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  1. Never had to fill out ATF form to get guns from sheriffs dept.
  2. PA Law on Surrendering Firearm During a Stop
  3. I might be living with a prohibited person
  4. Non Resident PA LTC
  5. Monroe County Sheriff Needs to Go
  6. PA Supreme Court Affirms that Castle Doctrine is an Inherent Right
  7. TRUMP PENNSYLVANIA - If We're Going to Have a 2A Anymore, Then It Starts With Us
  8. Gainey is at it again.
  9. Mike Bloomberg endorses Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania Senate race
  10. Please close. Nothing to see here
  11. NRA-Frontlines E-Mail ELECTION ALERT!
  12. How's PA these days?
  13. Toomey and McGinty Commercials
  14. Settler's Cabin county park
  15. HB 2280 firearms eligibility licence
  16. Moving to PA with firearms
  17. Urban Gun Violence as Seen By a Black Second Amendment Activist
  18. any state shooting ranges by Nockamixon State Park ?
  19. Gabby Gifford's astroturf outfit endorses Toomey
  20. gun storage business
  21. Dem Senate hopeful McGinty endorsed by Ceasefire PA
  22. Latest gun owner harassment from Alegheny County Democrats
  23. Pa legislation to halt inquiries re LTCF validation from non-reciprocal states
  24. Toomey Crosses Gun-Rights Divide In Pennsylvania Senate Race
  25. Why does Bucks County call the LTCF a Weapons Permit
  26. PA Senate Approves Beemer as replacement AG
  27. Philly's New Mayor Is Settling In Well
  28. 80% lowers laws in PA?
  29. have you seen the crazy quail skeet thing?
  30. Bringing a Shotgun into PA State Parks
  31. Lower Makefield Township Democrats - Yet Again
  32. Appeals court sets looser standard for gun ownership by convicts
  33. Solebury Township Passes Gun Control Resolution
  34. You don't need to be 21 to oc handguns?
  35. PA laws re handgun as a gift
  36. Lackawanna Sheriff making his own rules..
  37. Must Tell
  38. HB 2258 - Preemption: Moved out of Committee and to the Floor of the House
  39. Governors Pardon,
  40. Clinton's lead narrows to 3 points in Pennsylvania
  41. My Father passed away with no will Step Mom wants me to bring a PAlisense to pu FAs
  42. Political Terrorism - Harrisburg Edition - 242 Amendments to Pro-Gun Bill
  43. New Today HB 2378 - Carrying under the influence of alcohol
  44. Police are revoking permits bc person owns an MSR from b4 July 20
  45. Bucks county---LMT anti-gun agenda. Need you there 10/19
  46. Does involuntary commitent under Act 53 affect gun ownership down the line?
  48. PSP Illegally Disclosing LTCF Information Through NCIC
  49. LTCF info in background check?
  50. Inheritance and firearms in PA...
  51. We must reset the justice system from the ground up
  52. Question On PA Prohibitions
  53. situational "when can i " question. ccw/self protection
  54. DNC & H campaign - OFFICIAL organized PA theft of non-H political yard signs
  55. I have a concern, not sure what to do.
  56. Hello from NC.
  57. NRA-ILA ALERT Oct 13, 2016: Email/Call Senators/Reps Last Try To Pass Preemption Law
  58. Buying a gun? Don't commit this felony by accident
  59. Pennsylvania driver's license will no longer count as federal ID
  60. Am I clear to purchase a gun?
  61. Non-resident sales
  62. Storing guns in PA (not another retread)
  63. Back to LMT and our PHENOMENAL Local Elected Official
  64. Pennsylvania AG race one of sharp divide over gun policy
  65. Kathleen Kane sentenced to serve prison time
  66. 33 year old transfer history?
  67. HB 2429 Delf EXCLUSION from Firearms Purchas
  68. Semi Auto Hunting Bill sent to Governor.
  69. newbe question Legal to Conceal Carry in Philly if I have license? re 1st Class City
  70. Why can I buy a rifle but not a pistol? [PICS]
  71. 2x Simple Misdemeanor Possession - Prohibited Offense?
  73. Firearm purchases across state lines
  74. Independence National Historic Park
  75. Pa. bill to hike gun crime penalties signed into law
  76. Trump, Moon Township, Sunday Night, 8:00pm
  77. Who to vote for?
  78. PA senate has veto proof majority
  79. Josh Shapiro not a friend of guns and conceal carry.
  80. Today We Turn To Casey
  81. Clinton Leads Trump in PA 48-40
  82. PA ballot questions ?
  83. I wonder how many African Americans voted for Trump in PA.
  84. Gun free school zone question, would you or would you not?
  85. 2x pics denial, but ATF says im good to go and try again
  86. Oh for crying out loud!
  87. New Hope Borough News Article
  88. 302 Updates?
