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  1. Philly.com poll...
  2. Legality of foregrips on rifles and shotguns
  3. South Heidelburg township to vote on proposed ordinance to regulate discharge of guns
  4. "The Big Pawlowski"
  5. LTCF + Concealed Weapon = A INVOLUNTARY commitment !
  6. Question regarding firearm purchase.
  7. Civil suit against Sheriff David, Beaver Cty
  8. PICS Challenge
  9. Interesting comment by chief deputy sheriff
  10. Bob's Army/Navy in Clearfield robbed twice in one week!!!!!
  13. Question about moving within the county and LTCF and C&R
  14. "Trading" Handguns
  15. PICS System?
  16. Chief Mark Kessler for sheriff
  17. PA Dem asks if she can kill Rep Metcalfe
  19. Events in Upper Pottsgrove
  20. Weapons Found in Car on School Grounds
  21. PA by County LTCF Requirements and Timelines
  22. another standoff with police. car chase turns into standoff
  23. Rep. McGinnis Altoona.
  24. PA Wiretap Expiry
  25. Charges for pulling gun on trespasser dropped against Pennsylvania open carry advocat
  26. Need a lawyer in SEPA
  27. Marijuana and Firearms
  28. Duquesne thinks it can have you arrested
  29. Trayvon martin Day planned at PA school then cancelled.
  30. Brief meeting with PA State Sen Mensch: Attn ERIE 8!
  31. Hearing coming up. Need to tell judge why i carry a gun
  32. Buying a Rifle with a misdemeanor from another state
  33. March on Flight 93 Memorial
  34. Another Idiotic Gun Buyback!
  35. Rep Will Tallman Hosts-PA Game Commission and Adams County Sheriff
  36. HB 921 PICS elimination – saving Freedom, taxpayer monies & reducing size of governme
  37. Need to kill PA Senate Bill 1093. Please call your rep
  38. Range Age Requirements
  39. Wyoming County Courthouse Firearm Check Refusal
  40. Aggravated assault vs Attempted murder?
  41. Any efforts to bring Vermont model carry to PA?
  42. Philly Pro Gun Control Senator Offices Searched by PA AG Office
  43. Question about buying a lower out of State
  44. Luzerne County Councilman has a bad idea...
  45. Need some advice
  46. Licenses from other States not valid in Commonwealth, reciprocity be damned.
  47. Not sure where to put this, so if it needs moved...cool. Need to speak with an atty
  48. FOAC ammo givaway - awareness drive
  49. Gun Purchase Laws
  50. What will 2014 hold?
  51. Nov. 5
  52. Zoning regulations for indoor range
  53. PA SB-1093, burden of proof in self defense cases?
  54. Car Carry/Open Carry On Maine Permit
  55. heads up
  56. How to get your senators/representatives attention
  57. PA universities "may allow guns on campus"
  58. Transport guns from NJ to rental property..
  59. Internet Gun sales "expose" WGAL News 8
  60. Sheriff Candidate Charged With Terroristic Threats (Points gun at repo man!)
  61. PFA expired now what
  62. VOTE!
  63. Citizen Shoots Two Robbers in Reading
  64. Stand Your Ground Effective in Reading Pa!
  65. Vote smart, not hard -- Your Centre Co. example of why a DA election matters
  66. Election Results Superior Court - Judge
  67. out of state gun purchase
  68. Pa Govenor Race 2014-Candidate Ed Pawlowski -Stand against Firearms
  69. Can i get a licence to carry a concealed after my record got "expunged"?
  70. Gun free school zone state / federal
  71. Families Want Justice for Armed Robbers Death
  72. Judicial Activism on Display in Pennsylvania
  73. Split rock gun show -round discharged
  74. Pics put me in research ,why ?
  75. With an anti-gun victory in VA, will PA be the next?
  76. OC at 19?
  77. Cabela's Refuses to Release Firearms
  78. Boating while carrying and your PA LTCF...
  79. Handgun Transfer Question
  80. Phila Marathon
  81. Fall Township
  82. Mayors Against Illegal Guns costs Chambersburg mayor his job?
  83. Can I draw and attempt to stop a crime against my vehicle parked on the street?
  84. It's just not right to cite Wright -- why Pennsylvania lacks RKBA precedent
  85. NICS vs PICS ??
  86. Butler man allowed to buy gun under settlement with state
  87. OH CCW Reform Law has Some Good Examples for PA
  88. what are my odds to purchase and own?
