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  1. Gun bill is bad news for municipalities
  2. Derry Township Preemption violation
  3. wondering if
  4. Handgun shipped from out-of-state priv. individual - FFL legality?
  5. Outdoor Cleaning
  6. Are Record of Sale database queries recorded?
  7. Can a felon ever own a gun in Pa?
  8. Restoration of rights - My experience - PICS Challenge
  9. Shipping/Selling blackpowder handgun??
  10. Gun carry along the state border in a boat.
  11. Type of ID needed to purchase a gun in PA.
  12. Law regarding defense against dogs.........
  13. Holder's Fast and Furious fiasco does not help PA's gun control crusade
  14. Handgun Transfer - Alabama to PA
  15. need help with gun permit law
  16. Willistown and Westtown Preemption Violations
  17. Questions about PA gun laws.
  18. Questions regarding Property and FFL
  19. UZI legality
  20. Pics Denial
  21. Current firearm laws on purchasing a handgun?
  22. Shipping a rifle witin state...denied by UPS and USPS
  23. Suprise surprise - Upper Providence MD Court not in compliance in com
  24. PICS vs. NICS
  25. Pennsylvania Constitution Workshop
  26. Requests to investigate anti-gun Philly top cop’s ‘gun crimes’ ignored
  27. Handgun transfer from PA to GA
  28. Reporting .22 rifle as lost 5 years ago
  29. Recieving social security disability for physical and mental health issues
  30. Need to know facts regarding LTCF in PA, please help.
  31. Need advice on selling my handgun
  32. Fellow Sheepdogs, America needs to wake up!
  33. Please hit this poll
  34. Need a lawer in central PA
  35. First DUI prohibition??
  36. Susquehanna ltcf
  37. prohibited from owning or carrying fire arms 302
  38. Charles H. Ramsey, Philadelphia Police Commissioner, on Gun Control
  39. Philly Political Figures Speak Out About Gun Control
  40. Candidates take stands on gun control
  41. Selling rifle while out of state.
  42. Questions regarding travel from PA to DE and DE to PA
  43. (Luzerne County) Audit: Confiscated guns in disarray
  44. Making sure I have it right
  45. Trying to organize a "rally" in light of recent events. Help?!
  46. I agree with a statement from Mayor Nutter
  47. Can felon stay at gun owner's home?
  48. PA Senate Dist. 40--VOTE TODAY
  49. How to legally import a handgun from Russia
  50. How to sell a Glock .22 Kit?
  51. Semi-autos for hunting and varminting
  52. FOAC renewal
  53. Man's gun triggers alarm while registering child for school
  54. Response from Mike Fitzpatrick on H.R. 822
  55. denied for m1 third and last dui in 2000
  56. Encoded Ammo & Ammo Reporting Requirements Legislation being proposed
  57. Owning a firearm w/ a restraining order
  58. Application/record of sale
  59. Firearm registration w/ a 10 tax per firearm per year - HB 2569 Rep Cruz -2012 effort
  60. Private gun / rifle range Laws and Regulations
  61. Response from Fitzpatrick on HB 2569
  62. Dauphin County judge want to shake the hand of victim who shoots criminal
  63. PA proposed Assault Weapons Ban – HB 2592 by Rep Waters 2012 effort
  64. psp gun registration/ sales registration question
  65. 2012 Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium
  66. First Degree Misdemeanor
  67. Long gun trading between PA and MD?
  68. buying gun for fiancee
  69. Firearm Liability Insurance for all LTCF permit holder in PA – Rep Waters 2012 effort
  70. Guns Near Schools in PA?
  71. inherited firearm (sort of) long story
  72. Gift between spouses
  73. Preemption and municipal property
  74. Godshall, save the King.
  75. Question about gun purchase
  76. NRA Locked In Gun Battle With Pennsylvania Mayors Over Town Laws
  77. 302 to a 201
  78. Personalized Gun Legislation “smart guns”– Rep James 2012 effort
  79. Man shot at SGL 170
  80. SGL Range question
  81. need help am i able to procure a firearm ?in research status
  82. New buyer, law question need help
  83. Targetmaster Close