  89. New law on Open Carry???
  90. Please delete
  91. Nazareth LEO Posts Pro-2A Msg - Valley goes Bonkers
  92. In case it happens we need volunteers to protect our votes.
  93. State police confiscating carry pistols
  94. Bringing handguns into PA
  95. How is Trump's Lead Shrinking in PA?
  96. Jill Stein is questioning PA voter intergrity with a recount
  97. National Reciprocity from PA thru NJ and NY guns that artent alllowed
  98. Technically inherited some hand guns, however will does not specify
  99. Is the Federal Gun Free Zone Law really this stupid?
  100. Pittsburgh MCB will not check firearms?
  101. 302
  102. Suing Philadelphia for violating my rights?
  103. Holding on to rifles for an out of state friend, legal way to do so?
  104. What does "shall not be questioned" means in PA Constitution?
  105. LTCF Confidentiality
  106. HB 38 Human Relations Act – Rep Saccone 2017-18 Sesson
  107. Received undetermined after 15 days!!!!
  108. Lame Duck President ask court to hear a case from PA--11 days before his exit
  109. PICS Denial, Police Involved, No charges, No restoration. Gray area of law.
  110. Anti-Gun PA Rep Angel Cruz - Firearm Eligibility License - 2017-2018 session
  111. York area Repub businessman Wagner officially announces run against wolf in '18
  112. Offered in the Senate SB 21
  113. Offered in hte Senate SB 112
  114. Democrat AG Shapiro sworn-in today
  115. Need help with obtaining part of my uncles pistol collection.
  116. 2017 2nd amendment rally?
