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  1. New Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground in Simple Engilsh
  2. Grandfather to Grandson Handgun
  3. Florida makes pre-emption costly
  4. college campus carry 2.0
  5. Muhlenberg Township Berks County preemption violation
  6. New Britain Township (Bucks County) Preemption Violation
  7. Property Protection
  8. Living with relative who is prohibited from possessing firearms
  9. Pistol Loan question
  10. Shooting targets in SGL?
  11. Transferring gifted firearm?
  12. Campus Carry Gov Corbett's office reply
  13. Anti Gun Confiscation Laws?
  14. Ammo
  16. Selling handguns directly to an FFL
  17. castle law questions
  19. Legally speaking. Shooting Blanks = Disharge of Firearms?
  20. Taking Guns to West Virginia
  21. I can buy a gun in NY but not Pa
  22. Guns on college campus
  23. Delaware resident with Florida non res permit
  24. My friend is in Trouble in NJ
  25. Is this a UFA violation?
  26. Actually moving.. well kind of..
  27. new residence, ordering a gun and poss denial questions
  28. HB 1860 - Disparity of Force – Rep Saccone's Upgrade to Castle Doctrine
  29. Another pre-emption mistake
  30. What do state and national gun-rights organizations know that we don't? re: support
  31. I challenge you to a race...who can get PA const. carry first?
  32. Let's get a governor's proclamation...it's like Congress naming post offices.
  33. PA legislation to fight gov. abuse
  34. As a candidate for judge, may I comment on hot button issues such as gun rights?
  35. PA Gunlaws - Help Clarify Please
  36. In research?
  37. PIC Status
  38. inherited handgun question
  39. Good Gun-Related Questions for County DA Candidates
  40. Will points on drivers license effect renewal of license to carry?
  41. Any leagl issues selling High-cap mags?
  42. Preemption battle
  43. County 911 releasing confidential information?
  44. Flawless Victory on Preemtion Violation Challenge!!
  45. Joshua West for Philadelphia Sheriff
  46. Prohibited person?
  47. Police pull-over
  48. FTF sale question
  49. The end of Dwight Evans' career?
  50. Newtown Twp.'s ban on guns in parks challenged
  51. Sign on Towanda Court House in Bradford County
  52. Firearms & Bensalem Walmart
  53. Leonard Harrison and Colton Point State Parks
  54. MD Resident at a PA Gun Show
  55. Pennsylvania Legislators on social media
  56. What is it with Philly
  57. Plead Guilty in NJ live in PA gun permit questions
  58. How to find pro gun lawyers in Pennsylvania?
  59. False information from the Sheriffs office
  60. Handgun ownership age?
  61. On the Horizon HB 1918
  62. Nov 8th 2011 elections - FOAC Pro Gun voter guide
  63. Firearms rights question involving PA and Idaho
  64. citing sources of PA gun law?
  65. Plains Township police Storm my home like nazis
  66. Trying to get Act 235 application passed
  67. UPDATED LINK - Penn State Collegian Article on Campus Carry - Fail
  68. Weapons found in Mercyhurst College campus apartment
  69. 19 and owning a handgun?
  70. Pennsylvania Redistricting & How Reapportionment affects you
  71. PA bound from MI - Several Legal questions
  72. Want to stop unconstitutional “laws,” regulations...and mandates?
  73. Help transfer firearms
  74. Handgun shipping
  75. denied on pics check. I have ?'s
  76. Interesting Response from Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz
  77. March toward absurdity not just for the crazy: a story of PICS denial
  78. Very Good Gun Law Blog
  79. when was the age to buy a handgun at 18 in effect?
  80. Question: Tom Corbett
  81. Magazine Restrictions in Philly?
  82. State Game Lands (109)
  83. Discharge of a Firearm?
  84. Firearms or not?
  85. Legalities Of Self Defense From Wild Animals
  86. Castle Doctrine question
  87. Arsenal?
  88. Storing a handgun outside of home?
  89. misdemeanor 1 with only a two year max sentence
  90. Castle Doctrine summary?
  91. Anti-gunner Bryan Miller of CeasefireNJ is lobbying PA Sen. Robert Casey
  92. Upper Southampton Parks and Recreation Proposed Firearms Ordinance
  93. FTF transfer under 21
  94. HR 822-National concealed carry bill
  95. Ramsey in DC for F&F hearings. WHY ???
  96. transfer of handgun to husband
  97. FFL-03 Online Sale
  98. PA Title 34, Game & Wildlife code
  99. Case Law Question
  100. PA Database question
  101. How often can I purchase a pistol?
  102. Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz needs an education
  103. Anti-gun violence group targets legislators
  104. Hunting rifle for foreigner?
  105. Question about owning a handgun.
  106. Company Policy
  107. Can you modify a rifle to comply with hunting regs?
  108. gifting old gun in the family
  109. PICS Challenge
  110. Guns on school property
  111. Cash for Illegal Guns?
  112. Buying a stripped lower under 21
  113. Mossberg cruiser 500
  114. Ammunition and Gun Free School Zone Act
  115. LTCF for non-resident
  116. Restoration of Gun rights for 3rd Degree Felony Theft of Service
  117. Picking up guns from a local shop
  118. Registration
  119. New Owner
  120. PA LCB requiring weapons checks at bars
  121. A question about LTCF
  122. Inherited Firearms
  123. Age to Purchase Black Powder Revolver
  124. Philipsburg Borough Preemption Violation?
  125. Question on License App Answered Wrong?
  126. Phila. Gun License Dept. Experience Today
  127. Denied!
  128. Out of state transactions.
  129. shipping to a relative in North Carolina
  130. Law that prohibits firearm registry in PA
  131. How do I check to see if a gun is stolen or used in a crime?
  132. To carry a firearm in OHIO
  133. FFL required to become a firearm "custom paint shop"?
  134. "Loan" of a rifle for target shooting - Legal?
