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  1. Police searches during car stops and PA v. Mimms
  2. Police Officer Reference?!?
  3. Friend Had to Draw His Weapon Today
  4. Help me Convince my Dad
  5. Independence Visitors Center: A FED BLDG????
  6. Can you be denied because of past drug use
  7. at what point do you renew you LTCF?
  8. Shooting a dog when no one is home
  9. Pittsburgh People!
  10. Just had to draw not five minutes ago. . .
  11. CC at PSP Barracks
  12. Just met a fellow gun lover.
  13. LTCF app
  14. More precise question about keeping weapons in your vehicle at work
  15. I live within 1000 feet of a school....
  16. 19 year old looking to OC
  17. Arrested in PHILLY.....
  18. Carrying into Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles game)?
  19. Traveling to Michigan - any advice on carry laws?
  20. Philly does not accept non resident permits!!!!
  21. Why one should always carry...
  22. Who Carries the Same all the time?
  24. UTAH CCW and PA LTCF
  25. Anyone carry a Ruger P95?
  26. how do you challenge a decission for concealed to carry
  27. New Member
  28. Almost robbed (and possibly stabbed) At PARX casino
  29. LTC Advisory Committee - Unauthorized & dangerous
  30. Crossbreed holster and belt
  32. Carrying In Filthadelphia, fastest way to get a permit ?
  33. "No one has any business having or carrying a gun"
  34. Alabama carry on Arizona permit
  35. Misconceptions about LTCF w/coworker
  36. My Quest for Legal Carry....Or Not
  37. NH change?
  38. Lehigh Valley Permits
  39. Illinois to Arizona to Pa.
  40. My wife - the poet
  41. Santa was good to me..... Bodyguard holster suggestions?
  42. Newbie,with a question
  43. Snow emergency = no carrying ?
  44. carrying around a felon
  45. First time gun owner- questions about concealed carry
  46. Here is my lisense officer..
  47. Question About Shoulder Holsters
  48. PA non resicent license?
  49. New PA permits (Berks County)
  50. Adams County Careerlink
  51. Sheriff took the day off
  52. Stood up and got shot down
  53. Family Gathering Incident / anti-2nd amendment relatives
  54. French Creek Outfitters Range Trip
  55. Question about RAS/PC...
  56. stitches comedy club
  57. Liacouras Center. Cirque Show
  58. Can I OC and plink with .22 rifle in the woods. Also a .357 revolver?
  59. PA permits now honored by IA
  60. PA Statute Question
  61. Man arrested for bringing flare gun to Allegheny County Courthouse
  62. Just had another interesting conversation with Philly PD
  63. Court OKs Covert iPhone Audio Recording
  64. Proving friend wrong carry in philly
  65. WOW- just have to share this
  66. School me on obtaining a Utah Permit and why?
  67. OC from delaware to pa
  68. New gun owner/Philadelphia Question
  69. I think I spotted an air marshall (pic inside)
  70. Permit Question?
  71. Pennsylvania-Georgia
  72. SpikeTV conceal and carry school!
  73. Greetings - am I going to be covered?
  74. FYI - Philly Gun Permit Unit Closed 1/3-1/18
  75. Got my LTCF
  76. Trident Concealment Holsters - Nice Kydex! Brief Review
  77. Situational awareness/ attention to detail
  78. What disqualifies me.
  79. Gun on School Property
  80. Lehigh County Gov. Center
  81. got my ltcf, interesting flyer with it!
  82. Harrisburg Farm Show friendly or not?
  83. No Carry to Heinz field?
  84. LTCF Dauphin County Photo ID requirements
  85. denied purchase-PA wants fingerprints
  86. Carrying at Wells Fargo Center
  87. pa no longer issuing non-res ltcf by mail?
  88. Can I still legally carry
  89. 2A dinner outings for PAFOA members in Cranberry Feb. 20th Dynasty Buffet
  90. NJ resident-PA concealed carry nonresident
  91. Defense Attorney
  92. Philly PD Not renewing LTC Gun Permits for 1 Month+ now
  93. Concealed becomes Open Carry
  94. North Star Bar in Philly?
  95. NY to PA
  96. ive got a question
  97. York City Councilwoman suggests banning guns at public meetings
  98. Glock 37 Holster
  99. LTCF and anti depressents
  100. Question about transporting across state lines
  101. Transporting a gun... with a twist
  102. Carry
  103. utah ccw permit
  104. Transporting across to NY?
  105. Beaver County Sheriff needs a letter!
  106. Jogging and Packing Heat - how?
  107. Question on LTCFs, Carrying in a Vehicle, and Loaning Handguns
  108. Driver's License Sized LTCF?
  109. How many Pistols can you conceal at one time
  111. My problem with finding a Holster
  112. Holster Question Again
  113. Renewing Berks Co. CCW permit ?'s
  114. Montgomery Co - Lower Merion LTCF Process
  115. Just makin sure
  116. First CC Today
  117. What if you forget/lose your wallet & LTCF while cc'ing or driving?
  118. questioned on the street
  119. Ross Township Municipal Building Police Department (Pittsburgh)
  120. what do you guys think about this story and comments?
