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  1. Read "Overwhemled and Unprepared". Stay the Course Tamaqua SD!
  2. Why I’m ready to buy a gun | Christine Flowers
  3. Get Sheriff Mullen to help the citizens of Pittsburgh fight unconstitutional law?
  4. Boyertown Schools to Allow Armed Guards, 'Deadly Force'
  5. Did the Red flag law get passed?
  6. Allegheny County DA warns Pittsburgh council could face charges over gun restrictions
  7. head liberals being sworn in...ugh
  8. Where does Wolf stay?
  9. Republican Rep. Tom Marino announces resignation
  10. 2nd Amendment Information Rally 2/16/19
  11. Dr. John Lott on Pittsburgh's Proposed Ordinance
  12. Legal residency for firearms and legal purposes.
  13. Another PA state senator quitting..
  14. David Hogg visits Penn State
  15. Got my NRA Ballot Today!
  16. Column | Pittsburgh gun bills fail civil rights and safety
  17. Philly DA looking to prosecute those who fail to report lost or stolen guns
  18. Poofa hat poll.
  19. Hogg Shows his Peduto Love!
  20. Impeach/Arrest Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto Thread
  21. Gun Control Rally Harrisburg 1/29/19: We Need To Get Organized
  22. Wolf calling for more gun control
  23. Peduto admits he's after preemption
  24. Upcoming Pittsburgh Rallies?
  25. Private criminal complaints against Peduto
  26. Something is rotten in philly
  27. PGC takes semi-auto hunting off the table for 2019/2020
  28. Gov Wolf
  29. I hope someone is "watching the store"
  30. Pittsburgh City Council Hearing date set
  31. NRA Wants Our Help With Sunday Hunting
  32. My Letter to the NRA
  33. Allentown writing bill to urge state to ban firearms in city hall.
  34. Background Check Fee?
  35. Question on County or Municipal Employee Carry Rights
  36. Sen. Bob Casey response
  37. Gun Rights Emergency Allentown + PA - 2nd Amendment Supporters needed Now!
  38. Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto prepared to take city gun bills to Supreme Court