  89. Phila. City Council Bans Using 3-D Printers To Make Guns
  90. Penalty for loaded rifle in vehicle while hunting?
  91. Can't f find a Sheriff in PA to do handgun transfer
  92. Obtaining a gun in Pennsylvania.
  93. Philly set to become first city to ban 3D guns
  94. Metcalfe Introduces Impeachment Resolution
  95. John Hanger for governor??
  96. York County Rifle
  97. Stripped AR15 lower ok to sell as complete rifle?
  98. Prohibiting offense? Is my father now permanently prohibited?
  99. Brian Miller and crew are at it again
  100. Need a recall
  101. Law questions
  102. Game Warden question
  103. incineray and tracer rounds
  104. pa gun law
  105. Lehigh "Professor" Uneducated Anti-Gun Rant
  106. Giffords new gun control PAC gives first to Toomey
  107. Gun Drop during Chiefs hearing
  108. Non-resident told I need to void my Centre County permit for DelCo?
  109. SB999 the Liberty Preservation Act
  110. [WaysNmeans TaskFarce] "The end of the Commonwealth as we know it... and I feel fine"
  111. [WaysNmeans TaskFarce] The Comprehensive Guide to Taking Down Your Public Official
  112. N.Y. easier on plinking than P.A.?
  113. Questions about PA possession/purchase (non resident property owner)
  114. Urgent Petition - UN Arms Treaty
  115. Kathleen Kane for US Senate
  116. Carrying with an expired LTCF after moving out of state?
  117. Question About Air Guns in Altoona, PA
  118. Anti-Gun Patriot News Playing Game With Poll - Vote Now
  119. Buying firearm from Ny
  120. The constitutionality of background checks
  121. Placed in "Investigation" during gun purchase
  122. Pennsylvanians Coerced Into Giving Cheek Swab at “Voluntary” Checkpoint
  123. My comments on a fellow pro2A supporters letter to the editor
  124. bristol borough in violation of pa 6120
  125. Another legal setback
  126. State trooper can't have gun while off duty due to mental health record, Pa. court ru
  127. 80% AR lowers in PA???????
  128. HELP Moving to Pittsburg area
  129. Firearm laws not pretaining to carrying
  130. Kane puts on push for more fund raising???
  131. Not good for College students in PA
  132. Northwest Pennsylvania Patriots in Action
  133. Non-Resident Purchase Question
  134. Shipping firearms from FL to PA
  135. OOPS, I did it again!
  136. Skimming the MAIG E-Mails-PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane
  137. Who is paying?
  138. PA in state of emergency as of 01/09/14
  139. Pennsylvania Mayors Against Guns
  140. Black Talon Ammo
  141. Anti-gun mayor holds 'gay' crush hostage with gun
  142. Letter from United States Senator Bob Casey
  143. allegh co. motion for return of property
  144. Is LTCF indicated on our PA driver license computerized record?
  145. NJ to PA carry...
  146. The LTCF stands alone, right??
  147. Erie Judge Faces Sanctions in Gun Incident
  148. carrying
  149. How do they know how many firearms I have?
  150. Paul Clymer (R 145) announces retierment
  151. Joint State Government Commission wants to repeal and rewrite the UFA
  152. Interesting Thing I Was Asked in the Emergency Room
  153. School zone???
  154. Discharge Laws
  155. Meeting with Representative Ron Marsico. UPDATE, 2/12/2014.
  156. Steve Barrar Needs Some Support
  157. does the castle doctrine extend to a car in your driveway?
