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  1. channel 10 next
  2. This is the letter I sent to our senators....and this is what I got back
  3. Anti's coalescing and gaining fast
  4. challenging a firearm transfer denial
  5. what an idiot
  6. Background Checks
  7. So what happens if you buy online then fail the check?
  8. Harrisburg 23 Jan 2013
  9. Denied Purchase Due to 3 DUI's in 5 Years
  10. My Reply from Senator Vogel
  11. Elder Vogel Response
  12. January 19th Gun Control = More Crime Rally
  13. AG Kane to kids about guns
  14. Accidental discharge?
  15. NRA Weekend at Cabela's- Feb 9th and 10th
  16. First post, odd question
  17. Wilkes-Barre Homeowner holds intruder at gunpoint
  18. Pistol shooting alone on private property as a minor?
  19. Question about shooting this person
  20. Is Someone Aware of this stuff?
  21. Eastern Outdoors Show -Utah carry class
  22. Letter to Pat Toomey
  23. Forum to discuss "Gun Violence" with Mayor Thompson
  24. Are there any laws about selling knives?
  25. Committees of Correspondence
  26. State Capitol March Jan.19th 2013
  27. Harrisburg 23JAN2013 - Part 2 - ACTION!!
  28. If You Voted For This Gun-Grabbing SOB In The Past......
  29. Response from senator casey
  30. Joe Pitts is sticking with the Constitution!
  31. Response from Casey
  32. Wyoming Proposal re: Federal Gun Bans
  33. Wyoming proposes bill that would nullify new federal gun laws
  34. Can I buy from a New Jerseyan FTF in PA?
  35. Merged thread for proposed PA gun law changes?
  36. Gunshow loophole
  38. Fighting back! Philly.com's war on US
  39. New Pa. Gun Law
  40. A "no brainer" way to contact your REPS..took me 15 seconds for 3 REPS!
  41. Response from Pat Toomey
  42. Pa gun tracking.
  43. Submitted for Legislation school personnel- Right to Carry
  44. Okehocking Preserve Preemption Challenge
  45. Rep Charlie Dent
  46. Forming A GUN TRUST good idea?
  47. Harrisburg knee jerk reaction
  48. More GFZ,s comming to PA
  49. message all your elected officals at one place!!!!
  50. 2 Common traits of the gun grabbers!
  51. "TheRealTrippleB"
  52. Question regarding purchases in Delaware
  53. Banning fox hunting in the UK
  54. Moving to NJ, a few quick questions.
  55. CeaseFirePA Infected!
  56. Handgun transfer between brothers
  57. Selling magazine/clips in Pennsylvania
  58. 2nd Amendment Preservation Act - Support Chief Kessler!
