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  1. Constitution Center
  2. Is HMAC 2A friendly?
  3. Carry on strike in front of school(public sidewalk)
  4. Lackawanna Carry renewal
  5. License to carry with wife on probation
  6. Pegula Ice Arena at Penn State University
  7. Can a PA resident without a LTCF carry on a New Hampshire non-res license?
  8. Valley Forge Military Academy (VFMA) Carry
  9. Thank you, CCer, for declaring your firearm...
  10. Church AND School: Which is it?
  11. Question concerning eligibility CCP
  12. OSP stopped me...
  13. Can I carry my dead step dad's Glock?
  14. Arcade Comedy Theatre in Pgh...CC friendly?
  15. Penn's Peak concert venue
  16. Law enforcement that does fingerprinting?
  17. Looking for advice on cc.
  18. PPG Paints Arena Gun check?
  19. Open carry at Peddlers Villiage
  20. ACT 235 Question
  21. Is a Utah or Arizona license still worth it?
  22. Apply for concealed carry permit question
  23. Carrying through small stretch Of Maryland on I81
  24. What is your self defense ammo?
  25. Del Co Renewal
  26. I'd like to see the real stats.
  27. Police Crimes out number CCW Data
  28. Suggest Gun Belt w/Infinite Adjustment
  29. Another Maryland question
  30. Holster recommendations
  31. Who is carrying a Tac 14?
  32. Largest carry gun?
  33. Out of State Permit - I got turned away?
  34. Got my first LTCF today
  35. PA convention center.... allowed to CC?
  36. How early can I reapply for my CC permit before it expires.
  37. Negative encounter at the Shop Rite
  38. Grand Lux cafe-----King of Prussia
  39. PSP fingerprints
  40. Got my LTCF from Philadelphia county in 13 days
  41. Cannabis Medical Card or NO LTCF Permit:
  42. Gun in the truck/car?
  43. Concealed carry permit and harassment charge
  44. Moved
  45. Monroe County LTC CCW
  46. Has DelCo been checking references?
  47. Who carries a weapon light on their edc?
  48. Ahh freedom .... ( Allegeheny county ltcf process )
  49. Dauphin County LTCF
  50. Riding motorcycle with visible long gun on board
  51. PA Resident LTCF when moving out of state?
  52. Shop rite lady at it again.
  53. Berks County Courthouse --- Firearms check/lockers
  54. 2018 Philly Auto Show
  55. CCP/research
  56. Inheriting and carrying
  57. Trying to get my conceal license but need info before applying
  58. PA state trooper disassenbled my gun during traffic stop
  59. Visiting Philadelphia for an extended period
  60. monroeville gun show
  61. Personal Carry Revolver Recommendations
  62. Trocadero in the city of brotherly hate
  63. Renew cc permit question
  64. National guardsman, under 21?
  65. Census information
  66. Can I obtain LCTF if my original charges were reduced to Disorderly conduct.
  67. Allison park driver's license center
  68. Travel to PA training w/o CCW from CT
  69. But seriously, is there a better gun than the Kahr CM series to actually pocket cary?
  70. Fla non-resident CC permit renewall question
  71. Owning a firearm 10 years after
  72. Philadelphia LTCF application and references
  73. Recommendations for Glock 17 IWB Holster
  74. LTCF Question
  75. Drop leg holster that's fatty friendly? Lol
  76. Bucks County new sheriff and possible LTCF process change
  77. Best way to carry as non resident in Delaware
  78. Improvised use for Flashbang bra holster. (Pics) (sorry, no boobs)
  79. S&W uncle mikes i.w.b holster model 29 .44 mag
  80. Non-res permit to carry
  81. Getting a non residents PA LTCF
  82. “No Firearms” signs in state buildings.
