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  1. Altar Bar in Pittsburgh
  2. Utah Concealed Permit and Change of Address
  3. pulled over in bethlehem township, pos encounter
  4. Question about 302 laws.
  5. Moving to PA soon...
  6. Waiting for Montco county to approve my ltcf
  7. Reverb in Reading
  8. Question about applying for new license in Phili.
  9. Doing homework before purchase
  10. LEO Talking out of his ass!!!
  11. Guy in Minnesota getting evicted for carrying at home while renting
  12. Monroe County Sherriff Interview
  13. Delaware carry question
  14. Friend or Foe in the Business World
  15. An interesting news story from NJ
  16. Visiting a relative at Camp Hill SCI
  17. LTCF needed on public transportation?
  18. No gun check at Northampton County Courthouse?
  19. Conceal permit
  20. Going out of state this weekend
  21. Non-resident carry permit
  22. Driving thru Maryland
  23. Found something interesting in NY
  24. Approved for Licence to carry!
  25. question about applying for LTCF
  26. VA non-resident carry license to be changed to resident only by AG
  27. Road Rage While Carrying
  28. Duffy's Dawg House - 10% off with LTCF
  29. LTCF problems...need answers
  30. WOW! Seriously folks, I smell a meet & greet in the near future! (Hellertown Diner)
  31. Why do you carry?
  32. Positive Philly Encounter
  33. Members First FCU policy?
  34. Crossbreed initial review
  35. Transporting PA to MA
  36. thinking about organizing an open carry meet in beaver county
  37. What other states Non res CCW should I get
  38. Discharge in PA state parks
  39. Hospitals
  40. LCTW Lehigh County - Still haven't received renewal since January
  41. Bank & Credit Union policies on Carrying
  42. Who all is in for the Hellertown Diner get-together 4/27?
  43. Concealed carry "wardrobe malfunction"?
  44. 6102: Definitions. Loaded magazine
  45. reciprocity
  46. NFA firearm background check
  47. Question regarding transport for 18 year old
  49. Bucks County Community College
  50. Utah non resident carry in PA
  51. Misdemeanor void permit?
  52. 2nd Amendment Club
  53. Carrying to and from work
  54. 27 yrs. ago today....The Miami Shoot Out.
  55. Campus Carry Proofread
  56. Carrying and transporting in/through Ohio Help
  57. Encounter at District Justice Chambersburg
  58. Concealed Carry Question
  59. disqualification for firearms from the state of Pennsylvania
  60. Upper Dublin School District is in violation... or not?
  61. SHOCKED today !!
  62. 10 minutes, that's all it took
  63. Anyone use a console Vault?
  64. Question about LTCF at work
  65. gun grab PLEASE HELP
  66. Allegheny county LTCF...10 weeks?!
  67. Renewal of Utah License
  68. Question for you all on a ccw class......
  69. Letter to State Rep - Firearms Licensing Practices
  70. Can my son own a firearm
  71. Holster Shirt 5.11
  73. Philly LTCF Troubles, Gun Permit Unit and "45 days"
  74. Owners of s&w m&p shield!!
  75. chestercounty justice center
  76. Utah non resident
  77. Possible move to PA
  78. Question regarding rifles and GFZ.
  79. How do you carry in your vehicle?
  80. rhode island permit for nevada carry?