  59. PA Attorney General / pre-emption violations
  60. Philadelphia Daily New Article Good read
  61. Mass Shooting Stats - Please read and share!
  62. Pro-Gun PA Legislation
  63. Response from Senator Schwank
  64. Sheriff's office adds hours for gun permits
  65. Response from Rep. Fitzpatrick
  66. What gun control laws can be passed at the state level?
  67. Bill to allow conceal carry and remove gun free zones in PA
  68. obama law and a pa produced lower
  69. newbie looking for help
  70. Response from Congressman Murphy
  71. Kentucky Sheriff Stands Tall
  72. Right to Bear Arms Protection Act - Daryl D. Metcalfe
  73. Transfer to someone out of state?
  74. PA state of emergency?
  75. Ltcf questions
  76. Guns Across America: Pennsylvania Rally January 19th
  77. PA LTCF Westmoreland Co
  78. It's Official - Politics Makes People Dumb:
  79. Made my move from NY to PA..
  80. "guns across America" rally
  81. GET ON THEM!!!!
  82. Mayor Nutter Proposes Economic Principles to Pressure Firearms Industry
  83. Concerned Guns Owners of Bucks County
  85. Lower Makefield Twp park gun ban
  86. Are there any reports of nullification of federal gun laws by sherrifs yet?
  87. Mark Fiorino/Viper is now a legal precedent
  88. You ALL need to read this! Using the IRS for Gun Control!
  89. Bastardized Rights - Just Common Sense
  90. Purchasing a firearm while under the influence, illegal?
  91. Out of state buyer of magazine only?
  92. Bristol township officer
  93. Robert Brady District 1 !
  94. Letter to Sen. Casey
  95. 2013 PA State Bills of Interest
  96. Response from Rep Duane Milne
  97. State of emergency from Hurricane Sandy is over
  98. I found a study of England's homicide rate back to the 13th century
  99. transfer question
  100. Just out SB 191 & SB 192
  101. please contact the bozos trying to create gun free zones in lower make
  102. Selling an AR without a transfer to someone I don't know
  103. WARNING - New Legislation Being Introduced
  104. Casey's 2nd form letter
  105. Law Abiding Citizens of America, Protection Limitation Waiver
  106. 5 year old suspended for threats?
  107. Restore gun rights
  108. Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show = No Scary Guns
  110. Sen. Tim Solobay
  111. Letter to PSEA- Teachers Union- I am a teacher
  112. Pa law bill of sale
  113. PA house bill 2592 AWB
  114. Mike Schlossberg of the 132nd District is ANTI-GUN
  115. Got this response from Gerlach
  116. Pa. Second Amendment Preservation Act
  117. looks like we need to Lean on Toomey
  118. Remember, There are no stupid questions.(I hope)
  119. Port Vue, PA makes the blaze
  120. Reply from Senator Bob Mensch....
  121. Larry Farnese on PA AWB
  122. Looking for a Lawyer near Altoona, PA that does Gun Trusts...
  123. Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, Harrisburg, PA
  124. How to approach your reps?
  125. Reply from Alloways' office
  126. When will people realize that peaceful protest is going no where!
  127. PA sends mental health records to Feds
  128. I wrote Casey and specifically told him not to send a form letter. Today's response..
  129. Harrisburg Rally Pictures 1-23-13
  130. Got a Reply from REP Kauffman
  131. State Rep. aims to make Federal Gun Laws Null in PA
  132. Fifth-grader reprimanded for bringing paper ‘gun’ to school
  133. Got a letter (on paper) from Rep Justin Simmons today
  134. Gun owners strike first in dueling gun-control rallies at Capitol
  135. PCN Coverage of PA Responsible Citizens rally at the State Capitol
  136. Gun Control Hypocrite Video
  137. Got two responses from the Ruger sendout today
  138. Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show Postponed!
  139. Toomey AGAINST AWB
  140. State Rep John Payne on our side
  141. That Great Solon and Defender of the Constitution
  142. Legislators to be voted out
  143. Response from Rep. Lynda Schlegel Culver
  145. Gilberton,pa
  146. A question abiut Purchasing a firearm from an officer who is a friend
  147. Reply from Pat Meehan, House, District 7
  148. Rep Curt Sonney
  149. Senator Eichelberger, District 30
  150. Senator David Argall email response
  151. Got a reply from Tom Marino, PA District 10
  153. Where is everyone! HB 287 & HB 385
  154. Someone needs to get serious
  155. 2/8/2013 2nd Amendment Rally. Who's going?