  121. This is why I carry and so should you. NSFW
  122. Hershey Theatre
  123. Toys'R Us - a little confused
  124. Non-resident LTC Question
  125. Applied in Philadelphia on Tuesday 25th, bought my first gun today
  126. Carry on open military base?
  127. Since I know nearly all of you carry swear by night sights - help me choose!?
  128. Traveling with a firearm
  129. Cabelas policy change?
  130. It's been 5 years already (renewal time)
  131. Borrowing a handgun and going out of state
  132. poopin in public.
  133. "People that carry, lve in a dream world"
  134. Utah CCw change
  135. Supertuck for M&P full size?
  136. LEO off-duty carry out of state
  137. LTCF Question
  138. *Utah out of state 85$ inc. the class*Eastern Sport & Outdoors show
  139. Loads of people reporting in to me!
  140. Going to get my LTCF (Lehigh Co...)...finally..how much $$ and what paperwork?
  141. A few newbie questions - CC
  142. interseting chart i stumbled accross
  143. Anti2A Big shot academic admits he's wrong?
  144. What do you do in this situation?
  145. pennsylvania state constable?
  146. Traveling with firearms question.
  147. Camping in VA
  148. Right To Know request regarding reciprocity
  149. wells fargo center philly
  150. I was bored and decided to blog
  151. LTCF application references?
  152. Carrying a Carbine
  153. AZ permit in ONE WEEK
  154. can i purchase a handgun? please help
  155. Recommended handgun case for Flying?
  156. How about this scenario?
  157. older article on police recording. has this been resolved
  158. Pittsburgh Area - NRA Basic Course?
  159. Trunk vault setup....?
  160. Two first time experiences for my wife and I
  161. ccing 2 Glock 30'S
  163. Finally a good holster for the SR9C
  164. New To PAFOA And Returning To Erie.
  165. thumb break position
  166. Finally got my LTCF paper work in....question.
  167. Philadelphia Barracks No Longer Fingerprinting for "Out of State" Licenses
  168. Question about Phila Gun Permit Unit
  169. Carbon County LTCF References
  170. LTCF and temporary move
  171. Helium Comedy Club in Philly
  172. Holster for my wife
  173. License To Carry Permit
  174. Made a couple holsters
  175. What actions would be legal in the scenario? (Dog Attack)
  176. Fun night at Walmart. (possible LEO impersonator)
  177. The Waiting Game!
  179. Detained and disarmed by the PPD today.
  180. Gerald Ung trial ended today (self-defense shooting in Philly)
  181. FL Permit
  182. IWB holster for STI Spartan
  183. Philadelphia permit revocation
  184. CZ 75-B Full Size for carry ?
  185. Transporting pistol to Ohio
  186. Container Inside a Container
  187. Carry to/from/at work question
  188. LTCF, card check, Montgomery Co, no local PD
  189. What's the Deal with Pittsburgh ??
  190. Wait time for LTCF in Phila Question
  191. Crimes committed by PA LTCF holders vs. PA out-of-state permit holders?
  192. Texas Girl On Gun Control. Bravo!
  193. AR Pistol multi-part Question
  194. Paging Kydex Guys...
  195. Open or concealed?
  196. carrying concealed at UPMC?
  197. Concealed Carry in School Zone/Property
  198. Centre County Sheriff Denny Nau's update about issuing to non-residents by mail.
  199. Going on a cruise in Alaska; will be stripped of my rights
  200. Driving to Florida
  201. Easton Magistrates Office
  202. It's Been an Exciting Week
  203. open records ltcf
  204. An Anti-Gunner moves in with a gun owner for 30 days...
  205. Coming back to PA
  206. Carrying in State Parks
  207. Vehicle Carry Recommendations
  208. Places that firearms are prohibited while carrying
  209. Virginia LTCF
  210. Long Rifle Laws
  211. New to concealed carry
  212. Court House Municpal building Philadelphia CC question
  213. CC @ State College* / Good cop encounter
  214. Is Allegheny County in Violation?
  215. Utah CC permit class near Easton?
  216. Thoughts on Glock 23
  217. Courthouse in levittown
  218. Texas and Airplanes...
  219. Proactive response... Congratulations LCCC
  220. LCCC Student Arrested For Having A Handgun
  221. New to CC with questions
  222. New LTCF card?
  223. Dauphin County Courthouse!
  224. Training Event: Phil Kline & Jason Schafer
  225. Denied
  226. run in with phillys finest. asking advice.
  227. is this the "law"?
  228. grips for concealed carry with Kimber Eclipse 4"
  229. New LTCF
  230. Adventure in NJ
  231. Going to Ohio :(
  232. American music theater
  233. Wife got her LTCF!!!
  234. Confrontation in Warminster on Video
  235. Non-resident LTCF CCW Open Carry
  236. Bob Durgin Caller
  237. LTCF Disqualifier Question...
  238. Just Thinking (This didn't happen)
  239. Question: Are you forced to CC by law when you are issued a LTCF?
  240. Updated announcement (3/8/11) from Centre County sheriff
  241. LTCF card isn't right.
  242. LTCF revocation statistics by county
  243. Guns on campus? Expect tragedy (CNN today)
  244. Concealed Carry NRA 2011 Convention - Pittsburgh
  245. Concealed Carry on the auto train to Florida
  246. Recreation building in Chambersburg
  247. CCW on Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) rail-trail
  248. new to site
  249. Sigh, "but my friend is a cop and he told me so!!"
  250. Carrying other stuff besides a gun.