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  1. Buying a gun in PA without a PA license
  2. Transporting loaded rifles
  3. DE resident working in PA (wants to carry)
  4. shotgun gift
  5. Attorney General Kane expected to appear before state grand jury Read more: http://t
  6. 201
  7. How does PA's castle doctrine work?
  8. Any law firms prosecuting municipal violations of preemption?
  9. PA State Police sales data
  10. Is it legal in PA to transfer by mail?
  11. Kane job approval poll
  12. Purchase question
  13. Straw purchase or not?
  14. PICS down Black Friday 2014
  15. Marple township (Delaware county) preemption violation
  16. Home Local News Story 'Imperfect self defense' leads to 5-10 year senten
  17. Super Shorty & Car Carry
  18. Any one else see this? cheif Kessler.
  19. Non Resident
  20. Kane Won't Defend New Gun Law
  21. Allegheny County Laws
  22. Moving to PA with Automatic weapons?
  23. Wifes stolen wallet and LTCF
  24. Doylestown takes first step to repeal gun ordinances
  25. Will I be able to own guns at age 30?
  26. FOAC 2014 - End of Year Report
  27. NFA CC?
  28. What goes Pennsylvania?
  29. Lawful use of force to prevent towing of vehicle
  30. Helpful chart for transporting
  31. What some people believe!
  32. Metcalfe to Introduce Resolution to Impeach AG Kane ***UPDATE Grand jury
  33. Very Stupid Gun Video
  34. Harrisburg stands firm on gun regulations despite threat of lawsuit
  35. Another view on PICS vs NICS
  36. State College preemption
  37. Sen Haywood: 1 pistol per month?
  38. Anything going on as far as PA knife laws?
  39. Shooting Range Legislation - NO human silhouette targets
  40. Despite lawsuit threat, Lower Merion won't revise code addressing firearms in parks
  41. nockamixon
  42. Legislation to ban human silhouettes
  43. Anyone seen this?
  44. Trying to exercise my 2nd Amendment Right (legal advice needed)
  45. Reading Eagle: Pro-Gun Sentiment Surging
  46. HB 45 Disparity of Force – Rep Saccone's Upgrade to Castle Doctrine 2015-2016
  47. Videotaping Police - What Is Current PA Law?
  48. Despite lawsuit threat, Lower Merion won't revise code addressing firearms in parks
  49. id needed
  50. Pittsburgh Being Sued by NRA - Preemption
  51. SB 74
  52. Interested in Legislation?
  53. HB 78 Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Permits between States 2015-2016
  54. HB 80 Rep Evankovich Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity 2015-2016
  55. HB 130 Handgun Registry Rep Tallman effort in 2015-2016
  56. Tom Wolf to appoint new State police chief from Maryland
  57. NRA Action Alert. Restricting mentored youth hunting.
  58. Thought on Preemption Lawsuits
  59. SB 272, SB 273
  60. How many LTCF licenses has PA issued to date?
  61. Jan 20, 2015 swearing-in of Tom Wolf as 47th PA Governor
  62. Question regarding handgun transfer from ny to pa father to son
  63. NJ to PA Law Question
  64. Grand Jury recommendation on AG Kane
  65. preemption law question. Can Commonwealth agencies be sued?
