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  1. No Weapons Policy
  2. No Weapons Policies - unless they tell you it's okay(?)
  3. ltcf/hand gun reg?
  4. Traffic Stop
  5. giving yourself away while traveling
  6. Question about carrying over state borders
  7. OC on foot....
  8. This is the 100,000th post!
  9. Denied making a purchase @ State Store in Wayne because I was OCing
  10. Duty to inform
  11. Clinton County Sheriff Violating 2nd and 4th Amendment
  12. Traveling to NH
  13. taking my xdm and shotgun to the mountains
  14. What buildings can you not carry in Gettysburg National Park
  15. When did Texans lose all their gun rights?
  16. who can see your LTCF
  17. OC/CC-able 10mm?
  18. Comp Tac MTAC, Talk Me Into It.
  19. Where to get fingerprinted in Phila, Pa for a Florida CCL???
  20. Clinton Co Courthouse Annex only one small gun locker.
  21. Entire Day Of Mixed OC/CC
  22. Can I CC With My New Hampshire Permit?
  23. Exaggerating? Possibly.
  24. Pittsburgh Utah/FL Multi-State CCW Course
  25. Accidental Discharge Caused By Worn Holster
  26. Crossbreed Supertuck deluxe
  27. Concealed/open carry at PA Guncollectors show at Pittsburgh Mills
  28. traveling into New Jersey someday: what paperwork do i need to transport?
  29. Man waved gun at another motorist
  30. carrying someone elses gun?
  32. Harrisburg City Government Building - Preemption Violation?
  33. I95 Through Washington DC?
  34. The OODA Loop What the hell is this ???
  35. Carrying a shotgun in NY???
  36. 42 Days
  37. Straw Purchase Question?
  38. Glock 19 OWB holster
  39. Can i get a out of state carry permit
  40. How long between ammo changes???
  41. Can a 17-year old legally use a handgun for
  42. Anyone have any experience with Boston Leather Belts?
  43. Calling Ted Hughes Jr., RE: handgunlaw.us/documents/PA-MundyLetter.pdf
  44. Carry of Spouse-Registered Firearms
  45. Worn Leather Holsters Can Cause Accidental Discharges!
  46. traveling in PA with a firearm (non resident)
  47. WHY is Open Carry legal in Philadelphia, according to the LAW?
  48. What if one lives IN a school zone?
  49. Well I finally got it in my hands. LTCF
  50. Dauphin Co. LTCF - Must have document with last 4 SSN -Update
  51. Preferences: Askins or Pancake?
  52. Constitutional Carry ......
  53. Law abiding gun owners who have been harassed by the Philly PD
  54. How do you carry (what holster do you use) when lounging around/working out?
  55. transporting handgun from NJ to PA
  56. non resident AZ or FL ccw?
  57. An "open" letter to my fellow gun owners
  58. Is there any validity to this idea
  59. Is it true that Philly passed a law that they won't honor non-resident CCLs???
  60. ltcf question
  61. Movie Theaters
  62. UTAH CFP process changes eff. 5/10/2011 & 1/1/2012
  63. can i cc or oc at these locations?
  64. Self defense in Canada
  65. Please delete.
  66. What would you do? (Disarmed as a "joke")
  67. Amtrak Concealed Carry
  68. I Need A Belt
  69. New Holsters
  70. home protection question
  71. Carrying & Injured in Accident Hypothetical
  72. LTCF Expiration 60-day Heads Up
  73. Chester County Government Offices - nogo
  74. Guess I will not be going to IHOP
  75. Unbelievable Comments From Gun Owners
  76. State College wants to preempt law
  77. Centre County
  78. Carry in Vegas
  79. Can I still legally carry here?
  80. CC at LHU
  81. What do your gfs/wifes think about you carrying?
  82. 3 weeks today I sent for my FL CCL, nothing yet:-(
  83. Questions about PA LTCF
  84. TLE/RL holster?
  85. Education Failed!!!
  86. LTCF app questions
  87. West Virginia
  88. Why do YOU need a gun? You're huge!
  89. Can I get a PA license outside of Philly???
  90. FL sent my finger print card back to me today.
  91. I wrote the NRA about Philly not recognizing non-res. CCLs. Got a response.
  92. Off topic CC/OC related Q. Is it illegal...
  93. Construction companies and 2A
  94. Phil Kline (GunLawyer001) PA Firearms Law Workshops - May 2011
  95. today at the tax prep place...
  96. Center of Mass Holsters, Anyone Have One? Try One?
  97. License cross referanced?
  98. Interesting things that I did not know
  99. Question regarding volunatary commitment to mental health facility
  100. Philadelphia Family Court
  101. Carry in a car?
  102. What barriers and/or bars exist for nonresident aliens to receive LTCFs?
  103. Defensive Shooting From Vehicle (video)
  104. I'm having difficulty getting fingerprints done for a Virginia Permit
  105. What Grain .40 Caliber You Carry?
  106. Suit to be filed against Philadelphia -- potential plaintiffs needed
  107. Coincidence? I think not.
  108. Pittsburgh or Fayette County Fingerprints?
  109. Need to carry in Delaware
  110. PA LTCF - Philadelphia Wait Times
  111. What are the laws for carrying a knife in Philly?
  112. need to carry concealed... in Dress Blue Deltas...
  113. What do I need to do with my non-resident license
  114. Is the LTCF fee reduction still going to happen?
  115. Opinions wanted.
  116. Centre Co. requirement for IL residents.
  117. Police won't give me my gun back
  118. Primanti Brothers "welcomes guests from all walks of life".
  119. Deputy Sheriff Training Bulletin 112 April 2011 (LTCF data retention info)
  120. A legality question.
  121. Headed to Pittsburgh for the NRA convention, refresh me on the laws please..
  122. LTCF question
  123. AZ Permit Quesitions
  124. Good news for Texans
  125. Northampton PA-Res LTCF sent in the mail?
  126. can you help us in florida please??!!!
