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  1. Curio and Relic Handguns. Registration or transfer form necessary in PA?
  2. No Knock warrants, self defense, big issues
  3. Far left communist Allyson Schwartz NOT for Governor
  4. Firearm rights confusion.
  5. PICS Denied
  6. Dems gun control and the Governorship
  7. School Security Officer should have been armed.... W. PA school stabbings
  8. So when are we going to push for permitting FTF handgun transfers?
  9. Warning from CGOPA to PA gun owners
  10. Driving with your firearm to your summer house in PA
  11. PICS Denied - Witness to crime on record?
  12. Looking for case law
  13. congressional dems request import bans
  14. PA Superior Court: No Right to Carry
  15. Liberty HS in Bethlehem on lock down. Possible armed males
  16. Shooting on my land in Pa
  17. USA Today Article
  18. Bloomberg Stoops to New Low
  19. Nutty Nutter blocks ICE detainers ,
  20. chester pa police dept. raided
  21. ceasefire pa requesting counter protestets may 10th
  22. Gun License Questions
  23. PA Laws: Semi Auto for Hunting?
  24. Need help with analogy (gun politic related)
  25. two questions...
  26. New Court Opinion WILL affect Concealed Carry in Vehicles!!!!
  27. judge okays warrantless vehicle searches in pa
  28. PA Regs. to sell ammunition?
  29. What Ever Happened to the List of Where NOT to Carry
  30. Sheriff Transfer question
  31. 2 more County Probation Offices becoming armed
  32. 30 round magazines or high cap magazines hand guns?
  33. Laws regarding being gifted a handgun?
  34. New PA House Bill for firearm storage in your vehicle
  35. Mike Stack NOT for Lieutenant Governor, another communist
  36. House Rep Lucas introduces bill to allow semi-autos for hunting small game
  37. Berks County, Mohnton Borough, Preemption Issue
  38. Investigation of PA Attorney General on TV
  39. Hope everyone is voting on May 20, 2014 – FOAC Pro-Gun voters guide
  40. PA 130th Republican Primary
  41. How secure are Pennsylvanian gun rights?.
  42. Mike Stack wants AWB in PA
  43. Voting and preemption in one day
  44. Observations on the DMV
  45. FTF sale of AR15
  46. Immunity from civil court?
  47. Candidate stances
  48. Tom Wolf is not your grandpappy's Democrat
  49. PA Reciprocity Problems
  50. Preemption Violation - Bucks County
  51. Response from Senator Bob Casey
  52. PA Firearms Preemption Law (Sec 6120) Question
  53. Pa. Attorney General's Office agents at gun shows today.
  54. wolf up 20 points
  55. stupid philly airgun law
  56. (NRA ALERT) PA House Bill 2011
  57. Please be respectful!
  58. Visiting Philadelphia Soon
  59. Rifle registery Rumor?
  60. HB 2011
  61. these people today
  62. Tom Wolf's actual opinions on firearms and RKBA (with sources!)
  63. Pa. General Assembly passes gun legislation
  64. ACTION NEEDED: universal background check bill
  65. National reciprocity and Pa. Republican Reps.
  66. Firearms possession
  67. Perry County Auditors sue Sheriff for gun records
  68. Moving from PA to NJ, what's last chance to buy gun in PA?
  69. Delaware County Anti Gun March
  70. Pennsylvania: Possible Pigeon Shooting Ban Amendment to House Bill 1750
  71. Pennsylvania: Employee Parking Lot Protection Amendment Filed to Transportation Bill
  72. Wrong info at castle doctrine meeting?
  73. moms demand at Whitehall buffalo wild wings
  74. CCW Policy of Employer
  75. Who supports pigeon shoots?
  76. The Sales Database
  77. PA to honor UT resident CCW Permits
  78. Looks like Utah reciprocity is back on the list of reciprocal
  79. Leting my father borrow a handgun
  80. purchasing a rifle after ARD
  81. HB 2398 Rep Saccone’s universal recognition of concealed carry permits in PA.
  82. Question About Buying a Pistol
  83. Camera Bartolotta for Senate
  84. CeaseFirePA Attacks Gov. Corbett in Latest Ad Campaign
  85. CeaseFirePA Recording
  86. Know the law? Honest PA woman faces 3 yrs jail time in NJ
  87. FOAC? meeting July 13. Whats their deal?
  88. 18 Pa CSA
  89. LR308 question
  90. Willed Guns - Double checking my research
  91. finding handgun in pa?
