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  1. Bethlehem man fends off attackers
  2. This guy picked the wrong store...
  3. i got a Galco for my 1911
  4. Here's what happened while I was at work...
  5. Kapture... an interesting recording device.
  6. carlisle outdoor show
  7. Blind Iowans allowed to carry guns in public
  8. ***Knoebels*** asked to leave for CC!
  9. Guns in a bar
  10. I got 'Made' today
  11. a Pit Bull came this ---> <--- close to getting dropped...
  12. New Jersey stats vs. Pennsylvania stats
  13. Need help with a actual law . .
  14. legality of loaded long guns in a vehicle?
  15. Question - Can I carry to this courthouse?
  16. The Reality of CCW Incidents: List of 95 Incidents
  17. Crossbreed, Aliengear & Firearm Holsters
  18. Philly pd encounter
  19. Firearms in Fairmount Park?
  20. Shooter's Insurance
  21. New IWB holster
  22. Open Carry in Luzerne County
  23. Keswick theater
  24. Carrying On The First Date?
  25. This dept needs to be sued !
  26. McDonald’s, Dunkin' Donuts to Gun Owners: Hey, We Respect Gun Laws
  27. Help - Questions regarding the Sands.
  28. SuperNoob! (At least to the forums) ? about LTCF
  29. Need LTCF Advice
  30. please delete
  31. just moved to Pa
  32. Tower Theater....
  33. An interesting conundrum
  34. Philly LTCF - recieved notice that I need to return for a 2nd set of fingerprints
  35. First OC experience
  36. Gun belts Ideal for concealed and open carry advice needed for gun show next weeken
  37. Rep Madeleine Dean
  38. Crime stopped by(CC?) fencing sword
  39. Carrying weapon in NY
  40. Ammo Q?
  41. FBI stats support more guns=less violent crimes
  42. Arizona man accidentally shoots and kills girlfriend while hugging her
  43. Charges for pulling gun on trespasser dropped against Pennsylvania open carrier
  44. Is this someone from here???
  45. CC/OC Friendly Restaurants - Erie Area
  46. landsdale octoberfest cc
  47. Bad day for checking in CC at Fayette Co. courthouse
  48. Confronting a shoplifter (scenario)
  49. not to important question
  50. So, someone told my kid I'm crazy...
  51. Hybrid Hotshot Holster Review
  52. carry in allegheny national forest
  53. PA Non Resident CCW ????
  54. Open Carry Councin Meeting
  55. What's the current best CCW permit combo?
  56. Motorcycle Jacking goes wrong for the hijacker
  57. Almost drew my firearm today
  58. Have you ever been in a situation?
  59. Number of Concealed handgun permits in Florida reaches 1,177,051
  60. Pacer Service and LTC denial?
  61. scary situation
  62. CC in Philadelphia/ Federal Court
  63. Is this legal
  64. Holsters Good... Shooting Self Bad....
  65. How to get back LTCF correctly?
  66. Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Class Dec 14, 2013, Sharon Hill, PA
