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  1. How to Stop Lentz and Getting a LTCF Out of State
  2. Supreme Court Decision Chicago vs McDonald June 28, 2010
  3. Judiciary Vote Tue 6/29/10 HB2600, HB65, HB2464, HB1161 Anyone Know If These Are Ok?
  4. Buying a Gun w/ Charged Felony
  5. Hand gun registery wtf.
  6. Fore-warned is Fore-armed HB 2632
  7. Is it correct you can't transport a firearm in your car to OC while hiking?
  8. No non-resident LTCFs for denied residents of "difficult" MAY ISSUE states
  9. Arrested for Having a gun in vehicle (with permit)
  10. Ok to buy long gun in PA and bring back to NY?
  11. Buying a gun in PA with an out of state license
  12. Here we go again - Bethlehem Lost and Stolen
  13. Transporting to/from range.
  14. Federal (ha ha) Gun-Free School Zone
  15. Temporary address change in order to get a permit in a more friendly county
  16. in-state transfer of handgun between 2 CCL holders
  17. Question Regarding deadly force against an animal
  18. Swirling Array Of Gun Constitutional Issues- Fed & State Levels Overwhelm The Senses
  19. Resident trade pistol for rifle
  20. Need some PA laws clarified
  21. Received a letter from Rep. Lentz.
  22. Misleading Information by CeaseFire PA
  23. Do you think we will ever get reciprocity in US territories?
  24. Exeter Twp (Berks Co) Considering Discharge Ban
  25. Prospective New Gun Owner
  26. Violation of gun rights by Allegheny County
  27. Info needed regarding moving to Pa.
  28. Handgun gift across state lines
  29. Private handgun sale buyer's record...
  30. Will friendly LEO run serial # through Stolen Firearms DB on request?
  31. Modifications to gun safety + Possible full auto fire?
  32. Use of deadly force... did that law ever pass?
  33. Chester considers lost or stolen ordinance
  34. Public Hearing for HB 2536
  35. Living in two places
  36. PA - Does Your "Pro-gun" Democrat Senator Really Support the Second Amendment?
  37. Op-Ed: "We need gun laws within reason"
  38. FOAC Central Chapter Discussion
  39. Ben Avon REPEALS Lost and Stolen illegal Ordinance
  40. 2009 PSP Firearms Report
  41. FOAC Central Meeting Poll
  42. FOAC Central Meeting Poll #2
  43. New to PA
  44. Eastern FOAC Meeting?
  45. Do I need a license/permit to buy Ammo in PA?
  46. House Bill 2536- audio, videos & written testimony
  47. Bloomberg endorses Sestak!
  48. Are YOU Tired of Paying to Exercise YOUR ‘Right to Keep & Bear Arms’? Aug 26, 2010
  49. Cranberry Township preemption violation, no carry allowed?
  50. PICS and other laws governing firearms
  51. Question about "my lawyer"
  52. Is this legal?
  53. Firearm In a Vehicle
  54. Pro 2A
  55. Disqualifications for NFA?
  56. Transfer of ownership needed?
  57. Transfering handguns. What year?
  58. Two townships near me in violation
  59. Recording Conversations Legal or Not?
  60. Parking lot at work...??
  61. Article about Non-Resident Licenses
  62. stripped ar style lowers
  63. Preemption List w/ contact info
  64. Guns of Contention: If Philly says no, Florida can say yes
  65. New Mobile site for PA Legislature
  66. FOAC
  67. Womans gun confiscated for carrying in her home
  68. What is the point of lost and stolen ordinances?
  69. Lansdowne Borough preemption violation
  70. Forget the Castle Doctrine, we need one of these
  71. Transferring a handgun to spouse
  72. “Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Proces
  73. Sept 12 FOAC meeting finalizing Pro gun voter guide endorsement along with candidates
  74. Council President Doug Shields - Defending Pittsburgh's gun laws
  75. Jersey Shore Preemption Violation
  76. Virgin AR lower FTF to under 21?
  77. Can I purchase a long gun at a dealer, do paperwork, and have it shipped to my house?
  78. 'Appalled' Pa. gov. shuts down reports on protests
  79. Boyertown Parks Ordinance
  80. Help with coming election
  81. need help with purchasing a firearm
  82. onarano,not really pro gun
  83. Corbett now holds lead at 54-39
  84. registering laws...