  92. Philadelphia LTCF Disclosure Class Action Settlement
  93. Traveling into NJ with a handgun or rifle?
  94. Upper Merion home invader finds shotgun
  95. Kudos to our 63rd district rep.
  96. Tom Wolfe is BAD for gun owners
  97. Scranton specific question regarding pellet and BB guns
  98. Escaping from NJ to PA
  99. My FINAL NJ question (I hope)
  100. Carry on school grounds
  101. Step up our game in SEPA
  102. Warren Kampf town hall last night
  103. Stop Violating My 2nd Amendment Rights
  104. Open Call to PAFOA Lawyers - Air guns!!!
  105. PA Governor's Race - 2014 - 2nd A Freedom & Corbett v. Wolf
  106. Utah Question
  107. We need to get the Philadelphia knife ordinance repealed.
  108. moving and LTCF
  109. Poorly written article on CNN front page...
  110. Philly PD online chat today on WPVI ch 6.
  111. House Bill 2243 - Employers can't block workders from keeping guns in their cars
  112. Amusing tactic for a "protest by mail'"
  113. Ceasefire is beating us
  114. Ceasefire PA doing something right???
  115. Proof of Ownership
  116. Crossbow ownership in Philly?
  117. Personal range: Hawley pa
  118. Inheriting my dad's weapons
  119. 3 Governor debates coming up soon
  120. HB 2436 More on Reciprocity
  121. Body cameras for cops?
  122. Phila PD Sergeant Under Investigation After Turning Over Stolen Gun **UPDATE**
  123. Present Status of PA 302 Expungement
  124. Lancaster City Prohibits sales of Firearms
  125. Playwicki Park signs ban carrying...
  126. Former Marine sentenced in West Goshen
  127. More about anti-gun-rights Wolf & Delaware.....
  128. Extortion 17
  129. PA sec 201,301,302 how to expunge
  130. CCW over the river
  131. Murder Charge Over Car Break-In
  132. Critically important note about PICS and NICS
  133. Forbes : Philadelphia Earns Millions By Seizing Cash And Homes From People Never Char
  134. Restoration of rights
  135. Pa. Con Stat. tit. 18, §6105(c)
  136. Attn PA State Police
  137. Montco Lawyer Leading Inquiry Against Kane
  138. ACTION ALERT!! - HB 2011 (Now HB 80) Pre-Emption! We need all hands on deck today!
  139. Darby Township Police being Sued
  140. Casino Regulation to be Rescinded
  141. Survey: Please fill out
  142. Face to Face Sale?
  143. Section 1908 is Unconstitutional, per AG Kane
  144. NRA Days at Cabelas Sept 13th and 14th 2014
  145. Transferring Handgun to Daughter
  146. Philadelphia has changed its application requirements!
  147. I'm voting for Tom Corbett
  148. SB1470 + SB1471 introduced this moning
  149. More on driving with a gun without an LTCF
  150. Hunting with semi-autos - fudds and anti's in the PG
  151. Pennsylvania bill would allow teachers, school staff to bring guns to work
  152. Warrant Issued for Homicide of State Trooper
  153. Montco Gun Shop
  154. Ceasefire PA coming after rifles and shotguns
  155. Alert-AG Kane is canceling carry reciprocity agreement as she wishes
  156. Email: Sportsman For Wolf (Dan Surra, Chairman)
  157. Stripped AR lowers private sale in PA
  158. Putting AG Kane's Opinion to Good Use
  159. Action alert House bill 1243 Tuesday vote
  160. Fun (and useful!) CDC web app!
  161. ANOTHER SPAM MESAGE from Sportsmen for Wolf - Dan Surra/Chairman - whatever
  162. Tom Wolf is coming to my office Monday.
  163. Greensburg Mayor claims "I didn't know"
  164. question regarding mailing a gun
  165. Game Changer
  166. Mike fitzpatrick or Kevin strouse??
  167. Anyone working on legislation to allow all forms of muzzleloader for hunting?
