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  1. Non Resident (Newbie) Question
  2. help understanding transport regs
  3. Anyone Else Going Unarmed This Weekend?
  4. Carrying while out of Pennsylvania experience
  5. Ohio governor signs law allowing guns in bars
  6. As of today, Wyoming no longer requires residents to have permit for concealed carry
  7. Semi-Positive LEO encounter
  8. I was dumb today and paid for it
  9. Philly Welcome America Party
  10. Who has final say on carrying on property?
  11. FOPA transport protection in states of origin/destination - UNLIKELY [A Report]
  12. Philly Jury Duty
  13. Visited the Liberty Bell
  14. iphone LTCF
  15. Lost LTCF?
  16. An update on this would be great.
  17. looking for IWB holster recommendations for a ruger lcp
  18. St. Mike's Fair Levittown, PA
  19. More Northampton County Courthouse
  20. My hot dogs might be held hostage by Commonwealth law
  21. FL all-state reciprocity????
  22. Gander Mountain, Now Offering Legal Advice!
  23. FL-Space View Park carry?
  24. Texas Non-Res Permit?
  25. ER at UPMC Presbyterian is no bueno
  26. Needed a firearm Attorney in Wilkes-Barre/Hazelton area
  27. Data on LTCF issued/PICS requests per county
  28. Wisconsin CCW reprocity
  29. West Manchester mall (York) not carry friendly.
  30. Township owned park and "no weapons" rule
  31. need help in concealed law
  32. Carry in Sam's Club?
  33. Montgomery County DA's office? Prohibited?
  34. Sears and SAF, rather odd relationship
  35. Law information needed
  36. Philly Criminal Justice Center
  37. Law officials outline open carry gun policy
  38. When is it a gun or not a gun?
  39. Glock 26 pocket carry
  40. "Do you carry a gun?"
  41. Weight Balance?
  42. Any exerience with carry at Delgrosso's Amusement Park?
  43. County/township Parks
  44. Home Defense Ideas and Mindset
  45. Opinions, Please
  46. What if thought...
  47. LTCF/Marijuana conflicts
  48. I saw you!!!
  49. Canton PD "Notification" Arrest & Officer Goes Berserk/Threatens Execution
  50. Which states require notification if you're CCW?
  51. Getting pulled over while carrying?
  52. Heres a cop detain video from WIMP "one good cop"
  53. Transportation question
  54. is there any limit of bullet u should carry in ur mag
  55. Sharing the knowledge
  56. ACT 235 and Carrying
  57. S&W J-Frame concealed carry holster
  58. Know of any good magazine holsters?
  59. Can I open carry a loaded gun in Delaware?
  60. Pa gun laws
  61. Rationality and Gun Carry
  62. Tax Review Board - Philadelphia
  63. Independence Hall clarification?
  64. Philadelphia Gun Law any update?
  65. Lifehacker Article on Self Defense - comment away
  66. Carrying without one "in the pipe"...
  67. 18 US 930 signs taken down from the local post office
  68. Traveling with my pistol....
  69. Wayne County Fair
  70. Just saw my first "No Firearms" Sign
  71. Fingerprinting for FL CCW renewal
  72. what info can i print to prove to LEO that im legal in indiana?