  135. HB 2127 PICS & ROS Elimination – save taxpayer cash & reducing size of government
  136. Fingerprinting for AZ permit near Phila.
  137. Long gun transfer clarification
  138. Pennsylvania's Brady Campaign Scorecard
  139. almost off probation need help
  140. An article about the Ung civil trial and Castle Doctrine
  141. Legal question
  142. PA Range Permit valid dates question
  143. Help
  144. DA says you must retreat before using force.''
  145. Fixing an unlawful transfer... how?
  146. More BS regarding Philly's Crime Problem
  147. Transferring firearms between states
  148. Question about Automatic Knives in Pa
  149. pistol and shotgun confiscated by the police. are they wrong?
  150. Fair notice - Five Years is long enough.
  151. ftf rifle transfer.
  152. Triumverate of Philadelphia Officials Responsible for violent crime
  153. Buying handgun problems
  154. Possession of friends pistol
  155. eliminate the whole "permit from your own county" thing?
  156. Lancaster mayor fumes over Pa. gun bill
  157. rifle suppressor
  158. PA gun law question
  159. Ok PA folks, now you get to deal with Cryin Bryan Miller FULL TIME !
  160. Phila. Inquirer Monica Rant Kinney
  161. Tresspassing While Carrying
  162. Local target shooting ordinance vs. UFA: help me with research, PAFOA?
  163. Another Inquirer Article
  164. County to lay off Sheriff
  165. Mailing firearm back to manufacturer
  166. Shipping Answers (to questions that are often asked)
  167. attorney specializes in firearm law
  168. Constitutional Carry in PA - Rep. Saccone
  169. side thread
  170. Question on Shotgun Carrying while in the Woods
  171. Castle Doctrine questions. Need simple answers.
  172. east stroudsburg violating preemption clause?
  174. US Congress Candidate Judge Jimmie Moore calls for National Guard in Philly
  175. Philadelphia Petition for Return of Property
  176. question about pic denial
  177. pa character clause
  178. Question about legal Self Defense Ammo
  179. safe way to see if you can purchase a firearm
  180. Military on official orders purchasing handgun in Pennsylvania
  181. Rifle Carry
  182. PICS & undetermined status – We need your stories
  183. MAIG Trying To Stop HB 1523
  184. HB 2176 Constitutional Carry - The Battle FOR passage into the UFA in 2012
  185. Castle Doctrine Flowchart
  186. Legality of handguns in my vacation home in PA
  187. A question about gun ownership and the law.
  188. Inherited Guns
  189. Private Sale of Pistol - Owner is in OK
  190. State agency firearm regulation limitation 6109(m.3)(2)
  191. Lavalliere v. City and County of Philadelpha et al
  192. Montgomery County shooting, test of Castle Doctrine, ruled self defense
  193. PA laws for shooting near other properties
  194. Help - HB 1523 Tabled!
  195. PSP Job Posting
  196. Outdoor shooting
  197. Anti-Gun Pocono Record!
  198. Josephs, D-Phila, planning to introduce legislation to repeal "shoot first" law
  199. Selling a handgun if you're under 21
  200. Confiscated handgun questions
  201. Dumb Question - LCTF vs. PICS check?
  202. Help Help with CCP revoked
  203. Harrisburg program gives cash for useful tips about illegal guns
  204. Pistol Paperwork ?
  205. Question about selling a pistol
  206. Where my Gun Rights Mistakenly Taken Away
  207. question 40 on the LTCF application
  208. Question on altered/obliterated serial number
  209. Misdemeanor drug possession with ard complete
  210. Philadelphia Council Storms the "Castle"
  211. Chief of Police Ramsey in Philly in violation of law?
  212. BeeBee/Air Soft Guns
  213. Shipping long-arms question
  214. does mpoetc use pics for background check for act 235
  215. PA Gun Purchase Denial for a M1 conviction
  216. Voter ID in PA
  217. Attn: Attorneys - New ABA Second Amendment Subcommittee
  218. Explain the sale of Estate Firearms
  219. Carrying airsoftgun in car in Philly, man charged with felony
  220. HB 2356 Unlawful firearm records - Shall not be kept
  221. protecting outside property and vehicles?
  222. Obscure question about the finer points of handgun transfers, pre-PICS
  223. Gun+Polling Place+School
  224. David Freed for Attorney General
  225. Bogus charges and gun seizure
  226. C&R and handguns
  227. Delaware County Parks UFA Preemption Violation
  228. Joan Orie Melvin, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, Charged w/ Campaign Corruption
  229. any experiences with motions for return of property in Allegh. Co.
  230. Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  231. Mechanicsburg Preemption Violation
  232. Need (ideally cited) Answer - Legal to Bury NFA items on your property/out of state?
  233. Montgomery District Court in Lansdale - Breaking the Law for over a Decade
  234. posession-prohibited roommate
  235. darn government!
  236. Transferring estate firearms to son in New York.
  237. Forest Hills, PA Preemption Violation
  238. Multi-state residency, purchase rules
  239. Permit Statistics
  240. Act 235 Question
  241. registration
  242. charged with reckless endangerment
  243. Why shouldn't training be required before purchase of a gun or getting LTCF ??
  244. HB 2400 - PA big brother wire tapping bill - UPGRADE
  245. That Damn Florida Loophole Again
  246. Carrying in and around schools
  247. Another "Can I Own A Firearm"
  248. Possession of a small amount - can I own a handgun?
  249. Range Laws & Regulations - Which is the 'friendliest' PA county?
  250. SB 273 freak out.