  81. Semi-Concealed Carry : )
  83. Concealed Carry
  84. Yet another encounter with a New Yorker.....
  85. Any problem CC at Adams County Courthouse
  86. York County LTCF, Paper or Plastic?
  87. Out of State
  88. Non-Resident Fee
  89. I have a PA Concealed Carry and Need to Renew.. Quick Question...
  90. Philly Gun UNit
  92. traveling with CCW
  93. Northampton County Deciding Whether to Call References on License to Carry Firearms A
  94. Carrying a friend's gun.
  95. Ohio resident camping PA?
  96. Question about getting a permit to carry concelled weapon
  97. Philadelphia LTCF Question
  98. GF Denied LTCF
  99. Kutztown University has changed weapons policy
  100. Expunged Record and Applying for LTCF
  101. Quick question: Are DCNR/DEP offices prohibited places for carry?
  102. FirearmHolster.com
  103. Quick vehicle carry question.
  105. Drinking
  106. A/V at firearms check in at court house?
  107. NYS resident with a PA LTCF.
  108. O/C in Hawley Pa
  109. We need a showing here.
  110. An odd situation in Allegheny County...
  111. Where do I turn my application in at
  112. Should I get a LTCF now?
  114. Carjacker picks the wrong vehicle
  115. Satisfy AZ Education Requirement?
  116. Getting a non-res PA LTCF for a CA resident?
  117. Leaving PA...is my LTCF still valid?
  118. Attending a wedding at State Capital
  119. Up for a little knowledge-spreading?
  120. No holster carry?
  121. Question For Philadelphia LTCF
  122. Oh, you're the gun guy...
  123. FMJ Legal in carry weapon?
  124. Delaware; vacation there, from PA
  125. PA firearm laws
  126. Why get a Utah or AZ LTCF permit?
  127. Citizen's Bank Park Phillies...
  128. Legal help please
  129. Concealed carry for work
  130. Back in town, need information: non-res LTCF and checking guns for the Phillies
  131. CC Purse
  132. Wait a minute. We sat down and actually READ 18 USC (930)...
  133. Bethlehem police to investigate photo of crossing guard with possible firearm
  134. Question on the Castle Doctrine (Stand your ground) in PA
  135. Ohio Transporting Question
  136. Thigh holster for Bersa Thunder 380?
  137. LTCF in new area... I smell problems...
  138. Can I bring my rifle on vacation (Maryland)?
  139. Vacation time, few carry questions
  140. RGrizzle Leather Holsters
  141. Horrible Experience At Philly PD Gun Permit Unit - I think they lost my App!
  142. Utah permit
  143. I did not see this, so please dont castrate me!!! LTFC and Reciprocity
  144. News articles "disarmed for officers safety"
  145. New security at PNC Park
  146. "Pro-gun" rally Saturday 6/15 Doylestown
  147. How do I get a Florida non resident LTCF permit?
  148. Pat downs at PNC are going so well
  149. Where can I get a Non Res permit? coming from CT
  150. So Proud of my Mom!!!
  151. Dutch Wonderland - are they wanding people now?
  152. 1911 Thumb Safety - On or Off?
  153. Philly PD Gun Permit Unit
  154. Anyone denied for not following a Sheriff's illegal laws?
  155. Bucks Co. Courthouse does not issue receipts for firearms check
  156. Personal space please
  157. Proof of residency.
  158. Non Resident Permit
  159. Conceal carry on Bucknell University campus?
  160. What out of state permits are still valid?
  161. Refusal to accept license application?
  162. LTCF loophole relief
  163. Delaware County LTCF Renewal - under 2 weeks
  164. Question
  165. Florida permit classes
  166. question on PA Title 18, Chapter 9, Subsection 912
  167. Darden Restaurants and Carrying a firearm...
  168. Visiting Penn State
  169. Help! I was denied a cwp today.
  170. Juniata Riverfest
  171. FYI - Local Declared Emergencies
  172. Mann Music Center - Philly
  173. OWB holster for SW Airweight
  174. Conceal Carry Reciprocity
  175. Open carry on a motorcycle
  176. Concealed Carry Obstacles.
  177. Waffle House Posting
  178. what states offer licenses to carry through the mail?
  179. TSA and guns at airports
  180. Would you call police?
  181. Carrying a Glock 17
  182. Car and Bike Wash by Lehigh Valley Open Carry
  183. Little League Games
  184. Newbee? PA. carry non resident help
  185. what if I'm on a bridge between two states ?
  186. Utah Permit came with smeared ink.
  187. Question regarding reciprocity/transport PA to FL
  188. Neighbor and my gun.
  189. iwb holster
  190. Non-Resident obtaining PA CHP
  191. Question about renewing CCP
  192. PA Firearms Trader
  193. New ruling for weapons in Post Office parking lots...
  194. Want to violate gun owners right to privacy? There's an app for that...
  195. EDC Knife? knife nuts please click here.
  196. Pocono area OC
  197. Concealed permit holders get into a shootout
  198. man shoots himself in hand in Walmart parking lot
  199. Carrying on expired LTCF
  200. Will I get it... LTCF?
  201. Knife carry in Philadelphia
  202. Buying my first concealed carry.
  203. Non-lethal Weapons
  205. What are Laws in PA about uses of force
  206. My OC experience in the City of Brotherly Love...
  207. Question About Knives
  208. Where to get fingerprinted
  209. Allentown Fair
  210. My Holster Took A Rain Beating
  211. Traveling across state lines with friend that lacks CCW, in their car... Questions.
  212. LTCF Approval w/ARD
  213. 'Sweeping' with a Shoulder Holster
  214. custom leather holster makers near the lehigh valley?
  216. Gladwyne Park
  217. Blue Marsh Lake
  218. AG Kane kills another reciprocity agreement
  219. Does my PA LTCF allow me to carry in Philadelphia?
  220. Transporting handguns in PA - Overnight in hotel
  221. York is getting permits out FAST! and a question
  222. New Indiana County Permit - 15 minutes!
  223. NJ CCW Permit Information
  224. Steelers training camp - legal carry?
  225. What Would You Do?
  226. O/C sighting
  227. Comfortable IWB holster
  228. question about Montgomery county LTCF process
  229. Not sure if this is legal.
  230. Seeking some clarification.
  231. Question about carrying into the next state
  232. Springfield Township (DELCO) preemption violation
  233. Gun detecting Radar
  234. Utah Online Renewal
  235. NJ residents with NH non resident ccw permits
  236. Went to replace LTCF... They revoked the old one... And refused to issue a new one!
  237. Montgomery Co, wait up to 45 days even with local PD form?
  238. Need local PD check card for LTCF renewal? (Montgomery County)
  239. Non-friendly to CC establisments
  240. Hot Motel Room Situation
  241. Do I have this straight...
  242. Starbucks Anti-gun Boycott Saturday 8/24/13
  243. extra mag???
  244. Great leather belt I just recieved
  245. Renting Apartment near School Zone
  246. Good EDC Knife?
  247. CC in PA
  248. Laws regarding Concealed Carry
  249. utah permit with DUI?
  250. Where to find Utah class for permits ?