  73. Upper Merion July 24 Encounter?
  74. Copperhead Grille - Allentown, NOT gun friendly!
  75. StonewallRabbitry's York OC/CC BBQ makes the news...
  76. Good OC encounter at walmart in Etters
  77. Hiking with a pistol?
  78. Nice to see a cop on our side.
  79. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
  80. Hot Air Post (& Video)
  81. York Daily Record Editorial 8/10
  82. Question about "Flash Mob" Defense.
  83. Courthouse Question
  84. LTCF renewal
  85. NJ Student, PA LTCF
  86. Carry Belt Advice
  87. Video Proposes CC for PSU
  88. Help with magazine holster for training course.
  89. Anyone CC a sw9f? Looking for a holster
  90. recording question
  91. Course required for Maine non-resident permit
  92. Destroying "character and reputation" from the inside-out, RE: 6109(e)(1)(i)
  93. We need enforcement like this in PA for Pre-emption Violations
  94. An unannounced visit from the President
  95. Carrying To Prison - visiting an inmate
  96. ltcf character clause
  97. Help me put an argument to rest on legal transport without LTCF...
  98. What is the penalty?
  99. Had a gun pulled on me and my coworkers tonight
  100. Penna State Parks .. CC ?
  101. Carrying at Lowes
  102. Wisconsin End of a long bad day
  103. Refused gun purchase - Stony Creek Outfitters
  104. Can I legally carry my brother's pistol?
  105. Had an incident this weekend
  106. Can my girlfriend carry my pistol
  107. Toyota Pavilion At Montage Mountain
  108. Traveling to New Hampshire. Tips for interstate travel. THANKS!!
  109. Section 6107 and Declared States of Emergency
  110. College Campus Carry Thought
  111. AL - PA reciprocity
  112. nationwide reciprocity bill H.R. 822 from NRA website
  113. Need A New EDC Knife
  114. "encounter" with my disapatcher
  115. Would you attest to receiving a Centre Co. LTCF in ~15 minutes?
  116. Yet another holster question.
  117. I have a majort career op in phily
  118. Phila student wants LTCF
  119. Delaware County LTCF
  120. Legal to video cops: First Circuit Court of Appeals
  121. What's the latest ruling on alcohol and TN?
  122. Berks County LTCF @ the Reading Airport
  123. The Beltman
  124. Need some legal advice regarding ARD...
  125. Interesting question about showing LEO my LTCF if asked while I am OC as well as CC.
  126. Beaver County Sheriff
  127. Warning vs threat
  128. Montco LTCF Renewal
  129. Going Postal
  130. Changing Caliber with the seasons?
  131. Vacationing in NY
  132. Susq. Co LTCF Turnaround Time
  133. Philly Student Defends Himself
  134. Child abuse in WalMart
  135. CC Motorcycle Trip from PA to Deal's Gap
  136. Discussion about carrying on other forums
  137. Is WV a "must inform" state
  139. Walgreens robbery/SD video
  140. Planning a visit to the Flight 93 site, CC?
  141. Are you packing?
  142. Philly Police Commissioner to be one of witness's for HR 822 hearing
  143. Another Example of Why You Should Use a Holster
  144. Linky for 459-501. Killing dogs; dogs as nuisances
  145. Newbie with a few questions
  146. school bus stop cc/oc ok or not
  147. Don't want to live in PA, so what's the best alternative?
  148. Carry at the York Fair? UPDATE NO CC/OC
  149. Hypocracy?
  150. Conversation about carry with Oley Fair
  151. Jared - Willow Grove
  152. Why Carry? Good article.
  153. Ruby Tuesday in york???
  154. Carry out of state
  155. NEED HELP!
  156. my conversation with a future philly LEO
  157. Firearm Friendly Establishments
  158. Sporting Goods Stores
  159. Unmder 18 Carry and even Under 16
  160. Under 18 Carry and even Under 16
  161. Helped to educate someone on legality of gun possession/carry in Philly
  162. Reciprocity question
  163. I am just amazed by this article on Handgunlaw.us
  164. school zones
  165. TGI Fridays-Bethlehem
  166. 3000+ miles while carrying
  167. Question about in car concealment in PA
  168. Carry a fixed blade
  169. When was concealed carry first 'criminalized' in Pennsylvania?
  170. Duct tape HOLSTER?!
  171. 3 types of carry, open, concealed and ... brandishing?
  172. Carrying in PA casino - got response from the board
  173. Talking to the Police
  174. Finally Got my LTCF
  175. So you're shopping at Target in Alexandria, VA while OCing
  176. Had To Draw My Firearm Tonight...
  177. LTCF Revocation due to Lost/Stolen (Procedure)
  178. Phila Sunday news article
  179. Comparing Ammo with a State Trooper brought some people to a stop.
  180. Montgomery County: how to get my GF a non-resident LTCF
  181. Lancaster County Non Resident Permit
  182. CC Newbie
  183. Holster information / opinions
  184. Springfield EMP IWB holster recommendations
  185. Whitehall Mall does NOT allow firearms.
  186. Scranton Police Encounter
  187. May Issue Might as Well be No Issue
  188. Can I Get an LTCF
  189. First LEO encounter...PSP.
  190. LTCF approved
  191. Should we call Pennsylvania Shall Issue or May Issue?
  192. albert einstein medical center in Philly
  193. Colonial Regional Police Experience with Florida Permit
  194. You Have a Responsibility - Now Act Like It.
  195. AZ Permit Question
  196. Applebee's
  197. A friendly contest re "Why I carry."
  198. Long's Park (Lancaster) Rules: "No Firearms..."
  199. CC/OC encounter
  201. No problem checking firearm at Philly courthouse
  202. Stupid cop stuff
  203. Pistol Magazine Size Restrictions
  204. Legal Opinions/clarification possible 6120 violation
  205. Philadelphia LTCF References
  206. WI honors PA
  207. Wife's Road Rage Encounter today
  208. stupid question
  209. Peace Valley Park (Bucks Co.)
  210. shat, lost my wallet, with a twist.
  211. LTCF on PA CareerLink?
  212. Glad I'm Not from Jersey...
  213. police took my LTCF on the spot
  214. visiting S. Carolina
  215. new LTCF...feel like a different person
  216. Bucks Co LTCF renewal postcard
  217. Physicians??
  218. My op ed piece in a NJ newspaper
  219. PA got another Reciprocity state - Wisconsin
  220. Carrying while not at 'full capacity'?
  221. LTCF Character/Reputation Challenge - Have you been convicted of harassment?
  222. Law course pertaining to deadly force posted in training section.
  223. Talking about Vipers case on 1210am
  224. Pittsburgh civil service office-guns-Y or N
  225. Army Vet with Permit Loses Constitutional Lawsuit...
  226. Farm Show Complex
  227. I called a Lawyer
  228. Hilarious encounter at wawa
  229. Blair County Courthouse, a good experience
  230. So many questions! Please help!
  231. Picked up a new OWB holster for my Glock 27...
  232. need help ASAP
  233. Training Course now Required for LTCF??
  234. Transporting Firearms
  235. Crossbreed Great Deals!
  236. Interviened in a domestic last night
  237. Had to show it off
  238. Wisconsin Castle doctrine passes
  239. PA Training Requirement?
  240. various gun laws...
  241. Best option for LEO Prints by Philly
  242. "Anything I should be concerned about" asked LEO
  243. LTCF / NJ Expungement / Character Clause
  244. New member/ OC'r
  245. Montco $25 Local Police Check
  246. Retriving firearm after SD shooting
  247. LTCF holder's weapon illegally seized "for tests" Help Requested
  248. Fixing campus carry one child-rape allegation at a time
  249. State Forest (sorry just want to be sure)
  250. Question: CC and police