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  1. Concealed Carry
  2. LTCF renewal today
  3. Pennsylvania Criminal Statute of Limitations?
  4. Anyone else look more professional on weekends?
  5. meet & greet in Philly...?
  6. Dickson City Gander Mt
  7. May I please borrow a firearm?
  8. PA Licensing Centers
  9. Two Preemption challenges tonight...
  10. How often do you carry
  11. Tioga County Carry
  12. Transporting AR?
  13. Traveling to Delaware.
  14. OC'ing during traffic stop
  15. Accused Westmoreland County bank robber detained while applying for LTCF
  16. Hung out with a lady friend tonight... "please don't shoot me"
  17. Who Needs A Gun?
  18. Can you legally carry a Hatchet in your daily pack?
  19. Police Chief threatens me
  21. Douglass Township Berks County Meeting Attendance
  22. Gun Recommendation needed
  23. Do you need to carry the LTCF
  24. East Cocalico Township
  25. Spotting Fellow CCers
  26. Entertaining ad a co-wroker of mine found on Craigslist
  27. PA Renn Faire
  28. New Britain Township Preemption Violation
  29. How do you get around this line of thinking?
  30. Can a PA resident carry in FL with a FL license?
  31. Best meal I've had in months !
  32. Bank does not have rules against firearms but?
  33. :D i just had someone ask me to direct them to a gun shop!
  34. need info on transporting into Ohio
  35. Is this a record time for LTCF turn around?
  36. Carry at "school" function
  37. Food for Thought: Get Out of a Speeding Ticket by Carrying Your Gun
  38. Legal to carry a rifle on foot in pa while hiking?
  39. Do you carry at work?
  40. Bad Time at the Range
  41. ABC News hack job on CCW
  42. city hall court house in Philadelphia...
  43. Received Utah CFP Today
  44. How would I handle getting pulled over with a pistol?
  45. soon to be 21 LTCF question
  46. CC at My G/f's College
  47. just got my ltcf
  48. Questions on having a gun confiscated.
  49. Ross Township Community Day - problem
  50. Teaching Others
  51. Philly Cops Stike Again!
  52. York Police Department Says Promoting Second Amendment is Promoting Violence
  53. Transport in Delaware...
  54. IWB Holster Choice
  55. Excellent educational opportunity today
  56. Is this a preemption violation?
  57. 2011 LTCF system
  58. New LTCF
  59. Going to disarm myself for two days....
  60. Arasapha Farms / Baits Motel?
  61. Interesting Philly Detective's Blog
  62. A permit for a shooting range?
  63. Shanksville Memorial
  64. Can a store dictate HOW you carry?
  65. Carry at York Fair?
  66. PA Career Services
  67. Crimina Justice Class
  68. Costco members in here?
  69. UTAH CFP Instructor processed in only 5 days
  70. my quest of carrying: have AZ and PA, want UT and FL
  71. "That's what he/she said", a miscellaneous now-and-then on the PA Constitution
  72. Allegheny County LTCF
  73. Toys'R'Us is now a no-carry zone.
  74. New LTCF issue locations
  75. Change of addres on LTCF
  76. Sheriffs who currently issue driver-license-type LTCFs
  77. Someone forgot their gun...
  78. road trip
  79. AZ permit
  80. Fast track reciprocity with Ohio?
  81. Overheard in Wal-Mart
  82. Preemption Violation Berks County.
  83. "Your the guy" hmm.
  84. CC at a pirate game and PNC park
  85. Guide to Right-to-Carry
  86. Cease Fire Has a Facebook Page.......
  87. Work policy carry question.
  88. LTCF needed to OC in Allentown
  89. CeaseDrivingPA has a facebook page...
  90. Philadelphia Carry Permits
  91. Berks county,permits?
  92. Pepper Spray opinions...
  93. NRA...Anti-carry?
  94. Lancaster area MWAG call.
  95. Does reason to carry on LTCF matter when hunting
  96. Private Individual Transfers
  97. End Preemption, Limit purchases.
  98. York County- 'Concealed Weapons Permit'
  99. Lehigh Valley Mall, where's the signs?
  100. carrying in the car
  101. How often do you shoot your carry gun
  103. Denied Philadelphia Permit because I already have one from Center County?
  104. Glad to be armed tonight
  105. Was the victim of road rage yesterday [gun saved the day]
  106. Questions about LTC
  107. Carrying and Protective armor ?
  108. New to the site help
  109. Is it legal to carry on a 4-wheeler?
  110. Looking For An Around The House Holster
  111. Glenolden Police confiscate gun and FL permit
  112. College Carry
  113. LTCF - Error
  114. Site trying to send a message to businesses
  115. Spanaway, WA Open Carry Incident With Law Enforcement At Starbucks
  116. pulled over
  117. Where (and if) was the law violated?
  118. New Law
  119. Best concealed carry books or DVD?
  120. Concerning open carry in Philadelphia:
  121. Unsnapped My Thumb Break, Just 10 Minutes Ago, Accosted in Parking Lot
  122. Notify questions
  123. Website Database of Friendly OC/CC Businesss
  124. What are the ramifications of lying to a LEO about your weapon during a traffic stop?
  125. Why Philly cops don't want armed citizens.
  126. first experince with a CCer
  127. Police: Owner Stops Would-be Burglars
  128. Renaissance Fair?
  129. Hit this Poll: Concealed Carry Opinion
  130. Some food for thought about Off-Duty carry and Shooting incidents
  131. Finally carried for the first time...
  132. Karen Schwarz: Just sight of handguns disturbs the peace
  133. Question Concerning Air Travel
  134. center of mass in car gun safe...