  66. Rep Boyle - BAN on Large Capacity Ammunition Magazines
  67. Clean up aisle 4
  68. State of Emergency Declared
  69. New Bills In the Senate: SB98, SB 309, SB 310, SB 311
  70. HB 230 Constitutional Carry – Rep Saccone 2015-2016 legislative effort
  71. Rep Waters - Assault Weapons Ban
  72. HB1234
  73. Local mayor accused of taking gun from town’s police department
  75. Campus shooting and Iron City Armory, news wants waiting period back
  76. State Treasurer to resign
  77. Attorney General Kathleen Kane Issues Firearm Reciprocity Report
  78. Inherited Firearms Question PA decedent, VA beneficiary
  79. Another to Oppose HB 285
  80. ww2 German P38 pistol does it need to be tranfer
  81. New Conoy Township signs read: This is not a gun free zone
  82. SB 737 allow Hunting with Semi automatic Rifles in PA – Rep Saccone 2015-2016
  83. Harrisburg battles gun lawsuit in court
  84. HB 415 & HB 418 Now in the House
  85. Gun laws brochure
  86. Overzealous Ohio Township Police
  87. Senator William SB 445 - ALL PA Firearms Registration Act.
  88. Am I able to own LTCF in PA?
  89. applying for LTCF in a different county
  90. Supreme Court Shakeup: Gormley and Kistler nominations
  91. Josh Prince to take on Ceasefire 2/15 11:30am NBC 10
  92. Pictures verboten?
  93. NFA trust
  94. Wolf likely facing fight on controversial State Police Commissioner
  95. How do I petition Court for firearms rights restoration?
  96. Ending the prohibition on semi's for hunting, HB 366
  97. HB 510 Firearm Freedom Act – Rep Gabler 2015-2016 session effort
  98. Have you seen HB 505?
  99. HB503 - Firearm Registration Act.
  100. philly pa
  101. My FFL- "ATF audit last week; you must bring an upper or its a pistol" 2/12/15
  102. The second shoe has fallen
  103. selling long gun to fla. ltcf holder.
  104. Gun Shop Burglary Stand off
  105. Cartwright response is more canned than 7n6
  106. CCW renewal problem
  107. Dauphin Co Judge strikes down part of Harrisburg gun law, yet upholds 2 provisions
  108. Lehigh County Legislators. Who do I write to?
  109. Similar NJ Association??
  110. Friends of the NRA Dinner, Dickson City, 28 Mar 15
  111. Changes in Upper Southampton Township Codes regarding Firearms
  112. Sestak for Senate 2016
  113. HB 718 – Right to Transport Firearms Rep Krieger 2015-2016 legislative effort
  114. Whats Really Sad
  115. Cop shot at Gamestop in Philadelphia
  116. 302 stories
  117. MY represativiess reply on the actions of AG Kane
  118. Handgun transfer to daughter in NJ ?
  119. Pro 2nd rally At grices In Clearfield Pa 3/14/2015
  120. Gun-rights activist sparks ire with Rosa Parks comparison
  121. Quick FFL and PA Law Question
  122. Quick Question
  123. Gun Transfer Question
  124. Kim Stolfer article in the Sunday PG
  125. HB 503- you have got to be kidding me
  126. Pittsburgh police issue 'how-to' for officer encounters
  127. Ceasefire rally in Feltonville,PA tonight? *****
  128. HB 783 Prohibition on Maintenance of Firearms Registry Rep Krieger 15-2016 legislativ
  129. Kane opposes ATFE?
  130. PA laws concerning "for law enforcement only" ammo...?
  131. What's the employer info. for on the ROS?
  132. Who can legally shoot at a range.
  133. Harrisburg Patriot News column: ban guns
  134. Gun ownership on the decline
  135. HB 263 Hunting with Air or Gas Powered Weapon – Rep Gabler 15-2016 legislative effort
  136. Another GOP wins PA state seat---from Philly special election
  137. HB 503 ?
  138. Hypothetical Question RE: Septa Rails
  139. New to PA
  140. "Shooters’ places of assembly or target practice"
  141. All but One Philly Mayoral Candidates Are Fully Anti-Gun
  142. PA Prohibited Offensive Weapons Law and Bayonets
  143. Moving to Philadelphia from NJ
  144. And here come the Philly crats with their BS bills - SB701 & SB702
  145. 302 process and the 14th amendment?