  85. Ask A Gubernatorial Candidate
  86. Lending one's pistol to another LTCF holder for them to carry
  87. Collingdale Delco Local records check for LTCF?
  88. Local laws - OK to shoot on private land?
  89. Challenge to Community College firearms ban
  90. castle doctrine vote
  91. Had my record expunged can I buy firearms?
  92. NJ2AS
  93. Big Threat to HB-40? And more?
  94. Transfer gone bad?
  95. License to Carry vs
  96. Private party long gun sale question
  97. Castle Doctrine HB40, Senate Effort
  98. Anyone heard of this guy????
  99. Now that HB 40 has passed the House...
  100. Castle Law artical in todays Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  101. Gun purchase delay...
  102. Need Help! LTCF..
  103. transporting a firearm in pa
  104. LTCF change of address?
  105. Constitutional Carry in 10-11!!!
  106. Why do we need the Castle Doctrine?
  107. Allegheny County Courts Enforce Laws for Citizens, Ignore Laws Themselves
  108. Clarification on C&R license
  109. Municipalities in violation of §6120 (Preemption)
  110. home ffl york county
  111. Eli Evankovich
  112. “Castle Doctrine” Bill 1926 Passed today 45-4
  114. LTCF and disorderly conduct charge?
  115. LCTF revoked during traffic stop
  116. governor debate, 10/16/10
  117. 45-5 , 45-4 , 41-8 ?
  118. Plain language version of the Castle Doctrine
  119. Transport firearms to shoot at friends house
  120. Stupid Question about the Fla. "Loophole"
  121. I'll be voting AGAINST the NRA this year!
  122. How did the police find the pistol owner info?
  123. PAFOA and PICS Question
  124. So CeasefirePA is going to publicly endorse Lentz on Monday
  125. Bethlehem: Lost Or Stolen Back Again
  126. CeaseFire PA punches below the belt
  127. Does PAFOA have any kind of a voting guide?
  128. A question for the lawyers among you...
  129. Urgent, still trying to Confirm. Preemption violations on Nov. 2nd
  130. This is all I need to know...!! Guess where my vote is going...!!
  131. Lentz has a facebook,fight back people
  132. Getting the word out....
  133. Philadelphia attempting to violate preemption -banning non res permits !
  135. New to polotics, got an issue.
  136. Tom Corbett responds to PAFOA Members Questions
  138. Carbon County PA 122nd:Yaich over Heffley
  139. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE TOMORROW (Nov 2)!!! - PA Pro-Gun Voting Guide enclosed!
  140. Here's one you might not think of - Federal Outhouse
  141. There's no scrutiny like inscrutiny: 3rd Cir. adopts less-than-strict standard
  142. Issues Guide?
  143. Response from Mary Jo White re: Leach Amendment [Florida Loophole]
  144. Northampton County - Marcia Hahn
  146. Corbett wins PA Gov
  147. Voting
  148. Alright corbett
  149. PA NRA Political Group Contact help???
  150. Consigning a Firearm
  151. Gun-toting soccer mom's lawsuit against Lebanon County sheriff dismissed a year after
  152. How is the Sales Database not conflicting with 18 Pa.C.S. § 6111 v?
  153. Senator Jane Earll prompts irate phone call from my father last night
  154. A G Elect
  155. NRA Liason for PA, Hohenwarter: Q&A Session
  156. When can a LEO ask for your permit?
  157. Rural backyard range
  158. Father denied for gun purchase & permit, was able to purchase twice priorto
  159. SB 1498 - Be an Informant or Else!
  161. How a bill becomes law in Pennsylvania
  162. Ridley township Delco. LTCF fee
  163. Montgomery County LTCF - Hidden Charges?
  164. Senator Earll tries to defend her 1926 nay vote
  165. Shooting injured deer on the road
  166. Gun ownership after two misdemeanors over 30 years ago
  167. Legal Advice regarding 18 Pa §2705
  168. 18 Pa.C.S. § 6105: C2 - Question
  169. trade rifles via mail?
