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  1. Southern chester USPSA anyone else going?
  2. Best deal on shotgun shell carrier for on the belt
  3. Web based match service for USPSA, IDPA, Steel and more
  4. Shooting competitions
  5. Weapons Safety and Marksmanship Training
  6. utah ccw class
  7. State IDPA Match - Anyone shooting from Pittsburgh Area?
  8. What kind of training does everyone have?
  9. Utah CCW training in PA near NJ?
  10. Any interest in a Utah Permit class - Pittsburgh area??
  11. Free training today.....
  12. .410 shotgun as home defense???
  13. Dedicated AK47/74 training classes
  14. IDPA Safety Officer Seminar 10/29/2011 Guthsville, Pa
  15. Your aggressor has a shotgun and you have a pistol....
  16. IDPA Handgun Question
  17. 3 gun gear
  18. I one has never owned, never really handled, or really fired a gun...
  19. shooting clay birds in gamelands
  20. AAR Armed Dynamics Defensive Pistol 1
  22. What type of target stands do yinz use?
  23. Any CQB training resources?
  24. Firearm Retention Classes in Central PA
  25. AAR: Southnarc ECQC Oct 14-16 2011 Carthage NC
  26. Attended my 1st Carbine Class
  27. NRA Basic Pistol Class Questions
  28. NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Class Nov 5, Abington PA
  29. PRISM force on force at LCCC
  30. barrett class
  31. Training in Western PA
  32. BG tactics ?
  33. Zombie Shoot HSA
  34. Sighting in an AR
  35. Any Fclass shooters on here?
  36. John Farnam at Fleetwood Fish and Game.
  37. AAR-MCS Intro to Tactical Carbine
  38. precision rifle shooting help
  39. Looking for firearms training
  40. "Ladies Only" Basic Pistol Course
  41. Looking for pistol training for wife Scranton
  42. ? gong for 308 @ 200 yards
  43. TLR-1 > TLR-1s (test your gear)
  44. Safely Unloading a Semi-automatic Firearm
  45. Direct Action Tactical - 2012 Host Promotion
  46. Request for Feedback from Newer Shooters
  47. Act 235 Psych exam
  48. Dry Fire Practice Discussion
  49. Advice for the New Shooter
  50. Philadelphia firearms training?
  51. Why the extra ammo?
  52. IDPA or USPSA this Sat in SE PA? (11/19)
  53. Reholstering Safely
  54. weak hand shooting...
  55. Pistol shooting fundamentals question...
  56. Discussion: Keeping the gun in the fight, part 1 (reloading)
  57. AAR: Defoor Advanced Carbine at The US Training Center , Nov 2011
  58. good vids to assist w/training?
  59. Discussion: Keeping the gun in the fight, part 2 (malfunction clearance)
  60. Looking to become certified NRA pistol, rifle & shotgun trainer near Chambersburg, PA
  61. Firearms Training School
  62. what if?
  63. VERY VERY UPSET, balloon popped!
  64. Ruger Rimfire Challenge?
  65. AR-15 Scope
  66. Good safety/pistol shooting DVD for real Newbies?
  67. point shooting?
  68. Looking for the best ACT 235 class in West Chester area
  69. 3 Gun Shotgun
  70. Steel Challenge Training
  71. IDPA - Round Dumping
  72. IDPA safety officer class western PA
  73. looking to shoot moree
  74. Looking to buy a gun - need purchase and training suggestions
  75. Carbine Course with Travis Haley
  76. Colt Armorers Course
  77. ISO Basic Pistol in Lehigh Valley
  78. Shooting Ranges
  79. Looking for 2 courses in lehigh valley area.
  80. I have started to look into the other side of the firearms industry
  81. Building a single lane shooting range
  82. rapid fire vs slow fire targets
  83. Stephen Wenger's "Defensive Use of Firearms"
  84. Self defense encounters facts - how do things typically go down?
  85. Drawing dry drills may have prevented this
  86. Tactic: Fort up, call 911, use shotgun for SD
  87. simulating distance
  88. Question about my trigger
  89. Florida CCW help
  90. What vest for IDPA/USPSA??
  91. Looking for Training
  92. Utah Concealed Carry Permit class in Erie on Jan 21st
  93. Learning to shoot
  94. anyone ever try the defensive handgun competition at Classic Pistol?