  67. Non Resident LTCF
  68. PA Residents NOT to carry in PA on a reciprocal permit / license alone ...
  69. Have parking tickets, can I still get LTCF in Philadelphia?
  70. Newbie LTCF question
  71. Hey Everyone. Question about flying with firearms ...
  72. If Pulled Over In PA . . . . .
  73. Traveling From Delaware County To Target Master
  74. Indiantown Gap No Carry Signs
  75. One for the good guys
  76. a poll to hit
  77. Falls Twp to Ban Firearms on Township Property
  78. First Negative Experience
  80. CC in bars and Drinking while CC in PA ?
  81. Luzerne county to use metal detectors at meetings
  82. Please recommend a 9mm carry/self-defense ammo for a G26.
  83. Police Seek Victim, Witnesses After Gun Drawn At Bus Stop: video
  85. another family seeking justice
  86. OC or CC at Gunshows?
  87. first time LTCF
  88. Does anyone else find it easier to carry a larger pistol than a smaller one?
  89. Live in NJ how to carry in PA?
  90. Ohio House Bill 203
  91. Had to "reveal" myself the other day
  92. York Co. Sherriffs Office
  93. American Gun Owners Alliance Class in Sunbury
  94. KnockOut Game Self Defense ?
  95. Philadelphia / Pennsylvania LTCF
  96. Jefferson neruology
  97. They really weren't that heavy
  98. Has anyone recently flown from BWI with a checked firearm?
  99. Hypothetical scenario in regards to a public shooting.
  100. Santander Performing Art Center
  101. And I carry. The real face of permit to carry holders in MN
  102. Impromptu trips to Jersey
  103. What to do in Cracker Barrel Incident?
  104. Carrying to FL clarification
  105. Restoration of firearm rights
  106. Travel on Bus-CC
  107. Who in Beaver County wants a $1 LTCF!!!???
  108. Florida colleges can't ban guns
  109. Bank robbery video - another "what would you do?"
  110. LEO purchase thru PICS?
  111. Reciprocity
  112. Is a MD resident able to transport to target shoot in PA?
  113. Alien Gear Holsters
  114. My Encounter with Local LE
  115. First encounter since carrying
  116. Pyramid Club - Philadelphia
  118. List of private property gun-free zones
  119. Concealed Carry and its effects on crime
  120. Re-Introduction of myself/Vehicle carry question
  121. Daughter calls me out @ BJ's
  122. No Guns Permitted
  123. Count your blessings
  124. Help needed for non-resident permit
  125. NEW PA Gun Rights / OC Flyer drafts
  126. I am glad I live in PA........
  127. Strange vehicle in the driveway
  128. moms demand is going after Game-stop
  129. Should Restaurants Allow or Ban Guns?
  130. Businesses jump to declare support for gun rights
  131. What would you do?
  132. Anyone carry a different gun around the house?
  133. Unable to Carry
  134. *shrugs and shakes head*
  135. Erie Case
  136. Why was the Erie Case Thread Closed?
  137. License vs Permit Terms
  138. negative encounter- lower pottsgrove police
  139. Chester County LTCF Processing Time
  140. Carry Position - Finally!
  141. Tioga County LTCF question
  142. Longwood Gardens ?
  143. York Courthouse, check in?
  144. Warrants check during unlawful stop?
  145. Terry v. Ohio Quiestion?
  146. transporting thru Md
  147. Carrying while drinking revisited
  148. Movie Against Firearms
  149. A laser dot across your head? Duck !!!
  150. Support National Reciprocity
  151. Sneaky Pete Holsters?
  152. Looking for my first holster
  153. Carrying at the movies
  154. Non Resident CFP
  155. Have you ever had to draw your CC firearm?
  156. Northeast Hiking Carry
  157. Harrisburg City Government Center - New Mayor Removes Metal Detector and Police
  158. catching grief for cc?
  159. LTCF Question?
  160. Glock 17 Safariland 6280 Level II SLS Retention Duty Holster
  161. "knockout game" Just another reason to be armed.
  162. Aren't we supposed to be notified
  163. Newspaper thinking about 'outing' CC'ers?
  164. xds vs g26 vs shield
  165. Delaware LTC
  166. Utah CC Link
  167. concealed carry?
  169. Newbie questions
  170. Armour Belts = Awesome
  171. Moving to PA with a Kansas CCW
  172. LTCF renewal, after relocation out of state
  174. Who Carries a Ruger LC9
  175. Lawrence County Courthouse
  176. Airgas welding supply
  177. So....is this anyone here ?? Man threatens neighbor over parking
  178. Florida college reverses no-gun policy on campus in wake of school shooting
  179. Local Declaration of State of Emergency - Brookville
  180. School officials and no gun signs
  181. CC at Great American Outdoor Show?
  182. New CC Photo - permit - license
  183. Black powder pistols across state lines
  184. Knifes and Deadly Force
  185. Definition of "Lawful demand"
  186. Man lockers openly carried gun at Butler County Courthouse, gets contempt of cop M3
  187. Another PA Carry Class from a PA Rep
  188. News
  189. Officials in Connecticut Stunned by a Massive, State-Wide Act of ‘Civil Disobedience'
  190. Jogging, & Other Types of Holsters
  191. carrying of 1911
  192. 2013 PA Attorney General Reciprocity RTKL Request
  193. "Why Bother" by Lynn Sherwood
  194. Old story, but something to consider about major league sports and carry in general
  195. License while carrying
  196. Unique problem for non-resident
  197. article about CC and guns in local paper
  198. Stand your ground law and your car?
  199. "are you carrying hun?"
  201. Municipality's ability to keep me from carrying??
  202. Be forewarned about our unfriendly Neighbors
  203. CIVIL Judgment to deny Carry Permit?
  204. Keeping gun in car - safe?
  205. expired ltcf
  206. 500+ attend Rep. Keller's seminar on Pa. gun laws
  207. felony/misdemeanor
  208. Any Signs At ACMH Near Kittanning?
  209. LTCF and your SS#
  210. Glock Sport Combat Holster Retention
  211. Does NRA actually protect our rights?
  212. Philly LTCF interview and tattoos
  213. Harrisburg area
  214. just an observation an spreading the word
  215. Getting the Utah CCP
  216. Monroe county is useless: LTCF
  217. Permit ?
  218. Concealed carry vests
  219. Utah CCW Permit and Firearms Safety Classes
  220. Bucks County renewal
  221. Howl at the Moon
  222. Philly law on carrying parks
  223. Pennsylvania LTCF and Florida
  224. Absolute WCS...happened
  225. Reloading ammo for self-defense
  226. Expired ltcf grace period
  227. Eastern national gun show
  228. Otter Lake Camp Resort
  229. Coworker new to carrying - asked me to be her rangebuddy
  230. Boone's beer fest 2014 Daniel Boone homestead
  231. It happens!
  232. approval for gun license
  233. Amtrak auto-train and Florida?
  234. Carrying in bars?
  235. Deciding on the right gun
  236. Got my Philly LTCF Approval Letter in less than 30 days, is this real life?
  237. Bridgeville driver's license center posted
  238. LTCF Question
  239. Open carry in town parks.
  240. Falls Township Ordinance
  241. Pepper spray in car
  242. Carrying on Bus NOT transporting students...
  243. Unusual experience. Input desired.
  244. Am I holster crazy?
  245. fingerprinting?
  246. PA counties that will issue non resident permits.
  247. Middle Bucks Institute of Technology
  248. first time traveling out of state what do i need to consider
  249. More Bad Caselaw For Philly OC'ers......
  250. Why do we carry?