  84. long gun transfer to non PA resident
  85. OAL law
  86. Castle Doctrine Question
  87. Legal question about lending a firearm to someone
  88. Ltcf holder put on research to buy a handgun
  89. Solebury Twp Ordinance - Rules Re Use of Parks
  90. Philadelphia - trying to address gun violence again
  91. Relocated to PA from NJ, how to buy a rifle?
  92. VERY dangerous piece of legislation!!!!!!
  93. I suck at the internet...please ignore this thread.
  94. Lawyers or help in Harrisburg area.
  95. Is a bow considered a firearm in Pennsylvania?
  96. PA Felony Law
  97. Why?...
  98. Gun purchase and CYS
  99. LTCF question
  100. Movement to pass Semi-Auto use in hunting
  101. gun on school property
  102. Nov 6th 2012 elections - FOAC Pro Gun voter guide – Time for a choice - GO VOTE!!!!!!
  103. No firearms signs that aren't no firearm signs
  105. Castle Doctrine Question - Repeat Car Burglar
  106. RE: CD
  107. 11th District Senatorial Candidate Karen Mogel
  108. Reminder: Voter Reg. Deadline Tomorrow
  109. Am I allowed to get a license to carry if I had a DUI?
  110. Trade for Jukar rifle & pistol - FTF or Dealer?
  111. Learner's permit/ Junior license driving with guns in vehicle
  112. Backyard Shooting?
  113. Question about PA concealed carry law
  114. How do you give a gun to a family member?
  115. Denied 1 day after purchase
  116. If officer training is the forfront of police protecting our rights...
  117. Do NOT Vote for Kane-Attorney General Pa
  118. General questions about PA CC Laws.
  119. Who says so?
  120. Just moved to PA - what are the rules around buying firearms?
  121. Black Panthers in Philly
  122. Rock the vote
  123. thoughts...
  124. Balance of power and gun rights
  125. More on the legality of lying to the police
  126. Info Needed on transfer of handgun
  127. Invited to a neighborhood CeaseFirePa meeting
  128. Can I legally own a gun if my Husband is not permitted to?
  129. Call your Senator asap. UN smalls arms treaty on fast track
  130. Possible Class Action Lawsuit against Philadelphia
  131. Permanent-Resident Firearm Purchase
  132. Active Military CCW permit
  133. Law regarding traveling with a long gun in a vehicle?
  134. original date of ccf law in pa
  135. Yes Virginia, there is a State of Emergency.
  136. Military stationed in PA
  137. PA - Last state where this is legal...this is great stuff!
  138. should i replace my ltcf
  139. Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Another State
  140. Protesters drone shot down at pigeon shoot
  141. Buying a Handgun for my Father?
  142. Why is PA a blue state?
  143. Buying rifle with out of state (PA) license
  144. Buying Pistol in PA without PA ID
  145. Handgun for a minor
  146. PA attorney General Kane urges Congress to reject concealed carry bill.
  147. An issue regarding purchasing a firearm.
  148. Blair County CCW
  149. PA LTCF denied for "an undisclosed reason"
  150. Open Carry Law Question
  151. Random law questions
  152. Elk County Sheriff's Office Closed
  153. Illegal to fire an Assualt Rifle in Allegheny County?
  154. Upper Macungie bars some trucks from certain roads (and "fixes" their park rules)
  155. Officials: Boy, 7, shot to death outside Pa. gun store
  156. Military exception to LTCF - has anyone heard this story?
  157. Can I buy in PA?
  158. Preemption Violation - Need Some Advice
  159. 1 Day yes, the other day Denied
  160. Firearms transfer in PA
  161. 4 months later still no letter?
  162. Small victory in Upper Macungie!
  163. Am i screwed for the rest of my life
  164. 40% of guns sales go without a background check. Really?
  165. Susan Rice backs out
  166. What is your wish list for Pro gun Legislative priorities for 2013-2014 session in PA
  167. Is it safe to send driver's license for mail purchase?
  168. Status on House Bill 2548?
  169. IS PICS down?
  170. Is this PA Gun Ownership Law For Real?
  171. where does the 40% nmber come from?