  95. Steel shooting
  96. Looking for NRA instructor/course recommendations in Phila/SE Pa
  97. Magpul Dynamics
  99. 2012 Survival Trial - shooting-oriented 24-hour adventure race beat-down!
  100. IDPA in Lehigh Valley
  101. Need to find someone in SW PA for NRA certification
  102. Blue Ridge Sportsmans Club
  103. Isosceles vs Weaver
  104. USPSA IDPA 3D stage design in Sketchup
  105. Utah Concealed Carry Permit class in Erie on Feb 25th
  106. IDPA event at New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club Feb 5th 2012
  107. CC training in mercer pa?
  108. how do i teach my 11 year old??
  109. Beginner Pistol Course in Pittsburgh Area?
  110. Situational Awareness/Assesment
  111. Any Interest in a battle rifle match?
  112. Self-Defense Pistol classes in SWPA
  113. World Record Youngest Shooter in the World:
  114. Grabbing the gun of an attacker?
  115. Granny gotta Gun (not Janie)!
  116. In between 2 guns for USPSA limited. Which one?
  117. training programs or courses in Northeast PA
  118. Practical accuracy vs. Bulls eye accuracy....
  119. SIRT Training Pistol
  120. Unusual tactics when at a disadvantage.
  121. Opinion on NRA Rifle Instructor class taken this past weekend...
  122. What do YOU think is "good enough" pistol skills for an armed citizen ?
  123. IDPA Rules question
  124. Do you use lasers on any of your weapons?
  125. Review: NRA Basic Pistol @ NCCSC with Paul & Dean Barr
  126. "Test Driving" different firearms just got harder at TargetMaster
  127. My new 3 Gun Belt
  128. So excited I got all the Women on Target Clinic materials
  129. Suggestion on body armour
  130. Any Tactical Driving Courses in Eastern PA?
  131. 'Get it and forget it' HD gun people rant . . .
  132. got to meet one of the best!
  133. 4 for the price of 3
  134. Traveling to NJ for a High Power Clinic
  135. Fiances Target pics shooting the Ruger!
  136. Found on CL
  137. Advice to all people who carry for personal defense
  138. AAR - Northern Red Carbine Inception 3/4/2012 Palmyra, PA
  139. IDPA
  140. Need help learning to use my Pistol
  141. Stress Drills
  142. Defensive pistol training
  143. Starting ACT 235 March 23rd in Shimmersville
  144. Has anyone seen this and/or set up a competition?
  145. How to use scope with a parallax adjustment
  146. 3 gun match Mercer Pa.
  147. How do you know if your gun shoots better than you?
  148. Just got back, first time at the range.
  149. Rate My AK Shooting
  150. USPSA / IDPA Events 04/08?
  151. Young Shooter looking for a CMP Team
  152. Cross Dominant
  153. Live Fire Training in/near Bucks County?
  154. How is my shooting? Henry Golden Boy practice target
  155. Tactical Shooting Instructor Class 9-13 April
  156. I think I could use some professional instruction ...
  157. Right Handed Left Eye Dominant
  158. Advice for a Lefty
  159. Taking $0.02 Donations for Shotgun Slings
  160. PSA Shootout 2012
  161. Chief range officer wording on a shooting range.
  162. Ranges to take kids to in the Big Bass Lake area
  163. NRA Junkmail videos
  164. Critical 'Experts'
  165. anything around erie
  166. Need some rifle basic training...
  167. Words other than "PULL"
  168. Certified NRA Instructor in SE PA?
  169. IDPA .40 to 9mm conversion.
  170. getting started in pistol comps
  171. Pistol-How far and how accurate ?
  172. www.nracerts.org been there ??