  135. Almost Wanded @ Dorney Park
  136. Fobus Holsters. Are They as Bad as We Make Them Out to be?
  137. Never thought I would hear my wife say " I feel naked when I am not wearing my Gun"
  138. Vehicle Carry - Desantis Kingston Holster
  139. Saw another carrier for the first time, great conversation
  140. Is it safe to CC with a round in the chamber?
  141. Thought you guys would apreicate my argument about college carry.
  142. Why doesn't Pennsylvania have Constitutional Carry?
  143. Did I miss something in CALIFORNIA?
  144. Farmer's Fair Dillsburg
  145. Smokerís friendly, not so much
  146. Passing of pistol from father to son legal?
  147. Florida no longer accepting DD214 or Hunter Safety??
  148. Amtrak?
  149. Best gun belts?
  150. LTCF Denied
  151. Road Trip - Michigan CPL reciprocity
  152. Is DMV (in PA) a firearm free zone?
  153. Pics Of My New EDC Gear
  154. So I punked out... What would you have done?
  155. New Office Hours - Allegheny County Sheriffs Office Gun Permit Office
  156. Hate feeling naked
  157. PA Non-Resident permit
  158. Undertermined Status MESS!
  159. Poor Excuse for a Bouncer Tried to Wand Me Discretely (No, not like that...)
  162. Different Carry Firearms
  163. Conceal Carry in Car
  164. WOW...that was FAST!!!
  165. need some help with a holster
  166. Carry Pamphlet - New Design - Need Help
  167. Seeking donations - Lawyer fees to engage York City Police Dept
  168. Who just got stopped ???
  169. Anybody see this on their Allegheny LTCF?!?
  170. Pa Dept. of State - Firearm Carry in Polling Places
  171. FL Permit
  172. Where to read gun specific laws?
  173. Had a "why I carry" moment tonight
  174. Carrying in a hospital/nursing home.
  175. Anyone Else?
  176. Laws for Carrying in PA?
  177. 6111, Sale to Licensees
  178. Allegheny LTCF approval - record time?
  179. Handgun fired in self defense?
  180. What is a good shoulder holster for a S&W model 10?
  181. No, there's no need to carry at the polls.
  182. CCW Police Style Badge
  183. Ok, Which of You Open Carried into the Wyomissing Public Library?
  184. LTCF Application Question.
  185. Do you Live in a Dream World?....
  186. An interesting blog regarding police protection
  187. Carrying where it's posted not to.. (your opinions)
  188. Am I Interpreting this Correctly?
  189. I'm the "man with a gun"
  190. can i carry a loaded long gun in pa on a city street say lancaster city
  191. NJ Encounter - no animals harmed
  192. Belt Holsters... Galco, Tagua, Rossi, etc
  193. What to carry where guns are prohibited?
  194. Is it illegal to carry at private business that has metal detectors?
  195. If you are looking for a great holster, check out RGrizzle
  196. CCW Limited mag, cap?
  197. Parking lot shared by church and school
  198. So, everyone should now pay $20 for a PA LTCF, right?
  199. Going to see my brother in Virginia soon
  200. Does being 21 make an applicant raise any red flags?
  201. Does time of in-state license possession come into play for LTCF?
  202. Firearm Ownership Employee Protection?
  203. What is lawful to do.....
  204. strange guy in driveway
  205. To Draw or Not To Draw
  206. Carrying a rifle by motorcycle.
  207. LCTF
  208. Specialist Kridlo
  209. Has anyone seen 'TheArmedCitizen' youtube channel?
  210. Who can ask for your LTCF?
  211. Gun Rights Attorney Needed
  213. Scenario!!
  214. Heinz Field this coming weekend
  215. rather pleasant experience with ppd
  216. Need advice after denial
  217. What to expect when applying for a LTCF in Phila?
  218. viridian holster?
  219. pa non disclosure state
  220. "Just a Citizen"
  221. Had my LTCF taken from me at the courthouse
  222. owb vs iwb..pics please?
  223. Got LTCF today
  224. I got my LTCF today
  225. open carry advocate told to conceal at ETF rally, Philly
  226. Alternative Weapons FL/PA
  227. Any feedback on International Handgun Leather Co.?
  228. Moved from PA, CC cannot be changed?
  229. Anyone else raise their SA during holidays?
  230. Im going down to Tennesse . What can I carry?
  231. Issue for possible future action
  232. I SAW THE SIGN!!!
  233. Nearly a Victim of a Road Rager Today . . .
  234. IWB Holsters...HELP!
  235. Applied for out-of-state resident LTCF
  236. Lancaster County Preemption Update
  237. Why would you ever!?!?!
  238. What is the law regarding brandishing?
  239. Handed out my first flyer...
  240. Skidmark legal defense fund
  241. Photo for CCL in Butler County
  242. Why carry a concealed handgun
  243. Cold weather, coats and gloves.
  244. New Revolver Qualification?
  245. Storing pistols in this safe.
  246. Applicable Training for the Armed Citizen
  247. My University Votes on the Issue of Concealed Carry on Campus
  248. Open Carry in Bucks County
  249. One more reason to carry in Philly
  250. How much formal training do people who carry have?