  117. Got my gun rights back
  118. Pennsylvania law used to seize man's gun 'doesn't exist'
  119. case law supporting game law does not apply to target shooting
  120. The "Squirrels" are busy again! SB 115 - SB 118 Democrats in action.
  121. HB 170 Constitutional Carry – Rep Saccone 2017-2018 legislative effort
  122. How did these get missed? Bills in House and Senate.
  123. Newbie. Question about transporting gun from airport to home
  124. Pennsylvania: Preemption Legislation Making a Comeback This Session.
  125. Saccone to take on Casey
  126. Superior Court, en banc, Decision regarding Possessing Weapons on School Property!
  127. Sign petition for HB167 Disparity of Force
  128. Law question regarding AR lower anodizing
  129. Kim Stolfer on PCNC on NOW!
  130. PA Republicans Are About to Win the POOREST District in PA
  131. New guy with questions about state lands
  132. Defender of Rights Angel Cruz continues to innovate
  133. PA Bill for Background Checks for Ammunition Sales
  134. Philly District Attorney - WARNING Do NOT Donate to Any Candidate in the Dem primary
  135. House Bill 680 - More Donkey Dust from Cruz
  136. PA preemption bill re-submitted
  137. Sign this!
  138. SB498 Protecting from infringement -- bear arms
  139. Tom Smith for Tioga County Sheriff
  140. It's BAAACK - Lost or Stolen Guns
  141. The CRAZIEST Election That has Ever Happened in Pennsylvania
  142. Bill to remove Character and Reputation Clause for an LTCF
  143. Court ruling on 302 firearm rights
  144. It ain't a new law but this should interest everyone!
  145. Official results of today's PGC meeting
  146. NRA-ILA ALERT: Email PA State Senators to Support PA Firearms Preemption Bill SB5
  147. General Prohibition Question(s)
  148. Senate bill 1239
  149. Response from Congressman Fitzpatrick
  150. gun control? no, ammunition control. HB 1115 requirement of pics check
  151. CeaseFirePA working against towns and cities fighting gun violence
  152. PA: Senate panel OKs bill allowing school employees to carry guns
  153. POTUS Trump announces BIG rally at PA Farm Show in Holland next Sat
  154. NRA ALERT: 2017-4-20 Tell PA Senate Next Week Vote YES Gun Law Preemption Bill SB5
  155. Fair Districts PA
  156. Wolf should reconsider veto of school gun bill
  157. Response letters you've received from reps.
  158. Judgeship Elections in May.
  159. Pennsylvania PRIMARY ELECTION Candidate Information PLEASE VOTE on May 16 2017
  160. Anyone Else from the PA 9th Senatorial District?
  161. Anti-gun May 23, 17 “Moms Demand Action” PA LOBBY DAY at HBG capitol
  162. Media Being Seeded by Rham for New "Military Style" Weapons Ban
  163. PA concealed carry question
  164. A real hypothetical
  165. Former and possible future PA resident
  166. How do Sheriffs know when to revoke a LTCF?
  167. Pre-emption
  168. Pa. residents won't be able to get gun permits/LTCF for at least 2 days next week
  169. Rep Jamie Santora proposes universal background checks (HB 1400)
  170. Join the NRA today!
  171. Pennsylvania Republicans Push Bill to Make Gun Owners a 'Protected Class'
  172. Involuntary
  173. Preemption and Zoning?
  174. FIL (NJ resident) wants to gift me his guns: can he drive here and do FFL transfer?
  175. How do you feel about REQUIRED $1 Million in Firearms Liability Insurance?
  176. Can I own a firearm w/ drug charge(s)? Please advise!
  177. Toomey Response on HPA
  178. Deleted
  179. Ryan Costello - H.R. 38
  180. Questions regarding unaccompanied minor transporting firearm
  181. SB 383.
  182. Senate approves bill to allow guns in schools
  183. NEED help with rifle shot gun
  184. SP4-113 Required for internet purchase of long gun
  185. PA Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Lower Merion Preemption Appeal
  187. Small NWPA town proposes gun ordinance. (Update voted down.)
  188. PUBLIC DEMONSTRATIONS - trying to make possession of firearm illegal w attendance
  189. ANother to oppose HB 1709
  191. Rep Cruz - HB 1771 - Gun Buyback Program
  192. Recovering a handgun from MD
  193. Transfer question
  194. Pittsburgh Councilman Wants To Ban Guns In Parks
  195. ARRESTED: Open carrier on school grounds
  196. Pennsylvania house bill 2243
  197. carry in philly
  198. Mango for governor.
  199. Need direction on gifting handgun to 18 year old
  200. Democrats want to expand Prohibited Offensive Weapons Law to include bump stocks
  201. Question about eligibility with DUI
  202. Financial Judgment on Pennsylvania State Police for Violating Second Amendment Rights
  203. A Dem Rep's gun control email to me and my response to him
  205. Neverenuffammo looking to get rallys at all 50 state capitols
  206. Oxford Meeting 10-24-17
  207. Pennsylvania's Josh Shapiro, other prosecutors oppose concealed-carry proposal
  208. Constable Questions / Firearms Questions
  209. Pennsylvania 2A Capitol Rally at 10:00 AM on Nov, 5th 2017 State Capital steps
  210. Moms Demand Action- PA Bill SB 501
  211. PA Rep. Brian Sims: We Need To Stop People Reloading
  212. Philadelphia Removes Taser Ban after Urging from 2A Group
  213. Dear State Rep; Please do something about controlling motor vehicles
  214. Feeling Unprepared for This Tuesday, November 7
  216. PA Election News and Results
  217. ACT235 Schools in Western PA?
  218. Gov. Tom Wolf promotes bill to restrict domestic abusers' access to guns
  219. PA Auditor trying to get into the act now.
  220. asking for input on a letter i am composing to the Auditor General DePasquale
  221. Pa Sheriffs Immune from Liability for Breaching LTCF Confidentiality
  222. PA District 133 special election Dec. 5th
  223. Toomey's canned email response
  224. Stroud Township (Monroe County) Gun Range Case
  225. Congressman Ryan Costello
  226. Night Vision and the Game Commission
  227. HB 1985 More idiocy from the Gen'l Assy!
  228. PA AG Josh Shapiro's Comments in the Wake of Las Vegas
  230. LTCF renewal Northumberland County
  231. Wagner for Governor
  232. Poly80 Pistol Question
  233. Firearm purchase as a gift for another.
  234. Medical marijuana and license to carry
  235. Gov. Tom Wolf declares 'state of emergency' in Pa. opioid epidemic
  236. Legal difference Between State of Emergency / Disaster Emergency ?
  237. Former Pittsburgh gun store owner gets 30 months on weapons charges
  238. Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Debate Jan 20
  239. 2 cited in Tamaqa lying on 4473
  240. State of Emergency affecting anyone's LTCF application?
  241. Yo Yinzers in the 18th District: Get friends, fam & neighbors and get out the vote!
  242. House bill 2016 - 2nd amendment rights during emergency
  243. Any "firearms custodian" businesses in PA?
  244. Philly terror attack.....
  245. Restoring gun rights from a 302 18 years ago with no records
  246. Sheriffs
  247. Gubernatorial Candidate Paul Mango's 2nd Amendment Stance
  248. Black Powder Revolver -- legal to shoot?
  249. ***2018 Second Amendment Harrisburg Rally*** 4/30/18
  250. Middletown Twp. board meeting-gun control laws