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  1. Response from Judy Schwank
  2. HB 671 Constitutional Carry – Rep Saccone 2013-2014 legislative effort
  3. Uncle Joe coming to a town near you
  4. Town Hall Phone Chat w/ Rep Simmons
  5. Response from Traitor Senator Casey
  6. Senator Bob Casey
  7. Asked Casey to resign, his reply
  8. State and national bills website
  9. Smith & Wesson - Contact your Rep. Page
  10. "Arsenal" of illegal guns.
  11. Legal way to apply for a LTCF?
  12. HB 517... do these anti-freedom dopes ever stop?
  13. Viewers are invited to participate in Pennsylvania Cable Network’s Live Call-In Prog
  14. Meeting with Rep Mackenzie (134th district)
  15. Response from Senator Bob Casey
  16. Response from Keith Rothfus, US congress 12th district
  17. Response from one of the new AG's lacky...
  18. Rep. Meehan (PA-7) and Fitzpatrick (PA-8) Leading Anti-Gunners in Congress!
  19. Do I need a license to buy a handgun
  20. Reaching out to your congress critters
  21. HB 718 – Right to Transport Firearms Rep Krieger 2013-2014 legislative effort
  22. Man stopped in downtown Easton after purchasing a rifle
  23. Response from Congressman Bob Brady - 1st Congressional District, PA
  24. Am I legally allowed to own a gun if...
  25. Police Chief Wants Citizens As ‘Reserve Force’ To Defend Against Feds
  26. Sheriff Kolar (Cambria County) is Pro 2A
  27. Another shipping question- BUT a Quick one!
  28. Harrisburg April 23rd...Daryl Metcalfe sponsoring a pro-gun rally
  30. Response from Rep. Marisco regarding moving forward with HB357
  31. ITV: On the streets in Philadelphia as police fight gun crime
  32. URGENT Oxford Borough Gun Control Resolution
  33. Smart Talk on WITF, right now
  34. new legislation in PA
  35. Park laws
  36. Do You Live in a Constitution-Free Zone?
  37. Drafts of my letters to Representatives (feel free to take for yours)
  38. Time to redraw some borders?
  39. Response from Jim Gerlach
  40. PA State Police refuse to finger print for out of state permits?!?!?!?!
  41. Gun purchase help
  42. Pa pro gun reps in Harrisburg
  43. Response from Senator Randy Vulakovich
  44. Courting firearm manufacturers to relocate to PA?
  45. need help finding statistics
  46. panicky cop shoots partner in the back
  47. Attorney Prepares to Challenge Atty Gen Florida LTCF Action
  48. Course aims to put guns in safe hands
  49. Now Kane wants same standards to buy a firearm as CC
  50. Concerned Gun Owners of Bucks County 2-19-13
  51. Organizations that prohibit firearms on their premises
  52. Received this email from Rep. Gerlach today
  53. Urgent Call for Action: DELCO/CHESCO Voters in 26th District
  54. House Bills Summary Sheet
  55. A divided America
  56. response from Rep. Stephen Barrar
  57. HB 805 ( Preemption ) Regulation of Firearms & Ammunition - Rep Metcalfe 2013-2014
  58. Man attacks teacher with hammer, Upper Darby
  59. HB 521 They’re proposing firearm liability insurance of at least $1,000,000!!!
  60. HB 792 (NO) Handgun Registry Legislation – Rep Tallman 2013-2014
  61. where is the fight in Pa ??