  168. Pennsylvania Cops Sued for Storming Home and Arresting Woman for Video Recording
  169. Philadelphia LTCF renewal
  170. Hooray for common sense in New Jersey
  171. FOAC voters guide
  172. Landlord all of a sudden says no guns.
  173. Pre-emption questions?
  174. If you want to keep Wolf out, nows the time
  175. Who Are You Voting For - Poll?
  176. Preemption
  177. PA LTCF Question
  178. TODAY, October 6th is the last day to register to vote in PA!
  179. Moving into Philadelphia County
  180. PA 2A lovers it's time to call your senators now!
  181. Bucks court rep fails to Bully Jury Activists
  182. Stop Wolf In His Tracks flyer
  183. Wolf gets an F from the NRA
  184. Better late than Never, Corbett hammers Wolf
  185. AG Kane has doubled security detail
  186. Return of confiscated firearms
  187. Another Corbett/Wolf thread. Where they stand on SEVERAL key issues
  188. Pennsylvania's gun-check system upgrade well-received
  189. Knowing Thomas Wolf
  190. PA Lawmaker Shoots Back
  191. Corbett/ Wolf…. Top 10 donors for each
  192. Mookie for Wolf
  193. Pa. Senate votes to ban pigeon shoots
  194. Hope for the best; plan for the worst...
  195. NEW POLL: WOLF 49.1% CORBETT 42.2%
  196. How many POOF'ers are members of Firearms Owners Against Crime?
  197. New to PA, how to get a CCW
  199. NRA Backed Bill Clears PA Legislature
  200. HB80 Lawsuits - Let's Try Not To Overstep Each Other
  201. Question about misdemeanor2
  202. Ken Krawchuk governor
  203. Worth Repeating (Courier anti-gun editorial)
  204. Allentown Concerned - HB80
  205. 302/Act 77
  206. Best legislator quote of the week
  207. Getting guns back from police
  208. Local newspaper on a roll re guns
  209. Proof of ownership to sell a handgun
  210. You Can Still Eat This Corgi In Pennsylvania, Thanks To The NRA
  211. Corbet to sign HB80
  212. Schuylkill County Residents! Joseph Groody NFA Friendly
  213. Last day to absentee apply
  214. Settlement APPROVED in Philadelphia Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Disclosure of Conf
  215. Phila. CCW Ban in City Parks?
  216. Tom Wolf 99% chance of winning Corbett 1%
  217. LTCF procurement + Open Carry in Car?
  218. AG Kane injured in car accident
  219. Shooting at road kill
  220. The NRA be damned.
  221. How bad is Wolf ?
  222. Take a look at this signage @ PEEC
  223. Obama: Wolf created jobs
  224. Vote early , vote often!
  225. 5 Gubernatorial Races Where Your Gun Rights Are on the Ballot
  226. Philadelphia -- Out of State Student -- Help!
  227. PA Voter Guide - isidewith.com
  228. Wire tap law and voting?
  229. Philly teen girl arrested for plot to kill classmates
  230. Tom wolf wins...
  231. So how screwed are we with Wolf now?
  232. Tom Corbett has no one to blame but himself
  233. I think it's time we start preparing....NOW
  234. It didn't take long
  236. The Gov signed the wrong local gun law preemption bill
  237. Stranger Danger: Superior Court's Com v. Gillespie allows blanket checkpoints
  238. MONTCO Sheriff offers free gun safety classes
  239. Kel tec sub 2000 sale require FFL in PA?
  240. HB 80 Lawsuit
  241. New forms of gun control
  242. Is this good or bad for gun owners in PA---Senate leadership change?
  243. Dems move to block new Pennsylvania gun rights law
  244. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia sue over HB80
  245. Man accused of stealing guns from Montgomery shops
  246. Next time you see a Penn State Alumni
  247. Now Dig This!
  248. Lawrence Count Gun Buy-Back
  249. Kane is Able
  250. So what can Wolf and Kane do?