  83. Carry in Detroit with a PA resident license
  84. concealed carry in school used as church
  85. NH non-resident is no longer good in PA.
  86. Open carry (without a permit) question
  87. open carry encounter while concealing
  88. LTCF renewal
  89. PA Non-resident LTCF holder moving to PA
  90. Virginian Who Now Needs a PA Permit
  91. Mutual Statutory Reciprocity good enough for non-resident concealed carry?
  92. Finding references for LTCF when new to shooting
  93. Moving to PA with current permit from a reciprocal state
  94. Nice OC encounter at lunch
  95. Good encounter at Toyota
  96. What Position Do Yinz Carry?
  97. Oklahoma governor vetoes gun carry bill in defeat for NRA
  98. Private property CC
  99. How to sell ?
  100. Montco concealed carry license.
  101. Franconia / Souderton area LEO non-encounters
  102. Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival-Franklin Square
  103. CC at Strasburg Railroad
  104. Philadelphia CCW Roadblock
  105. Penndot site had a no guns sign
  106. What would/ should you do after pulling your gun on someone?
  107. out of state
  108. Nees advice Attorney/Lawyer Philadelphia area
  109. A couple of lengthy questions on non resident CCW and open carry in PA
  110. Two CC'ers at Bethel Park Home Depot
  111. Suggestions on a CC pistol
  113. CCW holder killed breaking up fight.
  114. Are there any good pocket holsters out there?
  115. My LTCF Woes/Story...
  116. Gun Laws By State Guide
  117. Vacation to South Carolina
  118. CC at Kutztown folk festival?
  119. Moving to Pennsylvania (advice for towns/counties?)
  120. Motorcycle Riders Only - Really, Don't Click if you Don't Ride
  121. Cell phone gun
  122. Moonclips Question for Concealed Carry
  123. Carrying in Delaware River Water Gap nat'l rec area
  124. Concealed Carry Licenses with Misdemeanor under Limited Access
  125. The Metropolitian diner: management confrontation
  126. AR firearm (<26”) with VFG vehicle carry
  127. Defensive shoot, give aid to attacker?
  128. Non-res transport/possession while visiting PA
  129. Denied LTCF philly
  130. Did someone call the police?
  131. Nobody called the police, but 3 of them showed up
  132. Transition from NC to PA
  133. Why your license was never actually revoked - juries, process, and law of the land
  134. Question about school zones and other states
  135. Do not ccarry at Penn State/ Hershey medical centers
  136. Can a teacher with a CCW keep their firearm in their car in a school parking lot?
  137. Here is a doozie- Non- resident, property owner, keeping firearms and getting a CCW
  138. Want a LTCF - Where to Start
  139. Holster for the CZ 75 B SA? Any local custom holster makers?
  140. CC at Living Treasures
  141. Moving
  142. Anyone been to Sesame Place recently?
  143. Mtn Jack has Passed away.
  144. Can I be gifted a firearm if?
  145. Lehigh gorge scenic railway
  146. Carry permit to legal nonimmigrant
  147. rifle vs unholstered handgun for checking out trespass situation
  148. Fopa and car ferry
  149. Renewed Utah Permit online.
  150. M&P Compact 9mm 2.0. Carry the 3.6in barrel or 4in barrel model?
  151. How to give a pistol as a Christmas gift.
  152. Annenberg Center - any recent experiences?
  153. Gettysburg question
  154. Education
  155. Self-defense insurance? Case examples?
  156. Legal?
  157. How to get a full firing grip without bending/twisting your upper body?
  158. Help with 38 Snub ammo
  159. Hornady 9mm carry ammo
  161. Best mag carriers?
  162. Jerky encounter at McD’s
  163. Who had the Advantage, Who was more Aware?
  164. Negligent Discharge
  165. Ltc with misdemeanor
  166. Open Carry State Park
  167. obtaining a PA non resident pistol carry permit
  168. National State of Emergency - LTCF
  169. Renewal of Arizona CWP
  170. Beretta APX compact\centurion holster suggestion
  171. CC permit for PA homeowner living out of State
  172. Alien Gear Shape Shifter Holster
  173. New to PA, question about carrying
  174. Worst police contact in a long time, screw 4th amendment because it's a university.
  175. Reciprocity?
  176. Spotted OCer Indian Valley Vietnam Cafe
  177. I almost just pulled my gun...
  178. LTFC Confiscated
  179. The Fillmore? CC yay or nay?
  180. DMV Malvern PA No Gun Sign on front door.
  181. Crossbreed Seconds
  182. Can I open carry a pistol at work at age 18
  183. Long distance renewal predicament
  184. Got 'told on' by a fellow shopper at the supermarket
  185. Carrying Philly with non resident permit.
  186. Women's cc
  187. new resident
  188. Recent trip to NC- notes for those who are planning a trip
  189. Counties that don't require references?
  190. Active Army - County Question
  191. Profiling - CC vs Open: What Difference
  192. Utah Non Resident Permit Question
  194. PICS denial question
  195. Utah CCW while PA LTCF is being renewed
  196. 80% Glock Carry?
  197. New PA LTCF Holder - Vehicle Questions
  198. AIWB Holster
  199. Nice OC encounter for a change
  200. Duty to Inform? FOAC Says YES!
  201. Ltcf expired
  202. LTCF in Phila county
  203. I Need to Get Printed for Utah CCP
  204. Lending/borrowing a handgun for target practice
  205. Moving into Westmoreland Cty.- Allegheny Cty. CCW
  206. Renewal process for CCW in Lancaster PA
  207. Cross-country trip with pistol, no Concealed Carry Permit
  208. PT709 SLIM
  209. BIG CASE: Comm v. Hicks..
  210. VA to PA conceal carry question
  211. .45 1911 Dan Wesson Valor & snub nose .38 carry ammo question
  212. Carrying in the workplace