  62. Mass-shooting-survivor-argues-against-new-gun-control plan
  63. Gun registry?
  64. Comcast stops all Gun ads
  65. Anti - Congressman Mike Doyle Pennsylvania 14th Congressional District (Pittsburgh)
  66. Brookville open carry event
  67. The cops can't babysit everyone
  68. reply from Sen. John Eichelberger and I am not sure how to take this
  69. Anti-gun [state] Sen. Daylin Leach
  70. Sheriff Randall Miller Northampton County
  71. Jessie White
  73. Michael Fitzpatrick-believes no private citizen should own any military-style weapons
  74. Vote on Pa. gun laws
  75. Sen Casey at Bethlehem middle school today
  76. Yardley " gun safety meeting" 2-21-13
  77. Email from Congressman Robert A. Brady
  78. Firearm Theft in PA = Felony?
  79. PA State Police Commissioner on guns
  80. Was denied today, 1st try. I know why, and it sucks!
  81. A threat worse than the smokescreen of coming after the 2nd ammendment
  82. Spoke with PA Senator Fontana Today
  83. moved
  84. CTA: Universal Background Check=Firearms Registration, Jail for Violators
  85. I wish I would have known about this
  86. HOuse Bill 521-$1 Million in Insurance?
  87. Day of resistance rally 2/23/13
  88. Day of resistance rally 2/23/13
  89. Mayor Nutter to testify on AWB
  90. I think I got the ball rolling.
  91. Florida's "Withold Adjudication" ???
  92. Email from Tom Corbett
  93. Response from Governor Corbett
  94. Preventing Philla and Pgh from continually deciding PA's fate?
  95. 2nd Amendment Rally Saturday March 2 2013
  96. Town Hall on PA Gun Laws - Lower Merion - Feb 27
  97. Question about buying fire Arm
  98. "no comply" petition
  99. Where and When Do We Sign Up?
  100. Anti Rally In Allentown TOMORROW 2/27.
  101. How to register handguns in PA that I believe were never registered
  102. Kane: "No Right To Gun Down Classroom Of Kids In Under A Minute"
  103. Meeting of the Minds in Lower Bucks County
  104. SE PA Towns Talk Gun Control
  105. "Guns In America - After Sandy Hook" forum discussion - Media, PA - Thurs, Mar 7th
  106. Cease Fire PA meeting Allentown
  107. More evidence Kane is an incompetent, unmitigated disaster
  108. ARTICLE: If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?
  109. Information Sharing .. (Shared)
  110. NYC Mayor Bloomberg--More to come on Gun Control-Article-Must Read
  111. 168th District-Rep. Thomas Killion Response
  112. From son to mother
  113. 108th district Rep. Culver
  114. Susquehanna County takes stand on gun rights
  115. castle doctrine outside (sorta)
  116. Ambridge Schools go on lockdown
  117. SB 584?
  118. Carrying girlfriends glock
  119. Firearm Forum in Media on March 7th
  120. Applications skyrocket for gun-carry permits
  121. Militia of The Several States
  122. Corbett: guns bills have no chance
  123. Allyson Schwartz
  124. SB 505 Protecting the Right of Pa to Bear Arms –Senator Eichelberger 2013-2014
  125. Jay Costa response....
  126. Homeland Security and Military Vehicles
  127. HB 921 Elimination (PICS) & use National Instant Check System (NICS) Rep Krieger 2013
  128. Fun in Lower Makefield Township
  129. When is it legal to shoot a domesticated animal?
  130. Phila. Lawmakers pressing for gun ban in parks and rec centers
  131. My Letter to the Editor Today
  132. Remove AG Authority
  133. Is my handgun legal?
  134. FFL question regardign a transfer
  135. Grace period for FL non-rez permits
  136. Long gun transfer in PA- non resident of PA
  137. 2 Drug raids in phila but...