  158. SBR stamp in Erie County
  159. Butler PA Mayor (MAIG) Ousted.
  160. PA Medical Marijuana Law
  161. Tom Wolf NOT for Governor he is a COMMUNIST
  162. **Heads up** Rob McCord for Gov
  163. I tryed to buy an AR
  164. HB2011 - Amends § 6120. Limitation on the regulation of firearms and ammunition.
  165. PA disaster proclamation
  166. Is ePICS Illegal?
  167. Email this to your State reps
  168. Private party - buy:sell:trade
  169. Transfer Question
  170. must read!!!! We almost lost our 2nd amendment rights
  171. Pro 2A PA Governer ???
  172. Federal Agents Conduct Raid on ‘Machine Gun Preacher,’ IN PA
  173. new resident to PA (German with green card)
  174. Another CC class from Mike Regan
  175. The Genesis of Pennsylvania's Right to Bear Arms
  176. Huntingdon Borough state of emergency
  177. Erie Minister LTE Pats Mayor and Mothers on Back
  178. Question about FFL paperwork issue
  179. Thornhurst Township (Lackawanna County) Preemption Violation
  180. Shamokin Dam Borough (Snyder County) Preemption Violation
  181. Macungie Borough (Lehigh County) Preemption Violation
  182. Heidelberg Borough (Allegheny County) Preemption Violation
  183. Greene Township (Franklin County) Preemption Violation
  184. Cleona Borough (Lebanon County) Preemption Violation
  185. Out of state Pa resident firearm Q and interpretation?
  186. Gun Onership for Legal U.S. Resident w/o green card?
  187. Act 235 question
  188. Erie gun ordinance is no more.
  189. Lawyer needed for Civil Rights violation...
  190. question about Pa concealed carry
  191. TOM WOLF (DEMOCRAT) NOT FOR GOV, HE is a BAD choice
  192. BAD for PA and the 2A - Jack Wagner, Pittsburgh Dem for Gov
  193. Where Toomey stands...no mention of guns
  194. did I pass the PICS check?
  195. Paramilitary training
  196. NRA-ILA Gun Owners Poll! Attn: Sen.Toomey, Sen.Casey, Sen.Cartwright I sent mine in!
  197. Why is HB805 stuck in Judiciary?
  198. PICS Denial
  199. Here is how you affect local/state politics (irrespective of party)
  200. Hello from Indiana! (The state, not the town)
  201. PICS Denial to get Confiscated Guns back with Past Purchases
  202. Okay to CC @DMV?
  203. License needed to sell ammunition?
  204. Ohio resident camping PA
  205. After Newtown: Rep. Murphy proposes a different sort of remedy
  206. Rep Ronald Waters introducing a bill banning "military style" rifles.
  207. Non-resident purchasing.
  208. April 29 gun rally in Harrisburg?
  209. Tom Wolf's Policy on Firearms
  210. Utah CFP Class April 19, Delaware County
  211. Pa. state schools study different options for weapons policy
  212. Carry pre-UFA
  213. Beating the Bloomberg anti-gun activists (VIDEO)
  214. Out of state friend wants to stored guns at my house
  215. PA Anti-Gun Candidates in 2014
  216. CCW in PA.
  217. So I get this post card in the mail from senator halloway
  218. Be careful if your going to be in the Pittsburgh area with firearms! Random checks!
  219. PA 28th Special Election on 3/18 (Miller vs Wagner write-in)?
  220. Any Republican primary contested by the Tea Party?
  221. Weapons in school
  222. Philly PD Officer Brutally Attacks War Vet And Almost Gets Away With It
  223. check this out!
  224. Cheryl Ann Krause ??
  225. There are people road marching in front of my house.
  226. House Judiciary vote on Pro-Gun bills Tues 3/18!
  227. Contact info for committee members (NRA/CGOPA action alert)
  228. Kane
  229. HB 1091 (no unlicensed open carry in Phili)
  230. NFA lawyer
  231. Quick legal question.
  232. SB497 signed by Governor yesterday!!!
  233. PA lawyer's card to have on hand for CCW holders.
  234. Pro gun attorney
  235. living in PA with a non resisident ccw from utah
  236. Got this via email today
  237. could we get a billboard?
  238. Open Carry in Gifford Pinchot State Park
  239. Traveling trough Maryland
  240. should I even apply for a carry permit?
  241. Gilberton abolishes Police force.
  242. ArmsCare or USCCA CCW Self-Defense Insurance
  243. Constitutional carry in Pa. Why not?
  244. if i am moving, should i take my gun with me?
  245. Transfer Question
  246. Out of State "long gun" private sale question
  247. Definition of Insanity
  248. Andy Dinniman
  249. Why Transfer at Gun Shop?
  250. Buying a gun in PA