  146. MHPA 1976
  147. Bringing guns into NJ as a non resident
  148. Firearm Self Defense Situation
  149. Bill would eliminate PA’s PICS system
  150. PA Gaming Control Board Rescinds Unlawful Regulation
  151. What's wrong with this picture?
  152. Ugh...Superior Court Strikes Again
  153. Rep Cruz-background checks for Firearm rental at shooting ranges
  154. Additional LTCF Form in West Norriton Twp.
  155. Anti-gun protest in South Philly this weekend
  156. Use of deadly force question
  157. Philadelphia Sheriff's Race & Meet 'n Greet Tonight
  158. Felon & gun ownership
  159. Pennsylvanians increasingly acquiring handguns...
  160. APA - Allentown Parking Authority - Armed Employees
  161. Appeals court won't lift stay on NRA's Pittsburgh lawsuit
  162. Excellent Article in NRA
  163. Rally Bus from PMSC / Monroeville to Harrisburg and back 12 May 2015
  164. HB 1091Taking Aim at Violent Criminals – Mandatory Sentences for Felons Possession
  165. Judge rules NRA lawsuit against Philly can go on
  166. I got a renewal letter...
  167. How to correctly and legally sell NJ aquired guns in PA?
  168. Where shall Poofa congregate in HBG on 12 May 15?
  169. Metcalfe Reloads House Bill 357 for the 2015-2016 legislative session
  170. PA Supreme Court Candidates 2015
  171. Sen. Casey's Mantra
  172. HB 1181 Prosecution of felons Attempting to purchase
  173. Republican candidates for Montgomery county commissioner
  174. HB 1217 More crap from Cruz
  175. SB 777 Deletes Definition of "Firearm"?
  176. Transportation of long guns in PA.
  177. FirearmOwners Agaist Crime voters guide
  178. HB 1236 Prohibiting firearms in casinos
  179. Pre-Emption and School Districts
  180. how do i restore my firearm rights in pennsylvania?
  181. F-Rated State Senator resigning to pursue job at Chamber of Commerce
  182. No longer need references for LTCF in Philly after settlement?
  183. Those of you who think your vote doesn't count, YOU ARE WRONG
  184. Handgun questions
  185. Harrisburg appeals order to name donors to defense fund for gun regulations
  186. Buying a gun from another customer at a gun store?
  187. Harrisburg more dangerous than Baltimore, Philly
  188. Need guidance: Where do you stand with a dog attack.
  189. Westmoreland County Castle Doctrine Day June 27, 2015
  190. Legal requirements for firearm instructors Youth or otherwise.
  191. Do I need to change my DL Address
  192. Senator John C. Rafferty Jr. Running for State AG 2A position?
  193. Toomey-Manchin bill restart
  194. Will the S. Carolina shooting make gun control gain momentum?
  195. Gun Control Ordinance Preemption Law Struck Down
  196. Rep Santarsiero - Background Checks for Firearms and 48-hour Checks for Gun Shows
  197. Serial numbers.
  198. Bethlehem July 9 - Sen. Lisa Boscola at library
  199. Star Spangled Banner (Suppressed .22LR) | Musical Targets
  200. Can you get a license to carry a firearm after an expungement
  201. East Stroudsburg violating preemtion law
  202. "Freedom to Carry PAC" info?
  203. Transfer firearm from out of state.
  204. dual residency & LTCF
  205. York PA revoking non-res PA permits for failure to remain current in home state
  206. marijuana, probation question?
  207. PA legislator reloads bill allowing NRA to sue over local gun laws
  208. First Handgun Purchase and License to Carry Question
  209. Preemption violation- Delaware Township Park. Resolved**
  210. PA man uses cool disguise to rob Scranton bank;;
  211. Do you have a green card?
  212. 302 Question
  213. NFA shop
  214. How can I find out if I was 302'd?
  215. Good gun lawyer? Joshua Prince?
  216. Understanding the pics form
  217. Possible move to PA after 40 years away.
  218. camping questions
  219. Need clarification and ( not a Felon)
  220. Article in the PBA Quarterly - Guns in Gov't parks and Buildings
  221. Chakah Fattah indicted on racketeering charges
  222. Another Wolfe Appointee resigns
  223. Wolf announces new nominee to head Pa. State Police
  225. Recovering firearm
  226. AG Kane Charged With perjury, obstruction of justice, abuse of office
  227. Reply from U.S. Senator Pat Toomey
  229. How much do they actually enforce guns laws?
  230. Database of voluntary admissions to a mental heath treatment facility
  231. Has anyone heard anything about this? Congress voted to let non-violent offenders
  232. The feds need to stay out of gun laws.
  233. Something good...
  234. Mandatory Report of Lost or Stolen Firearm
  235. House Bill 1030 Firearm Restraining Order
  236. LTCF question
  237. CH 16 reports Kahr selling machine guns from new Penna store
  238. A twofer HB 1496 & HB 1497
  239. Updating PPICS/NICS HB 1498
  240. Monroe county gun haters
  241. Applying for LTCF in Wayne County as part time resident.
  242. State College area - pending restrictions
  243. References for cc
  244. my NYS certificate of good conduct and PA..
  245. Need help for Military Situation
  246. act 235
  247. Question about getting guns returned
  248. LTCF confidentiality laws from class action suit in philly.. just in philly?
  249. New lost or stolen bill includes notifying school
  250. How did you miss HB 1519?