  138. Home Defense Question
  139. AR15 Ownership/gift
  140. Coatesville Gun Buyback
  141. SB660 another one to watch
  142. Family members moving to PA this year. happy for them but...
  143. The existing laws work in PA...
  144. Does The Castle Doctrine Apply To Someone On A Roof?
  145. Contact Pat Toomey to express disappointment with his 2A wishy-washiness
  146. PA Members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  147. Recall vote for Toomey and Casey....
  148. Protest at Valley Forge National Park?
  149. Could I get at least 50 of you to join me
  150. Please sign.. "Armed Pennsylvania" ..stand up against gun control..
  151. Metcalfe courting gun makers.
  152. March 21st at, Yes, the "Synagogue" Again:
  153. Congressman Thompson discusses Brookville's Open Carry Walk
  154. Tea party to host GOP gun advocate
  155. East Norriton (19403) to Consider "Lost and Stolen" Ordinance at 3/19 Meeting
  156. Commonwealth Noise Laws
  157. Wouldn't it be nice...
  158. Franklin County,PA 2nd Amendment Rally (Chambersburg Square)
  159. Hb1010 what are they trying to do?
  160. Legal or Not
  161. Police showing in pa because of anonymous calls increasing in PA!
  162. The biggest preemption violation so far?
  163. NICS Improvement Act of 2007
  164. Proposed Pennsylvania SB73 - FELONY TO CARRY any public recreation center OR park
  165. Doylestown, Pennsylvania ANTI-GUN RALLY MARCH 30 2013
  166. response from Sen. Vulakovich
  167. why i love Berks county
  168. CeaseFire PA against bringing Gun Manufacturing to PA
  169. here comes bloomturd an his add campain aimed at toomey
  170. Casey is a tool.
  171. Corbett will be on FOX your world at 4pm est!
  172. appology , how do i remove this thread
  173. Pro 2nd Rally Grices Gun Shop April 7 11-1
  174. Rally gathers gun advocates 3/24/13 Sharon Pa
  175. HR0192 Another Universal Background Check push
  176. Lancaster County - Any of these belong to you?
  177. Anti Protest in Philly Thurs. Mar. 28. Org. By Mayors
  178. Ceasefire is claiming if you OC in Doylestown on march 30 you will be arrested!
  179. SB736 - Yet another background check bill
  180. Bloomberg's ad targeting Toomey
  181. Since when did Walmart start asking for DL for ammo?
  182. The "excuses" thread.
  183. Firearms related Survey
  184. anyone else get the NRA "truth about gun owners poll" request?
  185. Handgun ownership question, widow
  186. Out of state purchase
  187. finding a pistol
  188. Boycott all Intelligencer/Burlington Times/Courier Advertisers
  189. Neighbor shot our jack russel terrior
  190. Harrisburg Gun Rally 4/23/13 - Bus Available
  191. Chief Mark Kessler Constitution Security Force 1st Meeting
  192. Gun Rights Across America first national rally May 25th Phladelphia
  193. Rep Metcalfe in Lehigh Valley April 5, 7 PM
  195. Philadelphia homeowner defends his family and kills a burgler
  196. MAIG ads in NEPA
  197. Morrisville PA ANTI GUN RALLY MAY 11
  198. How old do you have to be to carry a ar 15 to a 2nd amendment protest
  199. Any way to check a guns serial number before I buy it?
  200. Dick requires ID to show Citizenship now for Ammo SSSS
  201. Monday April 1st, 7:00pm Perkasie Borough Council meeting
  202. Lancaster City - Somebody Needs A Good Talking To
  203. As the dominos fall (CT, CO, NY, MD) How do we avoid this in PA?
  204. Kutztown University - Gun Control Workshop - April 11th
  205. Congratulations Upper Moreland residents
  206. Wozniak wants to change how we elect all state judges
  207. Trio arrested for firing handgun
  208. PAFOA mentioned in news article
  209. Hb1091 felony to posses gun you don't own in Philly.
  210. response from local rep.
  211. 2013 PA State Bills of Interest
  212. Allentown Magisterial District Court makes you check your gun at Courthouse 1.5m Away
  213. UN approves Gun Grab
  214. Heeding God's Call to march
  215. Charles Ramsey and Commissioners host online chat today
  216. Losing Gun Rights- Some of You Deserve It
  217. Conneticut Passes Gun Control Package into law
  218. Gun Owners of AMerica pushed harder than the NRA
  219. Radio Ad-- Are you *&^#ing kidding me?!?
  220. Help. 17 year old son may recieve "F" for turning in a power point on hunting
  221. No more Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to our 2nd!
  222. Need Some Lawful Help Please!!!
  223. Local police with gun registration???
  224. Another Courier-Times Hit Piece...
  225. Stockman-Broun Letter - Your rep didn't sign it
  226. Debate with David Scholnick of MAIG
  227. Tuesday April 9th - Another anti-gun Protest in Philadelphia
  228. Email exchange with Sen. Farnese regarding SB73
  229. Rosemary Brown newsletter text
  230. Question carry on property posted No Guns
  231. Another MAIG bites it
  232. Is Toomey caving???
  233. Toomey could be swing vote in Senate vote on UBC
  234. should we lose pa where would you go
  235. What if a robber breaks in my gfs house and uses my gun to defend herself?
  236. Cease fire PA protesting at toomey's office in Phila.
  237. Smokless powder storage limits in PA?
  238. Must show license to carry in Philadelphia when it is demanded.
  240. RED Alert! New GOP Voice in Gun Talks (Toomey)
  241. Mandatory Firearms Education for FirstTime Handgun Owners - PA HB1162
  242. NRA speaker at CALU
  243. WPVI Channel 6 Gun Control Poll
  244. Our Worst Nightmare
  245. CGOBC Counter Protest 4/9 Philadelphia at Senator Toomey's Office
  246. Question regarding reciprocity
  247. another company leaving Ct LETS GET ON IT
  248. Anyone familiar with this State Rep Haggerty.................(clown)?
  249. Riot in Philly. 100-200 people involved
  250. e-mail or call Toomey before Vote