  156. What about the cancelled Harrisburg "Gun Celebration"??
  157. Focus on Reducing CRIME
  158. Moving to PA
  159. Representative Jeff Pyle's Speech
  160. popvox
  161. We need to stop HB 335. Call reps.
  162. Firearm Freedom Act – Rep Gabler 2013-2014 session effort
  165. G/F recieved a response from Tom Marino
  166. Who Are the Mayors Against Guns?
  167. Denied ownership because of a 302 when I was a kid...
  168. One more out-of-state question
  169. HB 239 Firearm registration w/ a 10 tax per firearm per year - Rep Cruz -2013 effort
  170. Campus carry & HB40: response from state rep and cosponsor
  171. No LTC b/c PICS system down?
  172. Call and support House Bill 357
  173. Response from State Senator Wozniak
  174. Paper Snail Mail Letter from PA Senator
  175. Morning Call's latest
  176. Santarsiero's New Gun Grab Group...
  177. Chester county area gun rally
  178. Pennsylvania firearm background check question
  179. Poll: Pa. voters want assault weapons banned
  180. Effectiveness and Legalities of Protests?
  181. Email from Rep Todd Rock
  182. Sheriffs office
  183. FEDERAL LEOs practice assault on PA CAPITOL BLDG!
  184. My letter to my representatives. Too forward?
  185. Casey's Allentown Staff is Lonely
  186. HB 448 Preservation & Protection RTKBA in motor vehicle - Rep Pyle 2013-2014 effort
  187. "Our Right to Bear Arms" ~ Thurs. Feb 7 ~ Williamsport, PA
  188. shotgun transfer question
  189. Pennsylvania Sheriffs MUST Be Urged To Resist
  190. Owning Home within School Zone
  191. Need Help With 302
  192. Conceal carry and Schools
  193. Assualt Rifle is a Political term
  194. Charlie Dent's Town Hall in Hamburg
  195. Sportsman's Permit Question and some hunting info
  196. Any non US citizen in Montgomery county apply for ccw??
  197. HB 469 Rep Tallman Prohibiting the Regulation of Firearms by an Executive Order 2013
  198. State police say glitch in gun-permit system fixed
  199. Township of Pine Preemption Violation?
  200. My letter to Sen. Cassie as of 2/5/13
  201. Casey: Connecticut Shooting Changed my Mind
  202. SB 435 PA Assault Weapons Ban - 2013-2014 What are you going to do now?
  203. HB 521 Rep Waters - Mandatory 1 million LTCF liability insurance - 2013-2014
  204. HB 518 Rep Waters efforts to GUT & WEAKEN PA Castle Doctrine - 2013-2014
  205. Pro 2a reply from PA house REP: Bill Kortz
  206. HB 520 Rep Water - Carrying a Firearm without a License – Don’t get a LTCF = jail
  207. PA resident gifting guns to MD resident
  208. Senator Farnese – Title 18 Several Anti-Gun SB 431 SB 432 SB 433 SB 434
  209. lackwwanna county residents
  210. Clarion open carry walk
  211. Sheriff Held's 2nd Amendment Town Hall- Tonight!
  212. Black scary guns- Yes/No?
  213. Pennsyslvania US Senator Bob Casey turns gun grabber
  214. Deli Owner Shoots and Kills Robber
  215. From Senator Gene Yaw's Newsletter
  216. Bensalem PD buy back arrest
  217. House Bill 517 "assault weapon" ban
  218. 6 or 7 Pennsylvania sheriffs on anti-gun ban list
  219. David Maloney- return email
  220. What does PICS mean?
  221. gun permit denied because of being mentally institutionalized
  222. Crazy Joe coming to Philly
  223. Bob Brady response again
  224. I wonder how many of these guys marched for their 2A rights and will follow the new g
  225. Rumor of a "Gun Insurance Bill"
  226. Thought I'd share - Bob Casey response.
  227. Springettsbury police chief to join Biden in Philadelphia to discuss gun control
  228. Gun Control/2A Calls and Emails Dropping Off
  229. AG Kane closes "Florida Loophole"
  230. Can we do this in PA
  231. Senator Bob Casey & his stance on the 2013 AWB
  232. Next to go: renting guns
  233. My response from Senator Casey
  234. My response to Senator Casey...
  235. My response from Rep Lou Barletta
  236. Forget Harrisburg, Take on Philly
  237. Senator Casey Supports Ban on Assault Weapons and High Capacity Mags
  238. Concerned gun owners of Bucks County Meeting Feb 19
  240. Ending Philadelphia Gun Permit Unit's Practices
  241. A Pennsylvania politician that we can be proud of....
  242. NRA Backed Congressmen anti ????????
  243. Help how to transfer handgun within family
  244. Congressman Robert Brady support AWB - Time to call him
  245. Representative David Maloney
  246. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe LIVE televised debate with Anti 2/12/2013
  247. Antigun meeting in bucks county - IMPORTANT
  248. Somerset/Hyndman Area- Feb 19th
  249. Should be sent to EVERY POLITICIAN
  250. Response from Jay Costa, Dem senate leader