  172. PFA in Pa and own/buying after it expires
  173. Question on Ownership/Registration
  174. Activists! How About Some Guidance for Letter Writing?
  175. Bob Casey now supports gun bans
  176. State Rep. Steve Santarsiero wants guns banned in Pa
  177. Darrell Clarke thinks we all support Lost & Stolen!
  178. just emailed my rep and senator(s)
  179. Use of Deadly Force
  180. Pennsylvania Firearms Freedom Act
  181. List of anti-2nd amendment stores we should boycott
  182. Who are the prime targets among PA's US Senators and Reps?
  183. Dem- Larry Farnese is proposing AWB and Hicap ban in PA
  184. Lawercenville Pa Weapons Seizure?
  185. Rep. Allyson Schwartz believes 2A is about National Guard
  186. Are you satisfied with the NRA's response?
  187. Please Join the NRA now.
  188. Grand fathered hand gun mags ?
  189. States accepting pa gun laws
  190. Leaving Post-Dec. 21, 2012 knowing that you cared: making most of a right to petition
  191. New to PA, question about selling a handgun.
  192. Legal to own ARsin Philly?
  193. Poll of the day - you input needed
  194. Rallys?
  195. PA State Assault Weapons Ban
  196. Is it time to stage a pro gun rally in H-Burg
  197. selling ammo and AR mags?
  198. RED ALERT: Local Rep. Introduces Assault Weapon Ban Legislation
  199. Random thought on panic buying
  200. PA Rifle Purchase by NYC resident
  201. An quick poll - which shot do you take?
  202. Any Pro 2nd amendment rallys planned
  203. I Really Hate to Ask, But.........
  204. Something every firearm owner should watch
  205. Gun brought into school in Confluence, PA
  206. Question about 3 DUI loophole to own gun.
  207. It's time for Pennsylvania to again take the lead. (aka my letter to Sen. Bob Casey)
  208. PA Legislators
  209. Question about gun ownership in a multi-gun, multi-carry family
  210. Contacting your representitives is easy as 1,2,3...
  211. Ammunition/firearms buying hysteria?
  212. Is there any rallys,meets,anything HELLO!!!
  213. Easy online form that lets you email the president and all of your congresspeople
  214. Harrisburg 23 Jan 2013 10:00 start
  215. Did the harrisburg Patriot News Stop Listing Firearms for sale in the Classifieds?
  216. Gun laws regarding felons/non felons
  217. Forks Twp. Park rules NO Weapons
  218. Just saw Bloomberg on TV, surrounded by personal body guards.
  219. Section 21 Q?
  220. If gun registration is illegal in PA....
  221. Can we sue politicians for violating our state constitution??
  222. Attorney General authority
  223. Call Senator Casey today (AWB)
  224. Response From Local Rep
  225. I'm dumb...can someone explain this to me? Firearms law in Lower Makefield parks
  226. i see mayor nutter is at again
  227. PICS - research status, why?
  228. transferring ownership of rifles and shotguns?
  229. Carrying as a state employee!
  230. Firearm Registration
  231. Forks Township Preemption Violation
  232. City of Easton preemption violation
  233. Background Check for every sale of Ammunition
  234. Illinois gun owners SOL
  235. Scranton Times Article
  236. Philly police commish trolled dept's personnel files looking for dates...
  237. 17th District Matt Cartwright
  238. Preemption letter question
  239. What if...
  240. Got published again
  241. 2nd amendment preservation zone
  242. Round 2
  243. H.R. 6241: Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2012
  244. PA Rep to Introduce Bill to Allow Armed Teachers/Staff
  245. Corbett says he'll consider gun-show limits
  246. anyone else notice a smaller pay check today?
  247. Pat Toomey's Response to Email
  248. Is PA still in a State of Emergency?
  249. Berks County Sheriff will NOT release LTCF information to media
  250. CARPOOL - HBG Rally Jan 23rd