  170. DELCO LTCF application turnaround
  171. Request for my Rep to introduce legislation
  172. HB 386 - The creeps are still at it!
  173. Philly Ordinance Proposal: Only PA LTCFs Permitted
  174. Restoration of Purchase / ownership of guns in PA
  175. Write Those Letters, Dag Nab It
  176. Legal barrel for hunting
  177. Rendell might take action on castle doctrine
  178. NRA of little use
  179. How about a new campaign to clarify the meaning of "character and reputation"?
  180. Rendell vetoed the Castle Doctrine bill
  181. WPXI (PGH) on Castle Doctrine veto
  182. Question / Revolver hunting...
  183. Proposed changes for 2011 Castle Doctrine legislation
  184. Florida Stand your ground and Civil Liability
  185. Rendell: Gun Control In PA 'A Lost Cause'
  186. Dec 1st & 2nd: Firearms All Over Philly Council's Agenda **UPDATE**
  187. A second amendment friend is retiring, Sam Rohrer
  188. Gun Control Does Not Work
  189. Can I move to New York and keep guns in P.A.?
  190. Lancaster County Learning the Law
  191. seeking PA UFA at pacode.com - can't find it
  192. Won PFA hearing BUT no guns yet!!
  193. Hatfield Township (Montco) Preemption Violation Challenge
  194. Preemption violation in Berks County at the Sovereign Center
  195. Preemption question Lancaster County
  196. Trying to get relinquished firearms returned from state
  197. Certified LEOSA Firearms Instructor
  198. GF on probation
  199. Target Shooting on Public Land
  200. Out of state gun purchase
  201. determining if a gun is lost / stolen?
  202. Revolver/ Pistol Permit?
  203. Libertarian Party Carbon County Chapter
  204. Philly: Public Hearing On Police Conduct & Out Of State LTCFs
  205. Rendell Strikes again - AP: Rendell's 1,000-plus pardons sets modern mark
  206. Stolen Gun from WI
  207. Castle Doctrine 2011-12 session Activist effort – Please Help
  208. Shotgun confiscated
  209. Rifle sale
  210. Eastern FOAC Meeting -- Jan 19, 2011
  211. Priceless moment in the House
  212. a question about carying in a vehicle
  213. Thinking of moving to Pittsburgh area....
  214. Handgun transfer (gift) from NY relative.
  216. PA State Police won't fingerprint for FL Permit?
  217. Even Philthydelphia DA Lynne Abraham knew the PPD was full of scumbags:
  218. What I'm working on for my Rep or Sen to propose
  219. Concealed carry in National Parks... did that law get passed?
  220. Out of state purchasing...with a twist...
  221. Best online place to find NJ State/3rd Circuit case law
  222. Carry at work -- a prototype law for PA?
  223. Question about transferring a handgun between parent and child, across state lines.
  224. Police Drag their feet in obeying Court Order for Return of Firearms
  225. Firearms Restoration
  226. Handcrafting the Arms Liberty Omnibus (uber)Bill
  227. How counsel might be ineffective for failing to apprise potential firearms disability
  228. Unlocking full preemption vs Minich v. Jefferson
  229. Can an MDJ cross-file at primaries, and then file third-party in November?
  230. found handgun
  231. "Pennsylvania Laws Relating To Firearms" booklet
  232. Gun transfer from deceased family member
  233. Lowers That are registered as pistols?
  234. Need help...no one can give me an answer
  235. And so it begins - SB 120
  236. Gifting Handgun to person under 21
  237. Rendell needs to go - Democrats face tough fight on gun control after Tucson shooting
  238. Need Help: Brady Law Specifics
  239. Charge Vs Conviction
  240. Coalition for Peace Action Can't Let a Tradegy Go To Waste
  241. Shooting with a PFA?
  242. Endorsements, Yea/Nay, or Grade?
  243. Philly Judge
  244. Darrell Clarke's Gun Control Letter To Gov. Corbett
  245. Coraopolis PA
  246. York City Council vs. 2A
  247. HB 172 - Amending Title 34
  248. PA Constitution
  249. Joe Grace formerly of CeaseFire is Running For Philadelphia City Council
  250. is it legal for a 19 year old to have a gun in his name?