  173. Looking for NRA Training Councelor in NEPA...
  174. Interest in Massad Ayoob Armed Citizensí Rules of Engagement class in CHAMBERSBURG?
  175. Hosting Advanced Defensive Handgun and Defensive Shotgun
  176. Where to get safety training
  177. Brand new firearm owner, seeking advice or tips.
  178. Block Shooting Competitions in South Central PA
  179. Want to try something totally different?
  180. First person video feedback helps a lot.
  181. Pardoesportsmens 3 gun date CHANGE
  182. Basic handgun courses in South central PA ???
  183. Newbie Question: One Eye or Two?
  184. New to PAFOA & Looking for Training
  185. Becoming an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
  186. First time pistol owner and shooter
  187. VSM Basic Pistol Class
  188. Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club (PLEASE HELP!!!)
  189. IDPA matches on Saturday in or near Lancaster County
  190. NRA First Steps vs Basic Pistol: What's the difference?
  191. Pellet Pistol Competition near/in Montgomery, Delaware or Chester County?
  192. Training without eyes and ears?
  193. Training with/without Prescription eyewear
  194. We Banned The SERPA Holster......
  195. Fun day in the field...
  196. New Hunter seeking help
  197. Firearms articles on Facebook
  198. Run and gun training
  199. Tactical Pocket Pistol Tips -- Trigger Reset
  200. road side ammo truck near Front Sight.
  201. Insights training
  202. Wrong section. Sorry!
  203. 100 yard groups from .17hmr
  204. SCPA: Any interest in a Mosin Nagant 101 class?
  205. Yearly company training class
  206. Advanced handgun course -- Interesting Info
  207. Phila police training--new simulation program
  208. Any interest in a Utah permit class in King of Prussia, Pa?
  209. New Direct Action Tactical Firearms FB Page
  210. Talisman or tool?
  211. Looking for 3-gun shoots
  212. Is the ATSA still around?
  213. Helpful Youtube/Online Resources?
  214. How do you put one in the pipe?
  215. Utah permit class, King of Prussia - PLEASE READ!!!!
  216. IDPA & USPSA at Lower Providence?
  217. My latest Concealed Carry Magazine article - A Sequential Training System
  218. Course Review: Southnarc Edged Weapons Overview, Indiana, 2012
  219. Want my NRA Certification, need Counselor!
  220. Looking for indoor range
  221. THIS is how you should train!
  222. looking for classes
  223. Discouraged from formal training ?
  224. Looks like a new range/location for Appleseed in Butler PA
  225. What Chest Rig do you use for Multi-Gun matches?
  226. NRA Pistol Instructor Course
  227. Massad Ayoob Resolves Point Shooting Debate
  228. service rifle or high power competition
  229. Handgun Training Pike Co.
  230. IDPA Classifier
  231. Need info on clubs that host competitons in Philly Region
  232. Concealed Carry Tactics Resources?
  233. In need of a holster and magazine holder for first 3 gun match.
  234. Any LEO's on the board willing to comment on the Jonathan Schmidt Shooting?
  235. DIY 3 gun platform
  236. Handgun Safety and self defense
  237. Hellertown Sportsmen's Association Sponsor
  238. How (& why) to properly grip a semi-auto handgun
  239. Where to shoot 7.62 5.45 5.56 rifels near Pittsburgh
  240. Advanced firearm training for security?
  241. building a handgun range in the barn
  242. act 235 certification around lancaster county
  243. NRA / Winchester Pistol Qualification
  244. Cheap turning target set up
  245. Recommendations for "Tactical" Firearms Training?
  246. Needed: Firearms training course for senior citizen-Bethlehem area.
  247. Glock doesn't want you training on your own anymore
  248. Ruger Rimfire World Championships
  249. How to join a club - Pittsburgh, PA? (no sponsor)
  250. First IDPA shoot today; Blown away.