  127. PM9 vs LC9
  128. Propaganda? REPOST about people carring guns
  129. Question about something I read in my local paper RE: polling places
  130. Is there reciprocal carry under 6109 or only under 6106(b)?
  131. Any info on Concealed Carry in Puerto Rico
  132. grr.. how to remain friendly..
  133. Designing the comprehensive plan to get lockers and signage in all court facilities
  134. Ccl application disapproved in Phila
  135. PennDOT in KoP
  136. Positive PD encounter
  137. 4A violated?
  138. open carry or concealed non resident
  139. FL license finally arrived!!!!
  140. A new reason to have a LTCF!
  142. This guy will make you want to punch your monitor.
  143. Something to think about
  144. Looking for the staute number on this
  145. Help me interpret city code on firearms
  146. 1911 carried Conditon 0
  147. do you need an LTCF if licensed Private Investigator approved by the court
  148. Cumberland County -LTCF Form
  149. We Accomplished This (LTCF Fee reduced to $20)
  150. Somewhat nervous carrying with my Florida CCL
  151. Carry while fishing near USACE property?
  152. Whitaker Center
  153. a gun story about MD/PA border
  154. Conceal Permit App for IPAD
  155. South philly stopped by PPD!
  156. Can my carry ability really be revoked for DUI?
  157. NV - AZ
  158. Educated someone an hour ago....
  159. Just Joined the Forums
  160. OC question / State park Concealment
  161. PA Homeowner, but NJ Resident, LTCF and transport
  162. Philly Police harrass man legally open carrying
  163. Least We Forget
  164. would you open carry if you have a permit to carry in philly
  165. Couple questions about different counties' (NR) permits
  166. OHIO Help
  167. Tiny Tuckables. Where Do You Put Your Pocket Pistol When Your Pockets are Full?
  168. CC at Wilmington (DE) Blue Rocks Game
  169. LTCF issued in Pa.?
  170. Is it legal to carry a copy of your LTCF in Philly???
  171. Montgomery County Sherriff officer doesn't like carrying 9mm
  172. CC Question
  173. Near Encounter
  174. Quick question about LTCF references for Philadelphia
  175. attended Phila L & I hearing today -- 5 examples of wrongful revocations
  176. You know you have a client for life when...
  177. Montgomery County District Courts
  178. Just moved from KY to PA
  179. I want to start collecting non-resident permits like they're pokemon
  180. Concealed Carry in Texas
  181. OC Encounter w/ My Doctor
  182. Where can I carry
  184. College friend deleted me from Facebook due to gun rights discussion
  185. Berk's Sheriff makes American's First Freedom
  186. Michigan Walgreens Incident...
  187. I contacted the PA office of attorney general and got the following reply...
  188. susquehannock performance rally
  189. Some gun permit holders will receive small refund
  190. Preemption Violation, West Chester
  191. ltcf question
  192. 18 Year old Carry Questions...
  193. Travel to Jim Thorpe PA
  194. Good time to have an OC gathering.
  195. Debate with some friends about checking a firearm at the courthouse
  196. Rails to Trails in violation
  197. PA Fish and Boat Commission preemption violation
  198. Which BUG?
  199. Wells Fargo More Gun Friendly than Wachovia?
  200. Non-Res Permit NRA Certification $20
  201. Friend got caught with a gun at work
  202. securing firearm in Philadelphia court house on Filbert Street was a smooth process
  203. Hlarious interview about gun control
  204. Can I carry at The Harrisburg Hospital
  205. Travel to NJ for shooting competition...Is it legal
  206. looking for a leather horizontal OWB mag pouch
  207. A question about AZ application.
  208. Non-law enforcement fingerprinting in Phila, Pa?
  209. Fathers Day Utah CCW
  210. Interaction with North Londonderry LEO.
  211. Attempted armed robbery at 'Bookstore' bar in Downtown Bethlehem
  212. attitude
  213. Live in NY Can I purchase a pistol in PA if I have a PA permit?
  214. I cant understand the pa gunlaw handbook!!!
  215. i know Jenkintown, PA is close to phily
  216. Oc friendly PA hiking trails?
  217. can my permit be revoked for misdemeanor m3
  218. Lake Wallenpaupack carry
  219. Road Trip!
  220. Citizens Bank Park Policy Change?
  221. School ground cc
  222. Act 235 related question - Carrying as a guard, while not required.
  223. Non resident LTCF
  224. My first LEO encounter while carrying
  225. Fingerprinting
  226. Revealing LTCF info. w/ LEOs -- A Newbie needs help.
  227. Open Carry, Shot by Responding Police in Philly.
  228. And so the battle in the Centre Region starts again...
  229. You Bunch of Drunks!!!!
  230. gave out a 2a flyer
  231. Positive LEO encounter Lower Makefield, PA (I-95 Traffic stop)
  232. Info needed please
  233. got a speeding ticket on friday
  234. AZ Gun Permit
  235. Walmart wont sell you ammo if your Ocing
  236. Obtaining LTCF Phila Questions ?
  237. A New Giant Food Carry Thread
  238. Another education opportunity.
  239. Looking for a conceal carry gun
  240. Why Doesn't PA Recognize OH & DE Permits?
  241. Northampton Community College
  242. Disqualify License to carry ?
  243. came home from being out all day to a note from the police dept
  244. Act235 Medical
  245. Wisconsin CCW LAw
  246. Need help with an email
  247. Question regarding LTCF application for new resident of Cumberland County
  248. A report from the "otherside"
  249. why bother with utah?
  250. Interesting morning in Greensburg