  39. Self-defense? Really?
  40. Why can't we carry in state capitol building?
  41. Pittsburgh defiance march primer.
  42. LCTF numbers since 1999
  43. NWPA Sherriff's comment on storage for Act 79
  44. Pittsburgh City Council District 3
  45. If my AR pistol goes over 26in OAL, would I still be able to keep it loaded in my car
  46. Denied firearm purchase - 302 at age 14
  47. Do we *do* anything here? Or just talk?
  48. Spouses issues reclaiming firearms after MY 302
  49. PA Hunters: A Glimpse at Your Gun Controlled Future.
  50. Senator Tom Killion Anti-gun
  51. Brainiac citizens debate armed guards in schools
  52. Congressman Fitzpatrick
  53. 2A Friendly Orgs in PA - Compiling a List
  54. Harrisburg rally 5/6/19 carpool thread
  55. Tips for Calling Senators or Reps---This has gotten me some positive results
  56. Pittsburgh council member will only comply with state law; not city.
  57. Montco US Rep Madeleine Dean
  58. NRA supports Sunday hunting in PA click to help
  59. Free Pizza at Musso's in Reading 3/9/19
  60. Current firearms bills in PA General Assembly
  61. Another 302 Question
  63. House Bill 768
  64. PSP handgun registration question.
  65. Bill would put background checks on bullets
  66. Should he try to buy a gun?
  67. Pa Rep Andrew Lewis
  68. Possession of a handgun at 18
  69. ***PAFOA HATS***
  70. **UPDATE (KNEW IT)**NJ Criminals skate laws, we'll be paying the price
  71. Non resident AR Pistol at 2nd home in PA
  72. Two PA Superior Court Judge positions on 2019 primary election ballot
  73. Pittsburgh City Council Wednesday 27 March 2019 10:00AM
  74. Pittburgh City Council meeting...again
  75. John Lott’s commentary on HB768
  76. Gun ownership regarding household members
  77. NRA supports Sunday Hunting Bill #147 CALL to ACTION
  78. No Guns In Cars
  79. SWPA - Special State Senator election - get out the vote next Tues, 4/2 for Raja!
  80. Delco Wawa shooting, ar-15 suspected
  81. Handgun w/ MISD Drug Charge?
  82. Stop PA Firearm Registration Act House Bill 768
  83. Question about driving thru DE and MA
  84. Are DMV buildings gun free zones?
  85. PA Senate Republicans to move ERPO (Red Flag) bill
  86. Preemption bill introduced
  87. Meet and Greet Happy Hour With Our Politicians in Royerford 4/11 @1800
  88. lawmakers push red flag after wawa shooting
  89. ***2019 pre rally breakfast headcount thread***
  90. Stop Socialism Rally
  91. SB 90 (Red Flag Law) Talking Points
  92. Slippery Rock University - Campus Carry Rally Saturday 13 April 3:00 PM
  93. This is how we need to rally..Illinois huge gun rally.
  94. >>> YINZER flags <<< Taking orders
  95. Town Meeting or Campaign Event?
  97. Monroe County Sheriff Election Candidate - Efrain Madera
  98. Go West Not East
  99. Berks County Commissioner Candidate Town Hall on April 22
  100. Katie Muth Beyond the Town Hall Meeting at Ursinus Wed April 24
  101. Maj Toure running for Philly city council
  102. Agents again raid Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office
  103. ***Antifa tactics, and our response.***
  104. FOAC Alert: TODAY Tell PA Senate Vote YES SB531 Strengthen Preemption
  105. CAA MCK Glock Kit - legality in PA?
  106. Need a ride to the rally 19067
  107. May 21st Primary - Montgomery County Commissioners
  108. PA domestic violence law could turn police offices into depositories for guns
  109. Harrisburg Rally Live Stream 06May2019
  110. New SP4-113 coming out
  111. May 21st voter’s guide?
  112. SB531 correspondence Sen Santarsiero UPDATE
  113. Strengthen 2A Preemption Petition
  114. Red Flag Laws at Work in Florida.
  115. Gun Storage
  116. Live ammo VS. blanks and the law.
  117. Weapon on school prperty and "all lawful purpose" defense
  118. ***Yinzer Flags Round 2***
  119. Democrats are cross listed as Republicans in Tuesday's primary election.
  120. Shooting down drones over private property
  122. Allowed to buy a pistol at 18?
  123. Joshua Prince pardon ruling
  124. FFL Screwed Up Paperwork
  125. Special elections yesterday
  126. Red Flag Pennsylvania - The Legal Brief!
  127. Constitutional Bill Submitted in PA
  128. PA HB 768: DETAILS, MEET DEVIL Been posted yet?
  129. Hope this guy pulls the Buck Co officer defense!
  130. PA Supreme Court - Overrules Commonwealth v. Robinson (from 1991 Superior Court)
  131. PA Supreme Court: Unconstitutional to ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ For Firearms
  132. Question regarding PGC summary citation issued at SGL 183
  133. Wolf at a Gun Control Rally in Norristown today?
  134. Today in the mail, I received a Pardon from Governor Wolf.
  135. New Act 79 forms are out.
  136. Wolf Renews SoE for Opioid Crisis
  137. Philly gun violence action committee. Gee, I wonder why?
  138. Always carry a gun. Even to church
  139. Allentown lawmaker says AR-15 use in city’s mass shooting...
  140. Sunday Hunting Bill Clears State Senate
  141. So if I move I can't bring my pistols with me?
  142. Governor Signs Bill to Prevent Arming Teachers
  143. ATF Approves Pennsylvania's Mental Health Relief Provision As Sufficient Under NIAA
  144. Upcoming Events
  145. US Representative Chrissy Houlahan, Chester County
  146. PA AG Shapiro Bait and Switch
  147. FOAC Petition to White House.
  148. i was told bump stocks are now illegal in the usa
  149. Newly elected Pa. lawmaker wants the Capitol to confront gun violence
  150. Purchasing and owning (NFA) Suppressor question
  151. Pennsylvania’s wild bunch spend weekends shooting guns in Cowboy garb