so important..
  125. So you think your Wyatt Earp
  126. "Fewer Guns in Public means more Freedom"
  127. I OC'd today
  128. open carry large fixed blade knife in York county?
  129. Bad OC Experience - Indiana Big Lots
  130. Turkey Hill, curious kids
  131. What if scenerio...
  132. Pizza Shop Worker OC'ing
  133. Asked to leave Applebee's on Cedar Crest Boulevard (Allentown)
  134. OC can make you feel old!
  135. sorta positive encounter at Friendly's (E-burg)
  136. Negative encounter with PPD this afternoon - schooled a Sgt. from the 39th
  137. My SIG is a conversation piece
  138. OC encounter with News Reporter
  139. New Rules for Musikfest
  140. Pennsy and the two NJ ladies
  141. Indiana County OC Outing...Any Takers?
  142. Excitement at the dump!
  143. security officers from NY carrying open in PA?
  144. Warminster cops do it again!
  145. Always something going on at Giant Eagle
  146. anyone ever been asked to leave chuck e. cheeses?
  147. Was just asked to leave the Hanover mall
  148. OC residence?
  149. Awesome check out lady at Wegmans in State College
  150. Two encounters - "It's because of all the sensitive equipment!"
  151. carry in the mall?
  152. What am I doing wrong????
  153. Witnessed my first OC'er.....I think
  154. Holster
  155. Thought I was going to have an encounter last night
  156. Is this Legal?
  157. I am still steamed about this.
  158. open carry w/lcfa + retired leo
  159. PPD Strikes Again - Confiscates weapon because I "refused to conceal"
  160. Four good open carry moments today!
  161. Strange Day
  162. Thank You sir
  163. Can we put together some info packets for the PPD?
  164. Utah permit class/OC
  165. OC experience at Heritage Hills/Knickers Pub York, PA
  166. "Why are you wearing a tazer?"
  167. OC'ing offended a friend.
  168. "I will report you" blah blah
  169. Question on OCing
  170. A Whole Day of Positive Encounters?!
  171. Older Gentleman @ McDonalds
  172. Asked to cover up at walmart.. big suprise there...
  173. OC Near PSU or Any University...
  174. First time OCing and questioned at Cabela's!
  175. What's with the gun???
  176. National forest?
  177. Video reenactment shows educational value of open carry
  178. Daddy you have a gun?!
  179. Erie?
  180. Was this one of you?
  181. Serpa for OC
  182. Spotted OC'er in Hershey Sheetz
  183. Questions about OC @ city council meeting
  184. OC in Chester Park
  185. PSP Told Me, "You Shouldn't Wear That Shirt"...
  186. OC story after OC Picnic- Mill Hall
  187. Lots of attitude from gun carrier
  188. OC in New Castle, PA?
  189. Strange Encounter
  190. Can I record?
  191. New strategy : educate New Castle, PD. first?
  192. Positive encounter with a new neighbor.
  193. Had my first encounter with a cop... Interesting for sure!
  194. Positive OC encounter at golf course
  195. OC Lunch/Dinner In Stewartstown, PA
  196. asked to leave DuBois mall
  197. "Isn't that supposed to be concealed?"
  198. Funny LEO encounter the other day in State College
  199. I Chickened Out: Turkey Hill OCer
  200. Older Gentleman at Arbys
  201. Negative Encounter, accosted at gas station
  202. OC @ Doctor's office
  203. Don't worry, the F.B.I will stand up for you!
  204. Getting used to OC...
  205. Non-Encounter today with PMRPD
  206. OC at Allentown Fair
  207. YOOOO!!!!
  208. OC walker in SGL183
  209. Another positive encounter with a neighbor.
  210. Had to pull a gun on somebody while camping
  211. "old timers" at the hardware store "someone told me you could carry like that"
  212. Another lovely interaction
  213. Bump in the Night....
  214. Positive LEO encounter
  215. OC fashion statements
  216. First OC sighting in Hanover
  217. My Dad saw an OC'er
  218. Who Was OCing in Wexford, PA Last Monday?
  219. In the past few days...
  220. The most negative reaction I have gotten yet...
  221. Training PA officers view of OCing
  222. OC Lawsuit
  223. Guy at work
  224. Open Carry Hiking Club
  225. Stauffers of Kissel Hill
  226. Bucks County Fish and Game Association, Inc. OC Unfriendly!!!
  227. First Open Carry at Work
  228. Holster suggestions for a Witness-P Compact .45ACP?
  229. Great OC experience at a gun shop today!
  230. Lansdale Bike show?
  231. don't let the kids get a hold of that...
  232. Interesting answer from leo on ocing Question
  233. So, who is it . . . .
  234. An Apology
  235. Intersting night of OC... car accidents and education :)
  236. Dr. John Lott on open carry....
  237. Made someone's day at gas station
  238. Spotted my first OC'er in Reading..well close to it lol
  239. I've never seen that...
  240. Who did I run into today?
  241. Grocery shopping
  242. Spotted an OC'er in Shamokin
  243. Open Carry and The City of Philadelphia - UPDATE Post #149
  244. Question on rifle open carry
  245. OC - oh no!
  246. OC Encounter at Turkey Hill
  247. Georgia man demands right to carry licensed gun into Denny's
  248. In my neighborhood, I'm him.
  249. So it happened in the parking lot
  250. Asked to put Guns in car at FOAC Central chapter meeting but all turned out well.